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Chapter 13

I took several job opportunities that I could around the Lylat System, lots of small stuff. It seemed that once I got hired for a few jobs, the opportunities started flowing out like water from a pipe. I also entered flying races, flying through the holographic coronas marking the race course in the skies and in space. Lola's family was forbidden from hiring me again, as per Don Foxglove's order's. That was a shame, considering Lola's family paid really well, despite the dangerous nature of the work.

I was called for another mission; to infiltrate the penthouse of a notorious arms dealer and smuggler, Cyrus Versrey. This guy was selling old weapons seized from Andross' old military bases and secret bunkers, then selling them to criminals. I was hired by General Hare (Peppy) to go to Vesrey's place on Corneria, and take him down.

I headed to the large building where he lived, over in the city of Pelt. I made my way to the penthouse area of the building, where a large courtyard on the roof of the building was surrounded by the penthouse suite. There was the first level of the penthouse, surrounding the courtyard (which I had to enter via a wide staircase with a side wheelchair ramp) and consisting of staff quarters, a storage room below part of the penthouse (occupying one eighth of the top floor of the building), a vault (occupying one eighth of the second from the top floor of the building), and there was the second floor of the penthouse, consisting of a gym and rec room area, the third floor housed the security monitoring stations, there was a residential floor over that on the fourth floor, the fifth floor was the lower half of the master room of the penthouse, and the sixth floor was the upper half of the master room of the penthouse, where Mr. Vesrey lived.

I made my way into the main building, which was 10 stories high and consisted of offices, stores, restaurants, cafe`s, bars, and other businesses, as well as some condo suites. I disguised myself as the building's security team. Mr. Vesrey himself had his own security team in the penthouse, and sneaking past them wouldn't be easy. I climbed up the stairs, and made my way to the courtyard. The guards were milling about, and I saw a large spaceship parked there, as well as a pool and a hot tub.

I sneaked into one of the rooms on the first floor and changed into a security uniform, consisting of a jumpsuit, boots, and a red beret (the building security consisted of a Sheriff Barney style uniform). I then stole an electronic keycard, and walked over to the stairway that led to the storage room access stairs. I swiped the keycard through the terminal, and the laser barrier deactivated. I walked through the doorway, and headed down to the storage room, where I then walked through it to the other stairway, and walked into the vault, swiping the keycard and opening the steel reinforced door. I stole an IPBM Missile Guidance System, then I left the room with it tucked in my jumpsuit.

I went back up through the storage room , then through the first floor, then up the stairs to the second floor, where I crossed the gym and the rec rooms to another stairway, past a watching guard. I walked though the security area on the third level. As I wen tot he fourth level, something drew me to one of the bedrooms of the fourth level. I found a nice bedroom, that was well decorated, with tapestries, poufs, fancy ornate old furniture like a four poster bed, armoire, and a fainting couch. But I found what looked like a stained glass casket, locked shut and laying back on the floor. I walked over and unsnapped all of the latches.

I found a large leather sack with leather straps and metal buckles holding it closed. I removed the straps, and took off the leather sack, to find a spandex zippered cocoon inside. I unzipped the cocoon, and found a wrapped up gauze mummified female inside of that. I unwrapped the gauze wrappings, to find Misty inside! She was wearing a sequined thong leotard.

She woke up, and yawned as I held her in my arms. "Misty? What are you doing here!?" I asked her. "Julius!?" she said, looking shocked. "Were you kidnapped? Sold into sex slavery?" I asked her. Misty shook her head, and got to her feet. "I...moved in with Cyrus after he saw one of the shows I was performing in with Lola and Madame Vulpine. The tour ended, and I began dating Cyrus, moved in with him, and...you found me...all encased like this in multiple layers as part of a kinky game he likes to play with me." She said, looking shyly away from me.

"We did stuff like that." I said sadly. "I know." Misty replied. "Why are YOU here." she looked at me suspiciously. I quickly and quietly explained to her. "Sorry to cost you a meal ticket." I added. "Don't be. He's just another rich jerk, and I'm bored with him." Misty said.

"I've got to kill Cyrus now. Good luck to you." I said. "How do you plan to even get to him?" asked Misty. I showed her my keycard. "I'll use this to access the master room of the penthouse." I said. Misty shook her head. "That card is useless beyond the fourth level. You need a special keycard. You take me with you after killing Cyrus, and I'll give you the keycard...assuming you also have something to leave with me that will force you to come back for me." Misty said, tapping the bulge in my jumpsuit where the missile guidance system was hidden. I nodded, and handed her the device, and said "Pack your things, and this device with it, and then wait by the stairs for me." I said.

"I'll let you in through a fourth floor window. After you kill Cyrus, climb out the window, and shimmy down to the fourth floor ledge-don't fall-and I'll let you in through the window two levels below his window. Good luck!" she said, handing me the special keycard. "Thanks." I said.

I took the keycard, and went back to the stairs, where I climbed to the fifth level and swiped the special keycard through the terminal, and unlocked the steel doors, then entered the lower level of the penthouse. The guards there looked at me, shocked. "What are you doing here!?" they asked me.

I walked past them, and climbed the stairs to the sixth level, where Cyrus, a snow fox, was staring out the window. He heard me and turned around, one green eye and one blue eye staring at me intently. "What are you doing here!? You're not part of the security staff!" he said. I said nothing, and fired several shots from my laser pistol, which I drew at lightning fast speed. He had his pistol in his hand, having drawn it a split second after I drew mine and fired. He fell to the floor, dead. At the same time I had drawn and fired my gun, I tossed a smoke grenade over my shoulder, releasing a dark, noxious cloud. I heard coughing and gagging behind me, as the guards from the fifth floor choked on the smoke. They had followed me up the stairs, and were about to shoot me in the back before I could kill Cyrus, but they failed. It all happened so fast....

I holstered my gun, and climbed out the window, as per Misty's instructions. I climbed down to the fourth level, and climbed into the window as Misty helped me climb in. "Thanks babe, I got him! Let's get outta here!" I said. "Yeah!" Misty replied. She was back in her regular outfit again.

We ran down the stairs, Misty with her suitcase in hand. We ran past the security as they ran up the stairs. As we exited the penthouse, and entered the courtyard, the building security came up the stairs, guns held high, as the alarms sounded. They fired at me. "Come on!" Misty shouted, pulling me towards the space craft. I helped Misty into it, loaded her suitcase into it, then climbed in and slammed the door behind me, locking it.

Misty activated the controls, and we flew away to safety...

*that's it for this chapter*
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