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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 11

I climbed out of the tunnel, and saw that I was near the back entrance to the bottling plant. There was a loading dock, and at the far end of the beach where I was standing on now there was a landing pad for a ship, and a sewer pipe outlet.

I waited for the patrolling guards to pass as I hid behind the upturned motorboat, and then I ran down the beach, past the boat slips where two motorboats were tied up, and I ran for the landing pad. I entered the sewer under it, and ran through the sewers, and eventually made my way to an underground ladder.

I climbed up it, and made my way into the factory. I was in a locker room, where I found a white robe to change into, and then I made my way into a storage room, and found a Master Key on a hook on the wall, and I found a vial of poison. I headed back through the locker room as a crowd of cult members came pouring in. "There you are, c'mon! The ceremony is going to start!" the anthro cult members said, dragging me towards the main room of the factory.

I saw several Cornerian citizens that I recognized, famous and ordinary civilian. I was amazed at who the cult member were. The red vixen news reporter, several co stars of Lola's, and members of the CDF. I looked up to see a red vixen in a leotard, sweatband, tights and legwarmers shout "Okay everyone! Are you ready!?". The others cheered. She stood in front of a hologram projected screen as the Cuckoo Cola commercial played.

"Come along! You belong! Feel the fizz, of Cuckoo Cola! It's the cola for makin' you proud! Take another sip and you're one of the crowd! Fell the fizz, of Cuckoo Cola!"

As the song went on, everyone was being splashed with buckets, hoses, and water balloons full of the different colors of Cuckoo Cola. Orange, Grape, and Cherry. There were shower stalls set up, even, with the cult members bathing in the Orange, Grape, or Cherry flavors of cola. "What flavor?" someone asked me. "What!?" I asked. "What flavor do you want!?" he asked me. "Grape, please!" I said. He nodded, and I was pushed under a shower head, where grape Cuckoo Cola rained down on me, turning my robes, skin, and hair purple.

As we sang, danced, and partied, the celebration wore down, and as everyone left the room, I was stopped by two cult enforcer guards, who said "She'll see you upstairs, NOW!". I was dragged by an anthro bear and an anthro cougar in red robes up to the factory office suite at the top floor, and I saw the vixen who led the celebration earlier.

The thugs left the room, and the red vixen, Dr. Kitsu, was wiping her pretty face off with a towel before hanging it up. As she did this, I poisoned the glass of mineral water on her desk. She walked up to me and gave me a kiss. "Hello, Duke Schaeffer! I'm so glad to see you! It's an honor to have you as a member of the Cola Cult." said Dr. Kitsu.

"It's an honor to join you guys!" I said. She giggled, and said "We appreciate your generosity, and your devotion! We want to move you as far up into the cult as possible! In fact, we want benefactors like YOU to join our inner circle! Not everyone enjoys this privilege, you know!" she said.

She gestured to a large painting on the wall, showing a grumpy looking anthro cuckoo bird in a business suit, holding a feather quill pen. "Our sacred cola was created by the late 'J.P. Cuckoo', and his Cola is the best in the Lylat System! He didn't use 'high fructose corn syrup' and other toxic crap like they do on your planet, Duke! NO! He made soda the way you humans used to! He believed in quality! He loved cola as much as we do, and he respected it enough not to taint it in the name of 'profit'! Sadly, the cola company went under, and a year after that J.P. Cuckoo lost his life when he was hit by a train. BUT...his legacy lives on, through 'THE COLA CULT'! And because of donors like you!" Dr. Kitsu kissed me. "I'm so sorry our Master of Ceremonies and leader of the cult, Ignatius Chroma, the former business partner of J.P. Cuckoo, couldn't be here to see you today. He is undergoing surgery out there on Hospital Island. But he sends you his best wishes!" Dr. Kitsu said.

"Thanks you." I said.

"Of course! You know, you don't look like your description. I heard that you were 6 foot 5 inches, blonde hair, blue eyes...but you resemble this human I've heard of on Corneria, by the name of 'Julius Quasar', isn't that silly? As if we'd ever let that miscreant into our cult." Dr. Kitsu laughed, and took a drink of her mineral water. Suddenly, she gagged, dropped the glass, and convulsed. White foam drooled from her mouth as she fell to the floor. She crawled to her desk and reached for the panic button there, but couldn't reach it.

"You...sonafa...bitch!" she said to me, realizing what I had done. She dropped dead, gurgling. I smiled and picked her up, ready to head to the closet and hide her remains in there. I heard footsteps coming. Oh no! I headed into the exercise room next door, and hid in a towel closet.

I heard voices in the Doctor's office. "I'M Duke Schaeffer, you fools! I was late getting here because of a riot going on in your village!" a voice said. Uh oh! "Well then who was that we brought up to see the doctor!?" asked one of the cult guards who had brought me up earlier to the office. "There's nobody here!" said the other guard. The guards and Duke searches all of the upstairs rooms, and found nothing. They tried to enter the closet where I was hiding with the dead doctor, but I had used my master key to lock the door.

"You just wait in the private meditation room up here, we'll look around some more, Duke." said one of the guard. "Okay, fine, but let me know when you find her!" said Duke. The footsteps and the voices faded and all was quiet. I took the Doctor's corpse with me out of the towel closet, and headed through the upstairs office suites and to the designated hiding place Todd had described. It was a corner positioned closet, and I unlocked the door, placed the corpse in there, and closed the door. After locking the door, I pocketed the key, and left the place, heading down the stairs. I sneaked out to the beach, and got into one of the motorboats, and headed for the hospital island.

*That's it for this chapter*
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