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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 10

I landed near Pensicola, on Fortuna. I made my way to the little village at the mainland end of of the peninsula, and went to the address provided for me. "The Interplanetary Parcel Service" was the location to find my contact. I saw a rabbit standing next to a small spacecraft.

"Hello my friend and welcome! You should visit 'Carpets Unlimited', my uncle's store! There's a big discount sale going on today, only for you! Allow me to share with you the address!" he said. He told me where to find the carpet shop, and I thanked him, then left.

I made my way through the alleyways, making sure no one followed me. I saw orange, purple, and red robed cult members, armed with laser pistols as they patrolled the village, serving as the local police force. The civilian locals wore simple shorts or pants and shirts, all tattered looking. Lots of shops and small row houses were all over the place, forming a labyrinth like village.

I opened the door to the carpet shop...and was greeted by laser fire!

I ducked, then came in and shut the door behind me, locking it. I turned around after locking the door, to see a room full of rolled up rugs, some food and water piled up, a small bathroom, and a desk opposite the door where I came in, as well as a back door to the alleyway to towards the back of the shop, caddy corner to the entrance.

Sitting at the desk was...

"Todd!?" I said. "Who's there!? Hold it right there!!!" Todd shouted, drunk off his ass. A large liquor bottle sat on the desk before him, half finished.

"You wanna watch it with the weapon, you nearly killed me!" I said. "Sorry, Julsie...I'm glad to see ya' though. I'm in a mess of trouble right now." Todd said, filling the room with a liquor cloud from his breath. "What's going on here!?" I asked him.

"I was doing surveillance work for Mr. Phoenix, regarding where to find the cult leaders, the warheads, the stolen cargo ship, and then the place is swarming with these idiots trying to kill me!" Todd complained. He told me about a gang of assassins sent out to kill him, and me if they found me. They came from big families, all keen on arms dealing. Todd used to do business with these guys.

Todd wanted me to kill the assassins, particularly two of them, and photograph their corpses as proof of their deaths. "Good luck!" he said, giving me a digital camera. I left the room, and sneaked out to the marketplace plaza, one of two, to find the assassins...I saw someone in the upper levels above the store with a sniper rifle, overlooking the courtyard. I made my way thought the shadowy part of the marketplace, avoiding any wide open areas, and then I got under the sniper's post, and sneaked up the stairs behind one of the shops, and then up behind the sniper. I strangled him with my garotte, and then after killing him I took a picture of his corpse. He was an anthro hound dog, in orange robes, and a purple beach hat.

I then took his rifle, and aimed it at another hound dog who was walking around the marketplace, dressed in a similar outfit. I took aim with the sniper rifle and fired! I then ran out of that room, and sneaked through the shadows, making my way to where I had shot the other assassin. I sneaked up to him body, and snapped a photo. I ran off as several marketplace guards shouted at me and opened fire with their laser pistols. Uh oh! I was in for it now! As I ran through the alleys, ducking the cult police, I finally made my way back to the carpet shop.

"You're back! Great! And you got the photos!? Yep, sure as hell looks like them all right! Great job, Jules. We gotta get going. The entrance to the Health Spa is behind the other shop. This Health Spa is a front for recruiting new members, it's the main bottling plant of Cuckoo Cola, and now run by Dr. Kitsu. She's this red vixen, the cult leader's main propagandist, second in command, and his unlicensed physician.

"You gotta pick up the key to the closet where you're gonna stash her corpse after killing her, and you musn't harm any civilians at all. No killing, no injuring, and none of them are to witness the Dr.'s death. There is a master key in the storage room, and other stuff there to help you take out the doctor, but don't let anyone witness the dead Dr., or the alarm will sound and they'll evacuate the cult leader from his location on the hospital island, the nearest island off the coast of the Health Spa. He's going in for a pacemaker, for his heart, so you can get the drop on him then." Todd said. Todd then passed out at the desk, after taking a key from the desk drawer and pushing it across the desk to me.

I took the key, and I heard footsteps running up to the carpet store. A kit fox in an orange robe, sunglasses, and a purple turban kicked open the door, and took aim at Todd with a silenced hyper laser sub machine gun. I drew my laser pistol and fired several shots at the kit fox, and he fell to the ground, dead, dropping the silenced hyper laser sub machine gun.

I grabbed his weapon, and the extra power cells from his orange robes, and then closed the door to the shop behind me. I dragged the assassin kit fox's body into a nearby vacant shop, and then I headed down the alleyways, towards the other shop. As I reached it, to my left a sniper's rifle discharged, and I was nearly killed. I made my way through the alleyways to where the sniper's post, a small apartment loft overlooking the second shop, was set up. I got behind the sniper's location, climbed the ladder to the apartment loft, and kicked open the door, firing my newly acquired weapon at the sniper and his backup, killing both assassins. They were two Cuckoo Birds, in orange robes, and with either red or purple hats. One held a hyper laser sub machine gun (this one didn't have a silencer integrated into the barrel like mine did) and the other had a sniper rifle. I left the apartment loft, made my way to the carpet shop, taking care to avoid the cult police along the way, and unlocked the door to the carpet shop with the key Todd gave to me earlier, and then I went inside, locking the door safely behind me. I walked towards the back of the shop, and took down a carpet that was hanging on the wall, where I found a tunnel leading towards the Health Spa in the old Cuckoo Cola bottling plant.

I crawled through the tunnel to the other side...

*that's it for this chapter*
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