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Fox snarled at Wolf, "No....how about you lead. You're the one who seems to know where to go..." He kept his Blaster aimed at Wolf, but his eyes shifted to the Cadets. "Cadets, get out of here this instant. The staff will handle this." he stated.

Marcus felt the elbow and did his best not to grunt. He heard the order from Fox to get out of the area. "C-come on guys..." he began to back away, keeping his eyes on the scene. He would give anything to just shoot Wolf in the head at this moment, but he had to keep himself low at this point. "Fox will get him, trust me Miyu..." he whispered into the felines ear.

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"Little Fly squirms,
Like a can of worms.
But to no avail.....
For it's caught by it's tail......"

About ten feet in front of Ryker, a tree suddenly would explode, sending bark and branches in all directions. "Hehehe..." came the laugh once more, "You're in my world now......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

Leon had a thing for trapping his......victims.

He continued to quickly move, making sure to not disturb too much of the landscape to give away his position.

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Rasper looked at the chimp, then had an idea. He pulled a small device from his pocket. "Hey..." he growled, "I am wondering if you can hold something for me...." he held what looked like a small pocket watch. He waited for Jake's reaction on this.
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