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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 17

I got ready to go...I was really behind on my payments...I still owed money for debts on my credit cards, there were medical bills, insurance bills....I had no choice but to go back to Star Wolf.

I headed back to the hideout and Wolf tossed me a bag filled with supplies. "We're going to Venom! There's still some old lab files by Dr. Andross there, and there are folks with lots of money who will pay top dollar for them, especially on Julius' planet, Earth!" Wolf declared to us.

"So why am I here again?" I asked Wolf. "I've cancelled your suspension. Temporarily. You'll make a lot of money on this, as will we all, and you need the money, Julsie." he replied. "Thanks." I said. As we got into our Wolfens, Panther stopped me and whispered "I got a bad feeling about this, Julius. I think Wolf has some sinister ulterior motive in mind for you." he warned. "I think so too." I replied.

"Just watch your back." he said.

We flew out towards Venom. When we arrived, we flew towards the burned remains of the entrance of Andross' Palace. "We're going in!" said Wolf. As we flew into the dark, complex corridors of the palace, we headed towards the area that housed the laboratories, in this vast honeycomb of a headquarters.

"I remember it being around here. Look sharp everyone! Word has it that other mercs and gangs want this stuff too. Plus the CDF is offering rewards for turning in these valuables caches of information to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. But we'll sell to the highest bidders." said Wolf.

"We just gotta beat the others to the breakfast table." said Leon.

"I can just imagine how great it will be to write our ticket with anyone over these!" said Panther.

"I hope this will be a milk run, but that might be asking for too much." I said.

"We have to strike now, and fast! Others are on their way, and we can't fail!" said Wolf.

We finally found the lab, and we landed. We put on our oxygen tanks and masks, and got out to find and gather the information, be they files on paper and in folders, or computer drives, both portable and hard...blueprints...we worked to gather up what we could. Wolf loaded the stuff into the Wolfens. For some reason he didn't load mine.

"There's not enough to fill all four of the Wolfens." he told me. My ass.

"That's all we can find, we better get outta here!" said Leon. "That should do quite nicely." said Panther. I joined the others, and we flew out of there. My Wolfen wasn't responding very well. Wolf didn't do such a great job repairing this thing.

"Keep up, Julius!" said Leon. "I'm trying, my controls aren't working very well." I complained. I swore I heard Wolf chuckling. "What's so funny?" I asked Wolf. "I'm not laughing. Just coughing. This Venomian air is lousy." he replied.

"We're gonna be rich once we secure these files." I said.

"Can't let you do that, STAR WOLF!" said Fox.

Star Fox appeared, with Star Vixen. Everyone from the old team was back, and flying toward us. "Gives us the files!" said Falco. "You're the wrong hands we don't want them to fall into you creeps!" said Slippy. "This will not stand!" said Krystal.

"You can't stop us! Star Wolf, pull out!" said Wolf.

The three Wolfens pulled away, but my Wolfen didn't respond to hyper drive. "Hey! I'm stuck!" I said. Wolf appeared on the monitor. "I've hijacked the controls to your Wolfen, Julius. Also, your Wolfen is packed with explosives. I'm turning your Wolfen into a guided missile. You're going to crash into the Galatae and explode, taking down Star Fox's flagship and provided us the ultimate escape. You have to to take one for the team, ONE LAST TIME! Cheerio!" Wolf smirked.

I tried to eject, but that feature didn't respond. I stared in horror as my Wolfen turned and flew upwards towards the Galatae up above.

"Shoot Julius down! We can't let him reach the Galatae!" said Tigress. "Isn't that a little harsh?" asked Fara, sticking up for me. "We have no choice. Sorry Julius." Todd said sadly. The others joined in and shot my Wolfen. "It's nothing personal Julius!" said Falco. "I understand." I said. My ship exploded, and tumbled to the surface....

*that's it for this chapter*
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