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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 3

The next morning I woke up, and hunted through the bare pantry and cupboards. I found one last bit of food to heat up. After eating, I made my way to the city. No jobs. No opportunities, except for..."Three inmates, who have recently escaped from the Lostendamned Harbor Institution for the Criminally Insane. Rhodie Schroedinbach, Sebastian McCain, and Sylvester Inglewood escaped sometime last night in a brazen series of plans!" said the red vixen news caster, the same one with the glasses.

I watched on the screen at the bar as the report explained what had happened. Sebastian, a Smoke Tuxedo Cat, had used his de-clawed paws to successfully steal the keys from an orderly. Sylvester, a VERY large and strong (but also stupid) Black and White Tuxedo Cat, fought the orderlies off after he and Rhodie were released from their cells (along with ALL of the inmates, to create a diversion, and Rhodie, a Calico Cat, helped to lead Sebastian and Sylvester out of the madhouse and she tossed an improvised chemical gas bomb behind them to inhibit the guards' and the orderlies' ability to pursue them any further. The trio made good their escape into the night.

A reward of $50,000 credit per escapee was offered for their capture. Hmm. Worth looking into.

I went over to McCloud Hall, after receiving a message left on my front gate by Todd to do so. I looked at the sloppily written piece of paper I had found that very morning....I rang the buzzer on the gate, and was let in. Todd and Lola greeted me, Lola hugging me extra hard.

"Good to see you Julius!" said Todd. "We've missed you, how have you been hon'?" said Lola. "Lousy." I replied. "We're sorry about Misty." Todd said. "Yeah. We haven't heard from her since you two broke up." Lola replied. "I thought that she dumped him." said Todd. "Shut up, Todd." said Lola, gently elbowing him.

"We wanted to treat you to a little surprise!" said Todd. He and Lola took me by each arm and led me to an upstairs bedroom suit, where I saw a large basket, with a huge egg sitting it it. The egg was over 7 feet tall, white with black tiger stripes painted on it. "That had better not be Pal in there." I said. "No, it's not." said Lola, as she tapped on the egg and then stepped back.

The egg shook, vibrated, and muffled cries for help and release were heard from within it. At one point I heard a loud roar. After whoever was in it struggled for a bit, the egg burst open, revealing Tigress inside of it. She was wearing a Playboy Bunny outfit (strapless leotard, high heeled shoes, fake bunny ears and tail, white wrist cuffs, fishnet stockings, and bow tie collar).

Tigress let out gasps of air as she hatched out of the giant egg. "I think we made the shell too thick." she said as she panted. She then composed herself, straightened up, and greeted me. "Hi, Julius." she said. I could tell she wasn't really enjoying this, but had to do it. "Tigress made a bet with us, and she lost, so she has to do this for you, and sleep with you. We figured it would cheer you up!" said Todd. Tigress rolled her eyes and said "Yeah, that's right." she stepped out of the remains of the egg shell, and took me in her arms as Todd and Lola left the room, closing the doors.

"Shall we do this?" asked Tigress, gesturing to the bed nearby. "Sure!" I I said. Tigress got into bed with me, and after a couple of hours of sex, I was lying there, bruised, and out of breath, wheezing as Tigress relaxed, snoozing on the bed, her large paw pinning me by my forehead.

After she shifted, I got up, and showered off in the nearby bathroom. I then got dressed, kissed Tigress on the forehead as she slept, and headed downstairs. Todd and Lola were watching TV. "You two have fun?" asked Lola, grinning. I could barely walk, had to take the elevator downstairs as it was. "Y-yeah...it was something else, I'll say." I said, before collapsing on a chair. Todd and Lola laughed.

"What was the bet that you made to Tigress?" I asked. "We bet her that she couldn't throw Tricky's Ball over McCloud Hall. She tossed it super high from the back yard seaside part of the property, and it was supposed to land in the front yard, we didn't wanna risk losing it in the ocean. She tossed it, and it almost made it, but bounced off the very edge of the roof." Lola bragged.

"What would she have gotten if she won?" I asked. Todd would have had to dress up and hatch out of the egg, for Tigress to have sex with him." Lola said. Todd let out a sigh of relief. "You okay?" he asked me, noticing that I was in pain. "I'll be fine." I wheezed.

Tigress came downstairs later, showered and dressed in her regular outfit. "Well, that was interesting. I held my end of the bet. Julius, put some ice...everywhere, and you've been great company. "See you characters later." she said. "...'Bye Tigress!" we said. Tigress left.

I decided not to tip my hand about the three escapees. I couldn't risk Todd and Lola helping themselves to that bounty, and I needed all the money that I could get. Todd and Lola bounced Tricky's Ball back and forth, then I excused myself, thanking them for an interesting time.

I headed home, and got some of my weapons, and three stun cuffs. I then got a map of Lostendamned Harbor, and studied it..."The madhouse isn't far from the railyards, perfect place to hide." I said, folding up the map and heading out. Within a few hours, I was at Lostendamned Harbor, near the rail yards. I headed out to there, and sneaked through a service tunnel on the tracks.

*that's it for this chapter*
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