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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 9

I met with Silas at the Cantina on Titania. Cindy Sandstorm pointed me towards him, and he had the money for my past three missions ready for me. As I collected the money, he showed me a transmission.

"Hello Julius. Mr. Phoenix here. I wish I were contacting you and Silas on more positive terms, but unfortunately, I'll need your services now more than ever. This you'll really have to prove your money's worth, though you always have in the past, but this will be your hardest test yet." Mr. Phoenix said, his expression grim.

The communique cut to footage of a military outpost on Katina, where the same robed guys I saw flying the ship back at the hiding place for the warheads were seen on the screen, sneaking up to the Phoenix Shipping vessel. The sneaked up to the doors, and ambushed the Phoenix Shipping crew members, knocking them out and tying them up.

One crew member held up a laser rifle and aimed it at the robed weirdos, and made them put their hands up. As they surrendered, a human sneaked up behind him, and knocked out the armed crew member. A human...working with these guys...

"What you are seeing here is the 'Cola Cult', on Planet Fortuna, they have a peninsula compound with several surrounding islands. Cuckoo Cola was a popular soft drink at one time, but the company went bankrupt and closed, its drinkers were devastated...but the truly fanatical drinkers formed a cult at the old bottling plant, and named their compound 'Peninsucola', or 'Pensi-Cola' for short. The name is an amalgamation of 'Peninsula Cola'. These cultists love Cuckoo Cola, which they still make and sell on the grey market all over the Lylat system, but they also dabble in criminal activities, organized crime, and violent cult like fanaticism."

"They want the warheads, and they double crossed me by stealing my shipping vessel, and picking up the warheads that you liberated. My crew are okay, but they are very angry about this whole unpleasantness, as am I. Please help me get back the vessel and those warheads, Julius. I have sent Todd into their compound to find out more about them, but he is in hiding now, he must have blown his cover. You need to infiltrate the cult, then gain passage to their compound, through the village on mainland end of the peninsula, then take out the cult leaders. Be careful Julius. Rumor has it that a very powerful and dangerous foe is lurking in the shadows somewhere close to the cult leaders, wherever they are. Good luck." Mr. Phoenix said, as his face reappeared on the screen.

He then said "Here is some information I have on the cult..."

The screen cut to several anthro furries in white robes, inside of a Cola bottling plant. A red vixen placed a flash drive into the computer screen console, and then a commercial flashed on...


The cult members danced and sang with the commercial, as they were splashed in showers or red, orange, and purple soda, which stained their robes. They cheered, and looked like they were having fun. The commercial showed happy anthros enjoying the Cuckoo Cola. I swore I saw Lola in that ad at one point.

"Don't let their joyful appearance fool you,. These fanatic cult members are VERY dangerous. You need to move among them without blowing your cover. Get to the village, and find your contact." said Mr. Phoenix after the footage of the cult ceremony ended, and Mr. Phoenix reappeared on the screen. The communique ended, and Silas said "There you have it. Good luck."

I nodded and said "Thanks. You got the rifle okay?". "Yes, thank you." Silas replied, as he smiled at my black eye. "First time with the rifle, eh?" he laughed. "Yeah. Ow..." I replied. "I shoulda warned you about that..." Silas said, taking a drink. I ordered a cocktail and some potato wedges from the bar, as well as some ice for my eye. after eating, drinking, and paying, I fueled up my ship and then paid for that, bade Silas farewell and thanks, he bade me the same and good luck, then it was off to Fortuna for me...

*that's it for this chapter*
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