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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 1

I walked through the downtown streets of Corneria City...I bundled up against the cold of late autumn. I hated the winter back on Earth, didn't care for it here on Corneria. The cold wet wind blew around me as I pulled my coat hood up around my head and face.

I limped my way to the train station, and rode it back to my neighborhood...after disembarking onto the station platform, I walked back to the mansion...I made it home as the early darkness of late fall/early winter. I opened the gates, shut and locked them, then unlocked the front door, let myself in, then shut and locked the front door. I turned on the lights, or tried to. No power. The utility bills were overdue again.

I flopped down on the couch, resting in darkness and in solitude. Misty had broken up with me, yet again. Fox had disbanded Team Star Fox...well, not really "disbanded", but suspended it and us. He, Falco, Krystal, Slippy, Katt, Fara, Fay, Miyu, and Tigress were all that remained at the base. Akasha and Kylie visited from time to time, using Akasha's loft in the city as a place to stay on Corneria, Akasha's house on Katina, and the Royal Palace on Cerinia.

Fay was practicing medicine at a small clinic in the city, Miyu was working at a dealership as a mechanic, as was Tigress...Slippy was working maintenance at some of the factories..Fox and Falco were racing, Krystal did psychic readings. Katt was working as a D.J. at the clubs, and Fara found work somewhere at a gym, teaching dance and aerobics.

I had no idea what Todd was doing, but Lola, Madame Vulpine, and Misty were still pursuing entertainment gigs, as Babs worked as a private detective, and Edge found work on Fichina, using Babs' snow chalet as a home there temporarily. Conrad was probably doing private contract wet work, utilizing his Corneria Intelligence Agency skills.

Silas was working at a gun dealership, Pal was working at a jewelery store. We were all doing our own thing, without the team uniting us. There just weren't any mercenary jobs. Misty and I were arguing more as the money ran out. The businesses who paid us protection money went out of business, and the bills were piling up. I had gone out to look for work, but found nothing. The jobs were becoming tough to find. The influx of earth refugees was causing a crisis.

Overcrowding, lack of available jobs to go around....and many other problems being caused by the refugee influx that had followed me after I came to Corneria all those years ago. What was to become of Team Star Fox? Or even Team Star Wolf? I had heard that they were disbanding too.

So it had come to this...no job, no girlfriend, and soon it would be no home. The mansion was expensive to operate, and would either be seized for non payment of property/parcel tax, or more likely just fall apart from lack of maintenance.

I looked over at the bar where I would sit for many of these past nights, my head on the bar top as I sat on a bar stool, as Misty stood near me, hands on her hips, angrily asking me what we were going to do about our situation. Misty is a pretty laid back girl, but when she got serious, you knew the situation was getting bad. It sure was for us. It got to a point where I woke up to her leaving, her things packed up in her stage trunk or in boxes to be picked up by the moving crew.

She kissed me, and said "I'm sorry you had to wake up to this. I wanted to be gone before then...I hate to leave you, but let's face it Julius. It's not like before. The team isn't stable, our revenue has dried up. Show's Over. Unless you can get things back on track for yourself, and for me, I see no reason for us to just sit around. I'm sorry Julius, and I'll always love you, but I've got to move on with my life, and so should you, even if we have to go in different directions." she explained.

"I'll miss you." is all I could say. "I'll miss you as well. Goodbye Julius. I'm sorry it came to this." she said. "Not as sorry as I am." I replied. Misty kissed me on the lips, and kicked her leg back, before getting into her ship and flying away. The moving crew came by and gathered her things, then left. I remembered that sad, gray, cold day...it was just like today, and not so long ago, yet it felt like an eternity ago.

I sighed and stared out the dark sky outside of the window as I kicked off my shoes. I wrapped myself in a blanket, as it got freezing cold in the large mansion, especially in the parlor. I wished I could afford to heat the place, or that I had something left to burn in the fireplace. I drifted off to sleep, wondering what Misty was doing now...

*that's it for this chapter*
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