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Posting two guns here - one new, the other an older design that (somehow) got deleted from ImageShack:

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RX Mauser H1

This weapon from Remus-Xerron Industries (RXI) is a new Hybrid Rifle Design using an updated version of an old rifle caliber. The RX Mauser H1 has a primary fire that fires 7.92x33mm Kurz bullets - the same caliber used by the German StG44 during Earth's Second World War. The updated 7.92x33mm bullets used in the H1 are made from Hardened Magnesium infused with Kadgeron Radiation, giving them improved penetration capabilities (to both body armor and energy shields) compared to the original German design. As a Hybrid Rifle, the H1 also has a Kadgeron Disruptor integrated into the weapon frame, giving the H1 another fire mode in desperate situations. Though the H1 has Iron Sights, many who use the rifle prefer a dual-sight system consisting of a moveable ACOG and a Holographic Sight.

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RX Kalashnikov AK50M7

Arguably the most popular weapon in RXI's Kalashnikov line of weapons, the AK50M7 is the seventh model in the RX Kalashnikov series. It comes equipped with a select-fire feature, an integrated Kadgeron Disruptor, Tactical Foregrip, Folding Stock, Holographic Sight and Muzzle Brake. It fires 7.62x39mm Hardened, Kadgeron-infused Ferro-Uranite rounds, giving it much-improved penetration capability compared to it's predecessors, and the ability to fire Kadgeron Disruptor pulses from the secondary weapon integrated in the frame gives it another method of attack. Like the Archaic AK47 the AK50 is based on, the AK50 (though it remains unclear how) never jams, and can still be fired - disruptor included - after being buried in a lake for a year. This rifle gained far more popularity than the later AK50M8, which featured an integrated sound suppressor, and has found it's way into nearly every official Military in the Alliance.
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