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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 5

I walked through the train yard, and pushed open a gate. As I walked through another part of the rail yard, I climbed into the open back door of an empty train. I walked through the empty cars, and went out the side door of the lead car.

"Hey! Who the hell are you!?" a voice shouted. I froze. "RUUUUN!" shouted Sally. I looked to my left and saw Sally and Dora fighting with the security guards near a service tunnel. I made my way to the main building, and picked the lock on the doors. I then made my way into the building, where I saw a guard at the communications computer console. I sneaked up behind him and zapped him with my stun gun, rendering him unconscious. I cuffed him to his own chair and then unplugged the computer console.

I then hit a button on the wall, and a metal door rolled upwards, allowing me access to the rest of the rail yards. I ran out, one for several anthro doberman and German shepherd security guards in brown shirts, black trousers with gold gig lines, black shiny oxfords, black eight point crown caps, and black night sticks. "FREEZE!" one of them shouted at me. I ran for it as they pursued me towards the mechanics' bay. It was too far for me to make it to the mechanics' bay. I hid in a nearby tool shed, and the guards searched around, before giving up and leaving.

I sneaked out and made my way though the yards, ducking guards, and relying on Sally and Dora or even Jenn running by, distracting the guards as they were pursued the guards. Things suddenly grew very quiet. I heard shouting in the mechanics' bay.

"Get out of here you bitch!" an unfamiliar voice shouted. I sneaked into there, and saw Jenn, fighting off three other cats. The fugitives! I saw Rhodie, Sebastian, and Sylvester!

"I'm taking you three in!" Jenn shouted. The nearby doors flew open, and Dora and Sally ran through them, tackling Sebastian to the ground. "Duuuh, HEY! Get offa them!" said Sylvester, as he lifted the two sisters by the scruffs of their necks. The two of them screamed and struggled, as I fired a laser round at him, making him cry out in pain and drop them.

Rhodie ran at me, headbutting me in the face. Jenn jumped on Rhodie and pounded her. The four of us fought the three inmates, and we finally subdued them, using my stun cuffs. "Got 'em!" I said. "Let's get them out of here. Nice job with the stun cuffs, Julius, we shoulda thought to bring some!" said Sally.

"I told you not to forget them you doofus!" Dora told her sister. Sally shoved me into Dora, and Dora pushed past me and chased after sister, jump kicking her in the rear. I watched them fight for a bit, before me and Jenn broke up the fighting. "We gotta go. That computer console you disabled has a link to the local police department, and when it went dead they though there was trouble and showed up!" Jenn warned me. "Wait, that was JULIUS!?" asked Dora.

"I saw him in the main building." Jenn smirked. "We'll get even with you four dicks for doing this!" said Sebastian, his grey and white face accented by a white line over one of his eyes. It resembled a scar, but it was just a fur pattern. "Shut up you!" I replied.

The Lostendamned P.D. showed up. "Here they are!" they shouted to the security guards. "We caught the fugitives!" I said. "So you did...." one of the police officers said...


"I'm sorry, kids, but the reward goes to Julius Quasar. It was his stun cuffs used on the suspects, therefore he gets the bounty." said the police chief. "But that's not fair!" said Sally;. I looked at the three disappointed girls, and sighed. "Chief, wait a minute! I want them to have the reward bounty! They found the suspects first, and made it to the rail yard first. They deserve it more than I do." I said. "Are you sure about this?" asked the chief. "Yes sir." I replied. "Okay then." the chief said, transferring the $150,000 credits reward to the girls' accounts, splitting it three ways.

"That was really nice of you." Rhodie said to me as she and her two cohorts were led past me, all three of them in straitjackets and walking towards the padding lined asylum van. "Yeah, that was really kind of ya'. You're not so bad, Julius." said Sebastian, in a grumpy tone. "Duuuh, yeah! You is a good man, Julius!" said Sylvester.

After the van left with them and the cops drove away, we left the rail yard (being escorted out by the guards). "Well, take care, girls." I said. "Wait! Stop!" said Sally. "Yeah, we wanna thank you!" said Sally. "That's right. Thanks for giving us the money, and the credit." said Jenn. "You're welcome." I said. "We all caught them together. You deserve some of that money too!" said Sally. Dora transferred $10,000 credits from each of their accounts to mine, making me $30,000 credits richer.

"Thank you, all of you!" I said. The girls and I hugged, and Dora said "It was our pleasure, Julius." Sally nodded and said "You're welcome, it was the least we could do after your help.". Jenn smiled and said "It seemed only fair, after you shared the money with us like that."

"I really appreciate it, since I need the money. You three take care, and thanks again. Goodbye." I said to them. "Bye bye!" said Sally and Dora as they left. "Goodbye." said Jenn, as she left as well. I made my way home, and smiled, remembering those three interesting young girls. Maybe I would meet up with them again. We worked quite well together.

*that's it for this chapter*
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