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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 12

I arrived at the Hospital Island, still wearing the cult member robes....I parked near the boat pier, and sneaked onto the ground of the hospital. I entered through an open window, and made my way to the upper floor. I waited for the nurse to leave her workstation for a break, and helped myself to the keys from the desk drawer.

I unlocked the office door behind her workstation, and went into the doctor's private office. I found a package that had been left for me by Todd, seeing as it had the Star Fox logo on it. I opened the black carbon fiber box, and found a key, and a pair of night vision goggles. "Check weapons before entering hospital wards" a note in Todd's handwriting advised. I nodded, and used the key from the box on the other office door behind me.

As I unlocked that door, I entered another small office to find a Doctor's uniform there for me. I changed into it, and left my weapons in the room, keeping only my goggles. I then headed out of the offices, and to the elevator, avoiding the nurses and the guards as I headed to the elevator.

The elevator came up when I called for it, and I rode it to the basement, where the operation wards were, and the outpatient wards were. I headed down there, stopped at a security checkpoint where the hospital security guards searched me for weapons but found nothing.

After the security checkpoint, I entered the outpatient ward, and used the ring of keys from the nurse's desk to unlock the generator room, where I cut the power. I locked the room after exiting it, put on my night vision goggles, then sneaked into the Consultant's room, using the ring of keys to unlock that office, where I took a scalpel from the desk and then sneaked though the basement, entered the surgical ward, and looked for the cult leader. I checked three different rooms before I found him with his bodyguards standing there, looking around in the dark. The rest of the hospital staff was panicking over the power failure, or what they assumed was one.

The cult leader was an old parrot, he lay there asleep on the hospital gurney....I used the scalpel and cut into him, botching his pacemaker surgery. After I finished the deed, I placed the scalpel on the nearby table, and then I sneaked out of there. I unlocked the stairwell door, and sneaked back upstairs in the dark. I went to the doctor's office, and changed back into my clothes, gathered up my weapons, and put the night vision goggles back in their box, before taking it with me. I left the office key from the box, and the stolen ring of keys on the desk, and I sneaked out of the hospital as the lights came back on.

An alarm sounded, and the security gates slammed shut. They found the dead cult member! I fled, and barely escaped being locked in the grounds as the heavy armored gates slammed shut behind me as I ran to the pier. Whew! A gunshot rang out, and I took cover. A human was shooting at me, the same human who I saw on the hijacking video aiming at me!

The human fired until he ran out of ammo, and ran from me, but I drew my weapon and fired on him, killing him. I stood over him and noticed something strange about him. He wasn't a human! He was wearing a mask! I pulled off his human mask, and saw an anthro coyote lying dead there.

After I shook me head, I went for my boat, when Todd puled up in the cargo ship. "I got the ship, and the warheads, Julius! I'm gonna fly this home, you can escort me in your Arwing!" he called out. I nodded and climbed aboard. Todd gave me a ride back to my Arwing, and we flew back to Corneria together, and there was Mr. Phoenix, with Fara at the headquarters for Phoenix Shipping Industries...

They congratulated us, and Silas joined in on the celebration, having emerged from resting in the break room. We were paid our money, quite a sizable amount for all of us, and then we headed our separate ways. I got my utilities turned on,,and got some groceries. Things were looking up!

*That's it for this chapter*
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