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The Cool Blue Avian. When a bird's this smooth, he's bound to get the girls.

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Corneria- CDF Headquarters -Infirmary

Wolf looked somewhat amused at the whole scene. He scratched the side of his head thoughtfully with his free paw. "So you got kids running around as your backup? That's real nice McCloud. Helps them get the experience they need. And if one or two of them dies in the crossfire it mean extra meals for those on Corneria right?" Wolf motioned for Fox to get in front of him as he kept the blaster trained on the vulpine.

Miyu elbowed Marcus hard in the ribs as he put a paw on her weapon. Not mainly for him doing as such but because she was upset Fox had ordered them all to put them weapons away. She didn't like the fact Wolf would feel like he had won a small victory at this moment. Not on CDF turf.

Fay meanwhile had frozen somewhat and kept her distance from the mercenary in the background. However she began to type in a text message on her glove almost unnoticed.

Star Wolf in CDF Infirmary. Send Help., it read.

Then she pushed Send forwarding it to all CDF personnel, including those such as Todd McCloud and Fara Phoenix.

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Corneria- CDF Headquarters - Transmission Room One

The last ruffian continued to lay low. He wanted to fool the others that he had left or was one of the dead bodies...

"Is...is she alright..?" Slippy asked Todd concerned. He huddled over the body.

Krystal's Mind

Krystal was taking slow steps to get to the figure in front of her. But she was still very uneasy. Why it answered her? Why was it just...just standing there? She crept forward some more.

"Hello...?" she said again uncertainly. But she quieted afterwards. Whoever it was clearly wasn't hearing her. Or were they...?

She was less than a few feet away from them now. The back of the jacket told her that it was a Corneria Defense Soldier. The vixen wanted to breath a sigh of relief but she was still disturbed as to why it was so still...and why it hadn't turned around to talk to her.

"Are you lost...?" she asked it. "I'm lost too..." she admitted. "Did something happen?"

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Corneria- Forest Grounds /Corneria-Cornerian Division Academy Building- Office

Ryker waved his Elite Blaster in the direction of the voice, but he soon found himself aiming in a 360 degree. He couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from, nor could he determine how far away it was. However he was able to identify the voice, especially when the laughter kicked in. Leon Powalski. The German Shepherd was beginning to put two and two together...Leon had wanted them to go back to the Academy. So he could hitch a ride here undetected!

Ryker aimed his blaster at another noise-this one a very soft but noticeable movement in one of the tree branches. He paused when he saw the familiar face.

"Shhhhh..." Angel shushed from the branch. "Don't make a sound," She warned. "Just go. Lead whatever troop you have to and do your job. I'll handle this guy."

"I'm not leaving the security of our facilities in your paws." Ryker squinted. "You're better off coming with me and assisting my well being out of the forest-"

"This is assisting your well being!" Angel hissed. "This guy is using tactics I don't think you're ready for-"

"Ryker?" Emily broke in on Ryker's com. The canine held up a paw for Angel to shush for a moment. The vixen complied.

"Emily what's wrong?" he asked?

"I just got a message. A member of Gamma Raiju-she forwarded to all CDF personnel." The feline hesitated. "She states StarWolf is in the CDF infirmary. And I was going to tell you this later but...General Pepper is there. He was injured earlier today from an exploding console."

Ryker's eyes widened. He turned to his cohort in the lower branch seriously.

"Angel," he said he name with sternness. "I'm leaving Leon Powalski to you-that's who you're dealing with. He's the coldest and most insane of the team and he won't hesitate to kill you. He's notorious for using stealth camouflage. Take him out. I'll find you again."

Angel nodded a sly grin on the end of her muzzle. "I'm sure you will..."

Ryker promptly nodded and ran off. He sprinted for some distance until he was sure earshot. Then he spoke into his coms:

"This Chief Ryker Baxter addressing all security teams entering the forest on site: Be on the lookout for Starwolf members and engage. Also be noted that a white arctic vixen is in the area and is a target. Do not shoot to kill! Stun and capture. Lock them in the full security brig until further orders. Baxter out."

The dog took off even faster after making his statement and winched. He hoped that if Angel was going to do anything but what he had ordered her to do, that she would be at least be brought in by his team. He had no idea if she was working for Starwolf. And to think he had brought her here! So far it would seem she had assisted them enough already...he only hoped that was not in league with them and he hadn't made a bad call.

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Corneria-Cornerian Division Academy- Empty Room

Jake stared at Rasper blankly as he was forced to the floor by the strike. He shrugged.

"Not a fan of cheeseburgers? Maybe they have subs?" he suggested.

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