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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 15

"....an explosion occurred at the armory section of the CDF Military Outpost in the City of Lostendamned Harbor! The suspects got away with multiple crated of weapons, explosives, and ammunition. The security footage was unable to record the identities of the suspects, but witnesses believe this to be the work of the infamous space pirates known as STAR WOLF. They are rumored to have taken on a fourth pilot, from planet Earth though this has yet to be confirmed...stay tuned for further details!" said the red news reporter vixen.

Wolf, Leon, Panther, and I cheered as we raised our mugs of beer in triumph. We were in the Dented Keg pub, a watering hole for criminals and scum alike. The whole place reeked of piss and stale alcohol. The beat up old tv monitor, outdated by Lylatian Standards, but still ahead of the curve by Earth standards showed the reporter, the damage done at the scene of the crime, and messed up security footage (that was courtesy of Leon and his laptop he used to hack into the surveillance server).

"We got a cargo ship to raid next. Some good stuff coming from Cerinia!" said Wolf. "They got everything from weapons, to technology, and valuable goods like precious stones and metals." said Leon. "Not to mention some of the finest fashion designs Cerinia has to offer in the line of exports!" purred Panther.

"They also got fine wines, cheeses, chocolates..." I said, fighting the urge to drool. "Oh yeah, I forgot about that!" said Panther. "Well what're we waitin' for!? Let's go!" I said, imitating Pigma's voice. "Don't imitate Pigma, Julius!" warned Wolf...

An hour or so later, we waited for the Cerinian cargo ship to pass our hiding spot near Sector Z. "There they are!" I said, seeing the cargo ship. We flew towards the ships, weapons blazing. It took a bit of getting used to with the Wolfen. It as definitely a pretty awesome fighter ship. Being built around the engine and around the gun, it allowed for better weapons accuracy, and more speed and maneuverability.

The dual twin lasers, superb g-diffusers, and handling made dog fighting exceptionally fun. My main problem was with the weaker shield than the Arwing, and the higher maintenance required for the Wolfen, not to mention the more expensive and more complicated engines and other workings of the Wolfens. Plus the Arwing had better pickup and more flexible maneuverability than the Wolfen. Oh well.

As we advanced on the Cargo ship, it suddenly stopped, and the front opened up. Fighter ships began pouring out of it.

"An ambush! Scramble and take 'em down, draw them into the wreckage and debris fields! Let's show 'em what Star Wolf is made of!" said Wolf. We did just that, splitting up and drawing the Cerinian Royal Guard forces into the debris fields, the mess of Sector Z providing excellent cover, yet a hazardous combat environment.

As we traded laser fire with the royal guard forces, We managed to take out a few guard ships, they fled back to the cargo ship. "This was a sting operation! They knew someone would try to raid the ship!" I said. "Well duuuh!" said Panther, taking out a royal guard fighter that was on my tail. "Wish we'd known it sooner!" grumbled Leon as he took out two royal guard fighters with a bomb.

"This isn't gonna be that easy!" said Wolf. "Whadd'ya mean!?" asked Leon. "Because Star Vixen set this up!" Wolf replied.

"Right you are, WOLF!" said Tigress over the comm channel, firing a bomb at Wolf. He pulled away as Tigress had said what she did, narrowly missing being blasted. "Playtime is over, STAR WOLF!" said Kylie. "You guys are space dust!" said Akasha, her Lightning Paw seeming to come out of nowhere. "We'll teach you to take on a Cerinian ship!" said Krystal. "Let's do this!" said Leon. "It'll be a pleasure!" said Panther.

"Akasha, Kylie, Tigress, and Krystal! Long time, no see!" I said, imitating Pigma's voice. "Julius!? What have I told you about that!?" said Wolf, angrily. "JULIUS!? You joined STAR WOLF!? You dick!" said Akaska. "You'll pay for that!" said Kylie. "Don't think we'll go easy on you, given our history!" said Krystal. "We'll kick your butt even harder for this!" said Tigress. "Bring it on!" I said.

The battle was about to begin...

*that's it for this chapter*
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