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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 4

The crunch of gravel under my feet echoed throughout the service tunnel. I approached a service platform, when I heard voices up ahead. Kid voices. I came to a platform, in a large chamber, where the tunnel tracks continues and veered around the bend, out of sight.

"Go away, Jenn!" came one voice, a soft humming voice. "Yeah! We were here first! We're gonna catch them, and collect on that reward!" said a high squeaky voice. "Oh shut up you two. The rewards' big enough for all three of us! And it's gonna take three of us to catch Sebastian, Sylvester, and Rhodie!" said a voice that sounded like guitar scales being played.

I accidentally sneezed, my sneeze echoing through the chamber. "Who's there!?" said the squeaky voice. I ducked behind an out of service locomotive train/subway car. I couldn't tell where the three voices were coming from. As I moved towards the front of the car, I passed the side door, as it slid open and a shotgun was pointed at my head. "Found him!" said the first voice.

"Damn!" I said. I turned around with my hands up. They were in the train car the whole time! The other side door opened and two sets of footsteps walked onto the platform in opposite directions, and the other two characters I heard talking came around either side of the train car. From around the front, a tortoiseshell cat with blue eyes and a notched ear approached me, her gun held at the high. From behind me, a reddish orange and white tabby cat with green eyes came at me with her sword held high.

A buff orange and white tabby cat held the shotgun as she kept it trained on me. "Heeeeey! I know this jackass! He got caught with stolen IPBM warheads! They arrested him on the news!" the tortoiseshell cat said, laughing. The buff orange and white tabby cat lowered her shotgun as the three female cats laughed.

"Shut up!" I said to the tortoiseshell cat. "Don't mind her, she's a bitch." the reddish orange cat reassured me. The tortoiseshell cat glared at her. "Enough!" the buff orange and white cat said. "What are you doing here!?" she then asked me. "Same thing you three are doing here. I wanna catch the crooks and claim the reward." I said. "Jeez, does EVERYONE know to look here!?" said the reddish orange and white cat.

"No, but we should work together to catch them." I suggested. "How do you split $150,000 four ways, asshat!?"" asked Jenn. "Besides, we were here first, and these are OUR rail yards. You two losers get out!" said the reddish orange and white cat.

"Shut UP!" the tortoiseshell cat said. "Yeah, you don't own these rail yards. They're city property!" I said. "That reminds me, we better look out for the guards." said the buff colored orange and white cat. "Right! Let's go, Dora." said the reddish orange cat. "Nice name." I said. "Yeah, I'm Sally Rowland, that's my sister Dora Rowland, and the notch eared idiot there is Jenn Lovejoy. Not a pleasure to meet any of you." said the reddish orange cat as she sheathed her sword.

"I've wasted enough time with all of you morons! I know these rail yards better than any of you, so I'M the one who's gonna find the escapees and collect on the reward money!" said Jenn. "WE know this place like the backs of our paws! The transit security guards kick us out of here all the time, but we just come right back in here! We know this place better than they do! We come here all the time!" said Sally.

"Let's just go together, down that tunnel, and after that we go our seperate ways, and whoever gets the three escapees, gets the reward!" I said. "Whoever FINDS them gets the reward!" said Dora. "Just because you found them doesn't mean you captured them. Whoever captures them should get the reward!" said Jenn. "Makes sense." I said. "Who asked you!?" asked Sally.

"No one, so what!?" I said.

We headed down that tunnel, and I kicked out the boards over the end of the tunnel. "Think you could make any more noise? I don't think security heard you!" said Sally. "Cram it!" I replied. We headed out through the mouth of the tunnel.

Sally and Dora headed off one way, Jenn another way, and I headed straight through the gates through the service yard.

*that's it for this chapter*
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