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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 19

After a long and painful recuperation, it was late spring. Summer would be on us soon, so I wanted to be ready for action. I got a visit from Lola one morning. "Hi Julius!" she said, strutting up to me and giving me a kiss. "You recovering okay?" she asked me. "I'm good to go, barely." I said. "Great! Listen...my brothers bought your car and your Arwing from the repo company, BUT...they need a favor from you." she said.

"What might that be?" I asked.

"They need you to infiltrate Don Marco Anathema's compound. He has a friend of our family held hostage in the basement. His name is Michael Mayes. Here's a bio on him." Lola explained, as she punched up a file on my computer.

Name: Michael Myes
Nickname: Mike
Age: 29
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 179 lbs
Eye Color: Crystal blue
Alignment: True Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: Arctic Fox
Fur color: White with blue markings, specifically around the ears and muzzle.

Personality: Michael's doesn't usually have a sense of humor, but when it shows, it shows. He maintains a grim demeanor and does not like to talk to people unless it's absolutely vital.

Home: Michael lives in his personal ship he acquired in a poker game. He takes it from contract to contract.

Family: Mother and Father killed as a child. Sister was mentioned to him, but never seen.

Weapons: He keeps two longswords strapped to his back as well as an Ultralight holstered on his belt.

Powers: He doesn't have any special powers.

History: Michael grew up with a difficult childhood, his parents have been killed when he was five years old right in front of him one night when a grizzled rat thief broke into their home. His parents were brutally slashed to death as they tried to stop the attacker. The thief fled into the night before Michael could do anything. Since he has grown up, he trained to become a bounty hunter, in hopes of one day finding that rat and enacting his revenge. There he met his best friend, Fox McCloud, who had taken some time to personally train him in the finer arts of hand-to-hand combat. They parted ways when they graduated the academy, in hopes of crossing paths again soon.

"He's being kept as a hostage in the basement of The Don, who has the only key to that basement holding room. He's a capo of an old, powerful, and dangerous mafia family. We don't want to get any f the Foxglove family hands dirty, nor do we want to risk any of our family on something like this. But fortunately, we have you, and an incentive to send you into this fracas.

You have to kill the Don, steal the key to the prisoner's room in the basement, and escape with the prisoner, both of you need to get out alive. Security there isn't exactly what you'd call 'lax', but the Don runs a tight ship, and if he's alarmed he might kill the hostage and attempt an escape. He has a high performance sports car in his garage, but his brother has the keys to it, so be careful if you choose to use the car as your means of escape. You may have to kill the Don's brother as well."

Lola showed me a map of the Don's compound, all floors, all areas inside and outside, pictures of the family, their staff, the car, and surveillance footage of the place from satellite view. The Don was a large tuxedo cat...with a mean, psychotic face. He was practicing golf swings with a titanium nine iron, on the balcony outside of his bedroom.

"People visit the mansion to pay their respects, bribes, or ransoms. We don't pay for ransoms, we collect on them! The Anathema Family is gonna answer for kidnapping our friend. Get him back for us!" Lola said. "You got it!" I said. Lola took me in Todd's Malestrom to a pizza restaurant that belonged to her family, a front.

I headed to the back, and Lola gave me a pizza delivery boy uniform to change into. She giggled at my uniform. "You look like a dork!" she laughed. "Oh, 'ha-ha', it's your family's restaurant that uses this uniform!" I replied to her as I handed her my old clothes. "It's a franchise, the corporates designed it." Lola replied. Danny pulled up in the limo. "Hey, you get Julius yet!?" he asked his sister Lola. He looked at me and laughed. "Okay Julius, get the pizza from the counter in the kitchen, it's already paid for, and heading for the Anathema Family's compound. Don't take weapons in from the outside, they will search you. But you can find a gun in the back study of that place, just don't get caught beyond the front foyer. Hope you memorized the map of the place!" he warned. I nodded.

"Joey! Drop Julius off with the pizza!" Danny said into the limo. "Lola, you go home, and thank you for getting Julius!" he said. Lola nodded, and said to me "Break a leg hon', I'll drop off your clothes with Misty, she's at our house now, and she'll give you them when you're done." she said. "Thanks!" I said.

I went into the pizza place, and got the pizza, then I headed back out to the alley, where Lola and Danny were gone, as were the limo and the Malestrom. But Joey was there, with a pizza delivery truck. He laughed at me when he saw my uniform. "I'd beat you up for wearing that, but you gotta do a job for us!" he chuckled moronically. "That makes two of us!" I said, looking at my ugly pizza delivery boy uniform.

I got into the truck, and Joey took me to the Anathema Family Compound, a lovely seaside Mediterranean Villa. Joey dropped me off and sped away, and I headed to the front gates.

"Hold it right there!" one of the guards said. He searched me for weapons, and made me open the pizza box. "Okay, go ahead." the guard said as he let me in. I took the pizza to the front doors of the mansion, and another guard stopped me. "Pizza delivery for..." I said, but the guard took the pizza, and the other guards on the porch and by the garage followed him inside. I caught the door before it shut and sneaked in as the maid followed the guards from the foyer, into the dining room. Two master stairs snaked up the sides of the foyer, up to a landing on the second floor, with a set of doors leading beyond...

All of these guards were tuxedo cats, like the Don. The maid was a tortoiseshell cat.

I sneaked in, took a left, and headed through a small sitting room, made my way though a library, a parlor and media room with a back staircase leading to the second floor. I went into the room beyond, and there was the study. I found a laser pistol on the desk, and extra power cells for it, which I pocketed with the gun. There was a back door leading outside, but I headed back to the media room, and up the back staircase. The Don waddled past me, towards his bedroom at the top of the stairs to my right, but I pulled out my gun and fired on him, killing him instantly. I also shot the nearby guard, killing him.

I ran over, took the Don's gun and the key to the basement room from him. I put my gun away, and held the Don's gun as I put the key in my pocket. I heard footsteps towards me. I ran to a set of doors opposite the Don't bedroom entrance, and passed a guard on my left. "HEY!" he shouted, but I shot him in the head, and ran to the set of doors farthest from me, across the room and slightly on my right.

I ran through a hallway, the doors to the foyer staircase landing on my right, and headed through another set of doors to an upstairs parlor and dining room. I made a left, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. I ran through the kitchen, and down the stairs to the basement.

I ran through the basement, and found a locked steel door. I unlocked the door, and found an arctic fox sitting in a chair in the room. "Who are you!?" he asked. "I'm here to help you!" I said, handing him the Don's gun.

Michael took the gun. "Thanks!" he said. "No prob'! Let's get outta here!" I said. As I turned to leave the room, I came face to face with the Don's brother, another mean looking tuxedo cat. "AAAAHHH!" we both said, as I fired my gun at him, killing him. I grabbed the keys from his belt. Michael fired several shots and killed the Don's son as he appeared out of nowhere and took aim with his gun. "Thanks!" I told Michael. "No problem!" he said, as he and I escaped out the back door of the basement. We made our way to the garage, got into the Don's car and drove away as the guards converged on the garage. I nearly ran over several of them.

I drove us out the gates, and to safety...

Hours later, we were at the meeting place (an old warehouse belonging to the Foxgloves)..."Here he is!" I said, helping Michael out of the car. "Good goin', kid!" said Danny. "You can keep the car, too. My gift to you!" I said. "Thanks." Danny replied, smiling. Michael handed me the Don's gun, but I gave it back to him, saying "Keep it, for your safety." I said. "Thanks." said Michael. "And thanks for rescuing me!" he said. "No problem!" I said.

"Yeah, thanks kid! Misty's gonna pick you up, and you two can drop off that pizza uniform at the pizza place. She has your car, and Todd dropped off your Arwing at McCloud Ranch." he told me. "Thanks Danny." I said. "No problem, kid. Joey's gonna take the Don's car to be chopped up for parts. You did good, kid. Take care!" he said, as he and Michael got into the limo, and it left the warehouse. Joey took the sports car, and Misty showed up and gave me my clothes to change back into. We kissed, then I drove us to the pizza place, dropped off the uniform, and we headed to McCloud Ranch. I saw my purple Arwing back in the hangar.

"Sweet!" I said, touching it gently. "That was nice of them to do this for me...giving me the opportunity to get this and my car back." I said. "Yeah, and I checked it out, did some maintenance, it's fine." said Miyu, wiping the grease from her hands. "Thank you!" I said, hugging her. "No problem!" she said, hugging me back. "It's good to have you back, Julius." Fox said to me. "Great to be back." I said.

Fox let me and Misty stay at McCloud Ranch. Todd's loft place was okay and all, but I needed to practice my flying again, and to be close by and ready for our next team missions.

*that's it for this chapter*
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