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Topic Started: Jun 13 2009, 10:32 PM (9,122 Views)
Deleted User
Deleted User

I'm sorry to say this, but this site is very dull and I can't seem to stand being the only one on all the time...

So, I might just not come here that often... Later... <_<
Deleted User
Deleted User

Then just leave your laptop/computer at home. :-/
Deleted User
Deleted User

Then leave everything that you know will use the wifi connections at home so you don't have to pay while on the trip.
Deleted User
Deleted User

I wasn't on at all yesterday due to my graduation. Sorry if I missed anything, which I know I didn't miss much.
Deleted User
Deleted User

Hey guys and gals,
Some of you may or may not know me, but if you don't/do, then that's alright.

Anyways, the reason why I'm typing this is because I honestly have lost interest in this site. Mostly because it's not active, I've lost interest in RP'ing, and it's just... "Not alive." So, I'm just going to say later and I may or may not lurk around.

Until then, stay gold!

~Harmony Descent~
Deleted User
Deleted User

Ok, I just received the SFG newsletter just a minute ago, and I just have to address this to get it off my chest. I've wanted to say it, but I don't want to be the downer on here, so here goes.

I don't have any use being on this site. Simply put, it's EXTREMELY boring here for me. Others may, and will, disagree, but this is just how it seems for me. It may or may not have to be with me growing away from roleplaying and all that stuff, but this site just does not appeal to me in the slightest anymore.

Now, like I said, I hate to be the downer on this site and I applaud Redfox for TRYING to bring this site back up to speed, but I'm just not seeing much use for me being here - like I said before, others may or may not agree. I've done a few roleplays on here - I guess - and neither were successful; I've only had ONE that actually was completed and had the tone I wanted for it, and it was on another site.

Now, I love some of you guys and some of you might not see the same way towards me. But, regardless, I need to move on to better things. I will NEVER dislike Star Fox since I basically grew up with it and a few other franchises, but I still have hope for the SF franchise.

With that, I leave. May everyone have a great day and I'll see you in the future!


Deleted User
Deleted User

Where is it boring? Now, this is my views, so don't take them personally: Majority of the topics I look at. It's either I don't have any reason to post on them or I just get on to read them - that's it.

As far as RP goes, the only RP's I've found that I can only do are stuff like wars and shit (Pardon my language). I dunno, but that's just about the only thing I can think of and it bores me that I can't think of anything else that would interest me in the slightest bit. For instance, some of you know that Starzone RP I did back on SF-O (you know who you are) and how much I was into it. Aside from it, I started ANOTHER RP that I loved and a bunch of people just dropped out, thus causing me to pull the plug on it - which I still wish could have been finished. So, yeah, I don't have any good RP's to think of doing besides stuff like wars, cloning, guerilla warfares, post-apocalyptic stories, but those have already been done and I wanted to do something different.

So, I may just lurk around and read topics on here, but that's just about it. IF I do manage to post something, it MAY be an RP, or it may not. I have grown away from RP'ing, but I still have my moments where I need to let it out.
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