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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 8

I headed through the East side of the village, towards my destination. After winding my way though the alleyways, and passing the temple, I found my contact. "Hey, Silas!" I said. "Hello, Julius." Silas replied. He was dressed like the locals; in dark boots, sand colored paramilitary uniform, and a sand colored turban. "I have your supplies, a Demon Rifle and ammo for it. This will pierce the armored limousine belonging to the Khan, who will return to the village very soon. Try to stop his convoy before the gate in the east. You are to HARM NO ONE but the Khan himself, you should be able to recognize him from the posters you've seen all over the city. Don't get caught with that rifle, and don't leave it behind, I'll need it back ASAP. Okay?" he said.

"Got it." I replied. "Normally I wouldn't have done this, seeing as how Fara and I broke up, but Fara's dad insisted, and even though Fara and I broke up he did put down a big deposit for my services and a big deposit for that rifle. If you lose it, he will dock it from your pay, as I take it from the deposit." he said.

"Sorry about you and Fara." I said.

"Forget it. Good luck." said Silas.

"Thanks. Better get out of the way, this could get messy!" I replied, taking the rifle and the ammo. I ran through the village back alleys, avoiding patrolling armed guards, and making a large detour around the edge of the city, sticking to the outer walls, and making a route past the city gates and right towards the temple. I passed a small hole in the wall on my left as I headed for the temple. I sneaked around the corner of the temple, climbed the stairs to the roof of that temple, and hid out of sight before the dome. I scanned the eastern horizon, and saw a convoy heading through the Titanian desert. A military style jeep, an armored limousine, another military style jeep, and an APC were proceeding towards the gate , heading from my right to my left, and turning to their left, towards the gates.

I fired a shot from the rifle, after aiming carefully. I fell back, and couldn't see out of one eye! The rifle recoiled so hard, it gave me a black eye! I tried to re-aim, and I noticed that my first shot had made its mark, I had disabled the engine of the lead vehicle. Several thugs, both the jackals working for the Khan, and the buyers of the missiles, a bunch of red and silver foxes, piled out of the vehicles and started shooting in multiple directions. I saw the Khan still sitting in the back of the limo, next to....Danny Foxglove! It was the Foxgloves, trying to get IPBM warheads again!

I removed and repositioned the scope for my left eye, shifted the rifle so it lay on my left shoulder, with my left hand on the trigger, took aim as best I could with my other eyes, and fired. I missed! I fired again, and this time I hit the Khan right in the head. "He's on top of the temple! Stop him!" I heard several voices shouting. Uh oh! I carried the rifle, ran down the stairs and headed around the corner of the temple, and ran past several armed militants, who shouted at me and aimed their rifles, but before they could shoot me, I climbed through the small hole in the wall, taking Silas' rifle with me. I did it! The missiles would soon be mine!


After following the map with my Arwing, I found the site, an abandoned old palace ruin, with underground passageways, and a beat up old tin building with a hidden elevator below, where the missiles were more likely to be. There was a landing pad near that building...I landed a safe distance away, and I took the rifle with me. I shot the patrolling guards, and the positioned guards who flanked the underground entrances to the underground compound. I headed for the entrance closest to the tin building and landing pad, and then left the rifle by the door, as I stole the dead guard's clothes, and headed down the stairs. I took out my silenced laser pistol, and saw the militants torturing and beating someone who was lying on the floor. I shot the militands, and the patrolling guard nearby. I helped the torture victim up. "Julius!?" asked Silas. He was the torture victim. "Silas! You okay!?" I asked. "No. They picked me up after the Khan was killed, and took me here for questioning, but I told them nothing. You need to kill the Khan's other lieutenant who supervises this place, he lives in a private chamber, over that way, though the door to your left, in the small closet off of that room. The warheads are in a crate on wheels in that elevator over there." Silas said, pointing. "Thanks. I killed the guards at ground level. Here's the remaining ammo cells for your rifle, which is next to the door up there." I said.

"Thanks. Good luck. I'm out of here." said Silas, taking the ammo and leaving. I moved the bodies of the guards, hiding them. I picked up a hyper laser version of an M60 machine gun one of the guards had dropped, and then I went to the lieutenants chamber. I sneaked in, quietly opening the door. I set down the rifle, sneaked over to the closet, and quietly opened the door. The lieutenant was kneeling with his back to me, and I strangled him from behind with my garotte wire. I had killed him, then I stole his laser pistol, and them went back for my rifle, sneaked out of his room, and made my way to the elevator, walking past tall of the guards, keeping my head down. I got into the elevator, and it opened smoothly and quietly.

I got it, closed the doors, and set the switch to the surface destination. The elevator ascended, setting off several alarms. The militants swarmed the elevator area, shooting at e. I took cover, and fried back at them, killing a few of them. Upon reaching the inside of the tin building, I rolled the crate out of the elevator, and I jammed the controls, so they couldn't bring the elevator back down. I opened the doors of the tin building, and put a wooden chock on the rails where the crate and its wheeled cart rested. I ran out of there, set some signal flares, ran back to the entrance I had used earlier and changed my clothes. I then jammed the doors of the underground entrances of the compound so that the militants below couldn't get out and make trouble for me. When I was finished, I took cover and waited, as I send out the coded message to Silas, telling him "Mission Accomplished".

Not long afterwards, a cargo spaceship, with the words "Phoenix Shipping, Ltd." landed, but then I saw some anthro foxes, cats, rabbits, and parrots in orange, purple, and red robes coming out of that ship. The got the crate, and wheeled it up the ramp, and into the ship before taking off. They were armed with hyper lasers, and moving quickly to secure the cargo and then take off. Something didn't seem right here. I left the area, and flew away in my ship. I would have to ask Silas or Mr. Phoenix what the deal was with those robed weirdos in his ship later.

*that's it for this chapter*
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