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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 18

I lay in the wreckage of my Wolfen. I looked out, and saw a red fox in sunglasses walk up to me. "Take my hand Julius." said James McCloud. I reached for his hand. "I can't reach!" I said. "Don't ever give up, Julius!" James told me. "You can overcome all of this, Julius. I believe in you." he said.

"I can't..." I said. "No such word." said James. "I've screwed up my life so badly." I said. "But it's not over. You don't want to fall any further. Time to climb up and out." said James. I finally reached out, and took his hand. He pulled, and I slid out of the cockpit remains. I fell to the ground, and watched as my Wolfen burned.

James smiled at me and said "I knew you could do it. Just like you can fix your life. Won't happen all at once, but time heals all wounds." he said, before fading away. I crawled away from my burning Wolfen, but stopped after dragging myself ten feet, the best that I could do. Small explosions went off in my wrecked fighter.

I then saw a wolf head for me. "Woooolllfff?" I said weakly. The wolf stood over me and said "Julius?" as he leaned close to my face. "Edge?" I said. "Yeah it's me. How did you get out of that!?" he asked, pointing to my wrecked and burning Wolfen. "James helped me." I said. "I dunno about that, but it's time to go." Edge scooped me up and shouted "I got him!" as I blacked out...

I woke up in the recovery room of the Galatae. Glad this ship was in tact. It probably would have withstood the attack anyway, but I was furious with Wolf. He used me as a sacrificial lamb, to stop Star Fox. Tigress checked up on me, and explained to me what had happened.

The caught Panther and recovered some files, but he wasn't talking, Wolf and Leon split up and got away. I was to stay in the recovery room, until we got back to Corneria. I would be transferred to a hospital, and possibly face criminal charges and a CDF Military Tribunal.

"I'm sorry it came to this, Julius." Tigress said, patting me.

I had a broken arm, a broken leg, several major lacerations, some compound fractures of the ankle. I had also lost a lot of blood. As I lay there in pain, Fay came in and gave me some painkillers. "Uuuugggghhhh!" I said.

"Relax, Julius, you'll be fine." she said.

"I wanna see him!" said Misty from outside the door. "No Misty, only Fox, Fay, or I see him!" Tigress said, presumably blocking the doors. "I don't care, I wanna tell him..." Misty's voice trailed off. "You can talk to him when we land! For now he needs his rest!" said Tigress. The two of them argued for several minutes, and Fay rolled her eyes and left the room.

I heard Tigress roar "DAMN IT, MISTY!" as Misty ran into the room. "She pushed right past me!" Fay said from outside the room. "I know, I'll get her!" said Tigress. Misty ran up to my bed, hugging and kissing me. "I'm so sorry Julius! I'm so sorry for everything! Please, please be all right! Please don't hate me!" she said, sobbing, tears streaming down her eyes. "I..." I tried to moan, but I passed out from the painkillers as I saw Tigress drag Misty out of the room, as she kicked and screamed.

I awoke, and waited for us to land as we entered Cornerian airspace. Panther was transferred off to prison, the files were submitted as evidence, and I was transferred to a hospital where I was treated for my injuries. The next few days went by in a blur. I was taken, in a wheelchair, into the CDF headquarters. My teammates spoke in my defense, and General Pepper presided over the whole thing. "I should have known it would be you in trouble again, Julius." he wheezed.

After all of the arguments, the plea bargains, the offer to use my freedom in exchange for files taken from Panther, I was released on a pardon. I was still on the hook financially, and I had to have my stuff taken from my Mansion. Todd, Edge, Falco, and Tigress moved my stuff into Todd's loft, as I watched the cops, and my creditors lock the gates to my mansion, and place "No trespassing" signs on the walls and on the gates. I sat in my wheelchair, looking sadly at the end of another chapter of my life.

My mansion looked forlorn, now that my creditors had seized it. My car, my Arwing, seized to pay some of my debts. I still owed a lot of money. About $140,000 credits. I was going to live at Todd's loft in the city. I would have to eventually file for bankruptcy. I was really depressed.

Misty spent the days comforting me. She did come back to me, and we were boyfriend and girlfriend again. Fox and the others said that would help me if they had the money, but they were all having many financial problems of their own. Todd and Lola barely made ends meet. Madame Vulpine was struggling to save her theater cafe. Conrad was helping her as best he could by working dangerous missions for the Corneria Intelligence Agency...

Misty couldn't find work anywhere and was living where she could, with whoever would take her in, usually a rich sugar daddy. But she had had enough of that life. Babs and Edge were living on and working at Fichina...Babs worked as a security consultant and private detective for the labor camps, Edge worked at those same labor camps, doing the grunt work.

Akasha, Tigress, Krystal, and Kylie were dealing with economic problems on Cerinia, and they were doing their best to prevent the collapse of their economy. Pal wasn't able to find work, and he told me how he used to have financial problems like mine. Silas was also losing out in the arms dealing, as there were tons of illegal smuggling out to Earth from the Lylat system, and the competition was too much for Silas.

Fara was out of a job again, Fay was working the free clinic and constantly overwhelmed, but it got so bad that the clinic closed due to budget cuts. Miyu lost her job, as did Tigress when the dealership closed. Katt was out of work...Fox and Falco were losing too many races, and Slippy was losing jobs as the factories closed. Even Krystal and her psychic readings business failed, due to lack of customers.

So it was agreed, we would form Team Star Fox again and stick together, while still trying to find work on the sides. But no more drifting apart, especially after what happened to me. Übervixen even paid us a visit, and wished e well. She said that her finances took a hit as well. Corneria and the Lylat System's economy was sinking, infected by Earth's rotten global economy. The team swore to each other out as best they could.

"You really been through a lot, Julius, sorry that you lost your home." said Todd. I nodded, as I looked out the window to the rows of lights from the passing vehicles in the streets, the highways, and the air traffic vectors chartered by the hovering markers.

"Need anything?" Todd asked me. "I'm fine, thanks." I said. Misty snoozed on my bed peacefully, as I sat in my wheelchair, to which I would be confined for several weeks, if not months. Todd left, and I wondered what lay in store for me next. I'd be missing several field operations with Star Fox, due to my injuries. But after my physical and financial recoveries, maybe then could my life get better after that.

*that's it for this chapter*
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