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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 14

We landed back at CDF Headquarters, and Misty gave me the Missile Guidance System, to give to Peppy as per his request. He was glad to have it back. "Great job, Julius! Mr. Phoenix said I could count on you!" he wheezed. "Thank you! I couldn't have done it without Misty's help." I said. I collected the reward, and offered to split it with Misty.

"It's okay, Julius. You need it more than I do." she said. I told her that I was doing better, and that it was only fair that she take some of the money, or half of it. She politely took one third of it, and she, Peppy, and I got caught up on what we were all doing.

After the chit chat, Peppy said "Well, I have to get this device to the vault, and keep it safe. Julius, Misty, great to see you both again. I hope one day the team can come back.". "Same to you, and I agree about the team." I said. "Ditto." said Misty. We bade him goodbye, and then we left. Misty flew back to my mansion, and then as we parked in the driveway, she said "I'll keep this spaceship for a while, then sell it." she told me as we stood together in the driveway. I hugged and kissed her, but she pushed me gently away. "What!?" I asked in shock. "Sorry Julius, but we're not back together." she said.

"Why not!?" I asked.

"It's just over. It was fun, what we did together back there, but I'm sorry to say, we aren't back together. We might get back together one day, or maybe we'll each find someone else and be happy. But for now, we can't go back. But I hope the future is kind to you." Misty said. She hugged me, got back into the ship, and flew away.

"Well that sucks!" I said, walking back into my home.


After a very long bender on Zoness, drinking my money away and getting trashed on a long vacation, I passed out at the bar of one of the casino lounges. Someone sat on the stool to my right. "You look like you've seen better days, Julius!" said a familiar deep voice. I looked up, and turned to my right. "P-panther!?" I said. "None other!" said Panther Carosoe. He wore a red formal shirt, black suit pants, black blazer, and black loafers.

Leon sat down on my left, clutching a large margarita glass with a long straw protruding from it. He put his right hand on my shoulder, and sipped from the glass in his right hand. After hiccuping, he said "Hey-a Julsie!" as he spun drunkenly on the stool. He wore jean shorts and a brightly colored floral shirt.

Wolf walked in, wearing blue slacks, a white short sleeve button up shirt, and sandals. "There you are! We've been looking for you, Julius!" he said to me. "What do you three want?" I asked. "It's about what YOU want, Julius! How would you like a steady cash flow, and plenty of opportunities for fun, adventure, and the chance to make some new contacts!?" asked Wolf.

"I'm listening." I said. "We've seen you in action. We think you have potential, and we are restarting Star Wolf....but we could use a new pilot and mercenary! Interested?" Wolf said to me.

I thought about it...about joining Star Wolf, about how Team Star Fox was over, how I felt that they often treated me more like a servant than a team member, about how I was always getting hung out to dry (aka fired), the way that they had acted towards me in the last days, Misty not wanting to get back together with me...I could only take so much, especially since I thought that I might not get any more opportunities to make any money for a long time. I had to think about the future.

"I'll do it!" I said. The guys cheered. "Welcome to Star Wolf, Julius!" said Wolf. "Great to have you!" said Panther. "Nice to have some new blood, worthy of Star Wolf!" said Leon.

The next few weeks went by in a blur. I learned how to fly a Wolfen, got assigned Pigma's old Wolfen, and I even got a tattoo of Star Wolf's logo on my arm. We all worked together, doing secret and dangerous new missions all over the Lylat System and in other places, like Papetoon, and Kew.

Without Team Star Fox, I felt that my only other alternative to return to my old life was with Team Star Wolf. What a fool I was.

*that's it for this chapter*
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