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characters of mine
Topic Started: Jul 6 2010, 04:18 PM (254 Views)
Amethyst 10
Member Avatar
tyler's (from SF-O) sister.
Name:Amethyst Tarcam




Weight:125 lbs

Eye Color: dark blue


Hair Description:very... unique. has hair that is about medium in length

Fur Color/Fur Pattern:black muzzle,hands ect.,tail slowly changes from her torso's normal color(white) to black about 3/4 of the way down her tail

Vocal Description:quiet(unless yelling)and a little high pitched

Body Description:(?)

Attire/Appearance:black boots, shin-high socks, a skirt(sometimes), pants(sometimes),bra(obviously),shirt with purple hearts, a shirt with a purple skull in the middle, shirt with black and gray flowers, and pink broken hearts.

Family:none known


Good/Bad:depends on the job

Theme Song:-


Current Location/Residence:unknown

Training/Specialties/Skills:everything, and the workings of love

Special Markings:explained in the fur color/patterns

Personality:can be cryptic, sneeky, secretive,loyal,out going,anti social, shy,timid,loving, nice, affectionate,and mean.

Name:Allison Fox




Weight:114 lbs

Eye Color:hazel


Hair Description:varies, yellow.

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: mostly yellow, with orange stripes along her back, and tail

Vocal Description:sounds like she would be one of the "cool" girls

Body Description: slender. flexible


Family:Felicity Fox(Sister), Maria Fox(sister), Kaylee Fox(mother), Jack fox(father), George fox(grandfather).

Occupation: Mechanic

Theme song: Gravity hurts ( http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gravity+hurts&aq=f)

Good/Bad:not aligned


Current Location/Residence: Western Corneria, District 04

Training/Specialties/Skills:Telepath ,Teleporter ,Phantom capability, unusually fast learner, Gymnastics, Machine maintenance, and inventor.

Special Markings:Orange Stripes.

Personality:kind of sneaky, out going, happy, full of life.

Name:Halie Fursonn(FUR-son)





Eye Color:hazel

Species:Snow leopard

Hair Description:sometimes messy, but usually not. long, golden white, almost silver

Fur Color/Fur Pattern:White with light blue spots

Vocal Description: loud, high toned, yet kinda medium pitched

Body Description:Curvy, but not TOO curvy

Attire/Appearance:seen wearing bluejeans,skirts,miniskirts, and others.
dresses, tank tops, halter tops,T-shirts, Zip-up hoodie, hoodie.
shoes, preferably her custom made ones.

Family:Father- Jeff Fursonn, mother- Alexandria Fursonn
Boy friend- Nick Hamafeck
Occupation:CO of a clothing franchise.


Theme Song: All I ever wanted http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3CxhBIrBho


Current Location/Residence:privately owned Beach house, and a house that's on a Cliff on Fichina


Special Markings:weird marking on her ankle.

Personality: can be quite rude, but is actually very pleasant once you get thorough to her.

Name:Nick Hamafeck



Height: 6'2"

Weight:134 LBs

Eye Color:purple

Species: Snow Leopard

Hair Description:pointy

Fur Color/Fur Pattern:white with light blue spots

Vocal Description:gruff

Body Description:heavy build, some fat as you go down

Attire/Appearance:black.just black.

Family:none known



Theme Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWgJRZGEw68


Current Location/Residence:privately owned Beach house, and a house that's on a Cliff on Fichina with Halie

Training/Specialties/Skills:good BF, artist

Special Markings:none

Personality:dark, almost saddening, but is cheerful around friends ,and more so with Halie.

Other info:meh[edit_reason]Adding character[/edit_reason]
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