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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 7

I landed in the hinterlands, on a ridge overlooking the village where the Khan ruled with an iron paw. He was a jackal, and a big one at that. I made my way down the ridge, to the village. I saw the bazaar just beyond the village gates, and the armed jackals, patrolling with their hyper laser rifles held high. They wore sand colored military styled uniforms with sand colored turbans, their ears poking through the turbans.

I saw the Colonel, the right hand enforcer of the Khan, heading into the bazaar with a bodyguard. The bazaar was a large, indoor marketplace with propped open glass window skylights, and lots of niches for the merchants. But the front was guarded by armed soldiers.

I headed to my left, and saw the house of the lieutenant, and two armed guards standing outside. Two more guards patrolled around the back of the house. I stayed away, and waited for them to finish their patrol before sneaking to the back, and picking the lock on the back door. I crept up the stairs, and sneaked up on the lieutenant, as he stood on the upper floor with his back to me. He wore an emerald green colored version of the military outfits that the other militants wore, and he had a purple turban with his ears poking through it.

I strangled him with a fiber wire garotte, and then went through his pockets. I took his laser pistol, and the map leading to the location of the warheads. Perfect! I remembered that I had to kill the Colonel, and obtain the key that he was holding. The key activated the warheads, and I couldn't risk an alarm being sounded of an intruder in the village, or the Colonel would panic and flee to the Khan's Palace, and then he would be inaccessible behind the locked gates and impregnable walls surrounding the palace.

Downstairs, the patrolling guards came in through the back door. "Hey, was this supposed to be unlocked!?" said one of the guards. I froze. "Maybe we forgot to lock it?" asked another guard. "Hey, let's check on the lieutenant." said the other guard. "No, we don't want to wake him, he takes a nap every afternoon." said the other guard.

"Okay then. Hey, where's the Khan?" the first guard says. "He's got a major business deal going down, with those stolen warheads. This buyer is coming with a convoy contingency, and the Khan will be with them. They'll go to the palace, and negotiate the terms before moving on to where the warheads are being stored. Should be really lucrative." said the other guard. "We could use the money, I'll tell you what. But who is the buyer?" asked the first guard. "The Khan wouldn't say. But they are very interested in purchasing the IPBM warheads, and they have the money to do so." said the other guard.

After they finished their conversation, they left and moved on their patrol routes. I waited for them to be gone, then I sneaked out of the house...I headed towards the marketplace, but made a left around the market place, and headed through the village past a whole bunch of armed guards who stared suspiciously at me. I passed a well on my left, and several outdoor bazaar merchant stalls on either side of me.

I went to the back entrance of the indoor marketplace, and sneaked into the back of a pottery booth, which was occupied only by pots and crates with more pots in them. I hid behind the crates. The Colonel went from stall to stall, haggling with merchants. He wore a tan shirt, brown beret with holes cut in it for his ears to poke through, brown trousers, and a brown tie. He wore black oxfords as well. All of the other militants here wore black boots, even the lieutenant.

I waited in the stall as the Colonel walked in there and turned his back to my hiding place. His bodyguard stayed outside of the stall. The Colonel lit up a cigarette, and I sneaked up on him and strangled him with my garotte fiber wire weapon. He choked to death, and I dragged him behind the crates, and took his laser pistol and the Activation Key for the warheads. I then sneaked out of the stall past his bodyguard, and let myself out of the bazaar, through the back entrance, and then I sneaked out the gates to the East end of the village...

*that's it for this chapter*
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