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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 2

The upbeat, 1980's synthesizer music played, as the Corneria City sky scape was seen, and the yellow credits flashed "Team Star Fox". As the music played, a singer warbled out a sappy happy song about the Star Fox Team. Fox was seen emerging from an Arwing and smiling at the fourth wall, as "Starring Fox McCloud" proclaimed in big yellow letters.

Next came Falco, giving the camera the middle finger. "Falco Lombardi!". Slippy walked out of the hangar with a large wench in hand as he gave the thumbs up and smiled. "Slippy Toad!". Krystal was on the phone, and talking, only to pause and smile at the camera. "Krystal Buranetto!"

Fay and Fara were doing each others' nails, and smiled at the Camera. "Fara Phoenix! Fay Spaniel!". Miyu was playing a pinball machine, cheered, and then smiled at the camera. "Miyu Lynx!".

Todd was trying to sneak a drink, and Fox shook a can of coins, scaring him into stopping, then Todd smiled at the camera, but it was a sarcastic smile, his eyes shut tight and his mouth stretched painfully up. "Todd McCloud!"

Lola was wearing her sexy leotard, corset, fishnets, leg garter, and boots as she lay on her side seductively, and ate a chocolate covered cherry from a bowl of chocolate covered cherries. She ate the treat in a seductive way as well, as "Lola Foxglove!" appeared.

Tigress was working feverishly on something off screen, only for the scene to pan out s she finished her project, which was just a multi piece jigsaw puzzle, which she displayed with pride and smiled. "Tigress Arcnon!".

Akasha chewed up a magazine, then set it down, gave the fourth wall a sad look as "Akasha Sharavan!" flashed on the screen, before she ran off to hide. Kylie caught her in his arms, kissed her, and smiled at the camera as he set her down gently. "Kylie Buranetto!". He took Akasha by the hand as they walked away.

Madame Vulpine was wearing a leotard tuxedo as she waved a wand, and a puff of smoke appeared, and a large trunk appeared when the smoke cleared. Madame Vulpine opened the trunk, untied and unlocked the large sack inside of it, and let Misty out of the sack as she undid her handcuffs. Misty wore a sparkly leotard and fishnets, with character dance shoes. "Madame Vulpine! Misty Bluehour!"

Conrad repelled down onto the stage in his CIA gear, and removed his mask, smiling, as "Conrad Morgenthal!", before putting his mask back on and climbing back up the rope. The curtains closed, concealing Misty and Madame Vulpine on the stage.

Babs was seen with a magnifying glass, following a set of muddy footprints on a kitchen floor, only to bump her head into Edge's butt, as he was the one who tracked the mud into the kitchen. Edge and Babs startled each other, Babs shook her finger and looked at Edge with a playful scolding expression, as Edge shrugged and smiled stupidly. They both laughed as "Babs Conijn!" and "Edge O' Donnell!" flashed on screen.

Silas was taking a pizza out of the oven, then he turned and smiled at the fourth wall. "Silas Wormwood!". Pal was performing in drag, and when he curtseyed for the audience, a ball fell out of his dress cleavage, and he picked it up and stuffed it back in, before smiling at the fourth wall. "Pal Whetherwax!". An angry crowd bum rushed the stage as the curtains dropped down, concealing Pal on the stage.

It then showed me slipping on a banana peel, and falling down the stairs. I got up, laughing as my teammates laughed too, then I saw my shoulder was dislocated, my left arm swinging crazily. We all laughed at this, the Tigress popped my arm back in as I let out a silent scream, the music still playing the happy beat, as the singer belted out the peak point of the song...

I tested my arm and gave Tigress the thumbs up as "and Julius Quasar!" flashed. Tigress messed up my hair, then the camera showed Fox set up a camera to take out picture. As he set it on the tripod, and joined us in the group, the camera's back left tripod leg fell, right when the picture was taken, so the photo of us was leaning to the side, and the song, the music, and the intro concluded.

Cheerful woodwind music played as the outside of McCloud Ranch was seen. We were all in the living room together as Fox entered and said "Hey team, I've got some great new-" he was cut off by the end credits, which came whizzing upwards REALLY fast, listing all of the cast, crew, etc. The show ended, just like that.

I woke up in a cold sweat. It was all a bad dream! "Ahhh! T-too M-m-many C....!" I fell back asleep before I could finish my sentence.

*that's it for this chapter*
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