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Dovahkiir shrugged. "As you wish," he said before stepping onto the bridge.

"Officer on deck!" one of the crewmen shouted. The bridge crew snapped to attention, never once casting a glance to Raze.

"As you were," Dovahkiir responded. "Are our supplies loaded?"

"Aye, sir," the XO answered.

"Very well," Dovahkiir said. "Helm, ascension protocol - set course for Tamriel 'soon as we hit orbit."

"Aye, sir - ascension protocol," the helmsman responded. The deck began to vibrate slightly as the gravity lift was raised and the CCS Battle Cruiser began to push for orbit. On the forward screens, the beautiful blue Dragon'taan skies could be seen, slowly darkening as the vessel moved up into the sky.
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