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TheRedFox8's Characters; Behold my glory!
Topic Started: Jul 12 2010, 10:30 PM (767 Views)
Deleted User
Deleted User

Okay, here.

Name: Fukukuru "Fox" Kokeyusu
"All it takes is a steady hand, then BAM! My quarry is dead."

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Race: Anthro fox.

Empire: None. Fox is a free lancer. He can work for anybody and everybody as long as he gets paid.

Occupation: Professional sniper. When he makes a quarry, he never rests until it is dead. He wanders the galaxy, looking for a contract.

Physical Description: His fur color is a light red orange, with the usual black tip on his ears. His eyes are amber, with the pupils as slits, just like real foxes. He is not very tall, however, yet he is light. His tail is the same deep light orange color with the tip ending with a small ring of black before it ends in white. On his muzzle, it is its usual color, yet he has a small black triangular shaped mark running from the middle of it down the side. On his right eyebrow, there are three long pieces of red hair that he is fond of. He wears a simple green t-shirt under a red long sleeved shirt. His armor covers that. He wears light cloth brown pants with, of course a hole in the back for his tail.

Mental Description: Fox is usually very quiet. He simply doesn't feel the need to speak. Whenever he has a conversation, he listens intently and has very few remarks. He always bottles his emotions, and lets them out only when he feels the need to. After all, he is a hunter, not a crybaby. Whenever he receives a contract, he carries it out without hesitation. His glaring weakness is that he goes into a blinding rage whenever someone tries to pet him or ruffles his fur. He will give a warning, but his fur is so soft because he takes good care of it, that it is hard for anyone to stop. This has gotten him in trouble on numerous occasions.

Weapons: Fukukuru uses his favorite sniper rifle, a huge green Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Police (AI AWP 7,62) 7.62x51 sniper rifle that hangs from his back. This rifle is equipped with a laser-guided scope, which helps with his precision. He wears a special amber colored eyepiece that lets him see various target information such as target distance and wind speed. He can switch on a laser pointer that is attached to his gun, simply to frighten his targets when they see a red dot on their chest and then suddenly nothing. He doesn't wear much armor, only a suit of leather so he has maximum mobility. Whenever combat gets close, he has a vibro-katana that he isn't as proficient in as his rifle, but he still uses it with deadly precision.

Vehicles: Fox usually gets places sneaking aboard ships. He doesn't have on of his own, however he is saving up for a good small two or three-person ship.

History: Fox's family was killed when he was but a young kit. The invaders then captured him and then he was put to work as basically a slave to the humans. This infuriated him, but he complied since he was raised to be polite. His family called him his real name, Fukukuru, but the humans simply called him Fox. As of now, he is rarely called Fukukuru anymore. It is too hard to pronounce for some people. Soon, his slave owner (he refused to call him "master") started to force him to use guns to kill people. Fox never had done this before, and he was terrible at aiming. Through years of beating and hateful comments, he gradually became what he is today. His preferred weapon of choice was the sniper rifle, since he has unusually steady hands. Later, his slave owner was killed in a raid, and Fox, seeing this a perfect opportunity to flee, did so. Since then, he has earned money as a bounty hunter, sneaking aboard ships to get to places he needs to go. As of now, he is trying to save up to buy a ship of his own.

(copied from another RP site I used to hang out at :t:P:
Deleted User
Deleted User

Name: Kineto (kee-NAY-toe) Furunishi

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 106 lbs

Eye Color: Green

Species: Red Fox anthro

Hair Description: Kineto doesn't have a head of hair that humans have. He isn't bald, of course, just a normal furred head.

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: His fur color is the same as any red fox, though one might comment how rich-colored it is. His tail's color ends with black then the usual white tip.

Vocal Description: His voice has no particular quirks. He has an "American" accent.

Body Description: His body has nothing out of the ordinary except for a cybernetic eye implant in his right eye. He has a lean, strong build. His hands are very dexterous, which is why he got his job, see below.

Attire/Appearance: He usually keeps himself well-groomed, which explains the richness of his fur color. He is usually found in his medical vestments, with a little pin on the collar that shows his profession.

Family: He knows little about his family. The city he was born in was attacked and he was barely saved by the CDF before a bombshell dropped on his house. He does not know if they are alive to this day.

Occupation: The only medical officer aboard the CDS (Cornerian Defense Ship) Erk.

Good/Bad: He is good aligned. He would think nothing of murdering innocents.

Theme Song: (optional)

Birthplace: He can recall being born on the planet Corneria, though he doesn't know for sure.

Current Location/Residence: The CDS Erk.

Training/Specialties/Skills: He is exceptionally good with his hands, which makes him ideal for his medical profession.

Special Markings: Having looked all over, he knows of no special markings.

Personality: He is usually quiet, not establishing any relationships with any of his patients. He knows the mental hardships of making the mistake of making friends with a patient, then losing him during the procedure.

Other than that, he exhibits a friendly attitude. He and the ship's AI usually quarrel, but Erk is the only one he can really talk to, since he really can't die.

Strengths: His medical ability is unparalleled.

Weaknesses: Having seen little combat, he is practically useless in combat. He has a sidearm, but he barely knows how to use it. His body is a little frail, so his body can't take much punishment before losing consciousness. His right eye implant occasionally malfunctions and he has to have the ship's AI, Erk, fix it for him.
Deleted User
Deleted User

Posted Image

Note: This character will be used in Kid_Cortet's College setting. This is the future version of himself, but I will be playing him "in the past."

Name: APR-04162009 "Ryoohki"

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 105

Eye Color: Red-orange

Species: Red Vexan

Hair Description: He has no top hair, just long, bushy, bangs.

Fur Color/Fur Pattern His fur coloring is normal for Red Vexans.

Vocal Description: His voice has a light, airy tone to it.

Body Description: Ryoohki is of average height and slim.

Attire/Appearance: Ryoohki is not very tall, standing at only 5' 3''. His fur color is that of a blazing sunset and he has a second tail. His eyes are a deep green color that have a special blaze behind them upon close observation. He stands with a regal appearance, and has a great posture. He usually wears a black long-sleeved shirt and brown pants. He wears a white cloak, mostly to cover the bulge in his pants, but he also thinks it looks cool. Around his neck lies an oversized red scarf that comes close to reaching the floor when he stands. He wears a pauldron, an armor piece for the shoulder, on his right shoulder. He knows that it won't protect him much, but, again he thinks it looks cool. Hanging on his back is his LSR-1200, his beloved sniper rifle. He uses it with deadly accuracy.

Armament: Primary: LSR-1200 "Hunter" Sniper Rifle/ Secondary: SMA-380 "Standard" Laser Pistol

Family: Ryoohki only has a test tube parent, so he really has no one that he can call "family."

Occupation: Ryoohki leads his own team, the Stormblades, and is a master pilot

Good/Bad: You would call him "Chaotic Good"

Theme Song: (optional

Birthplace: Cornerian Imperial General Hospital, Corneria

Current Location/Residence: He currently roams around the Lylat System aboard his ship, The Red Dawn

Training/Specialties/Skills: As said earlier, he is a master pilot, and captain of The Red Dawn

Special Markings:

Personality: Ryoohki usually tries to greet most everyone he meets with a smile, because he wants people to think fondly of him. He is sometimes arrogant, but he is usually nice. He can exhibit a carless attitude, but he can get very serious. He is very self conscious about his second tail, and he prefers not to talk about it because he fears that the person will think ill of him, just like most others have done in the past.

History: Ryoohki's birth was unusal. He was not born the traditional way, but he was an experiment performed by a team of three Lupos to try to build the ultimite Lupo by activating only the good genes and leaving the bad ones out. All was going fine, until, at the very end, they put in the wrong race gene. They accidently put in a Vexan gene instead of a Lupo gene. By the time they realized their mistake, It was too late. The deed had been done. They tried to fish it out, but they only caused the gene to malfunction. They were unsure on what would happen if this child were to be born, and they decided to destroy it the next morning, since it was extremely late and they were tired anyway.

However, that night somebody, an employee of the lab, broke into the lab to steal some valuable equipment. That person noticed the the container where the mix of genes and other cells and realized immediately what it was. Needless to say, the only thing stolen that night was that container.

That person found a willing mother, and the child, Ryoohki, was born. When the doctors saw him for the first time, however, they were shocked to find that he had a second tail, which was the result of the lab accident. His "mother" accepted this deformation.

Because of the accident, Ryoohki found himself to have quicker reflexes, faster speed, and a much better eyesight than the people around him.

Mostly because of his second tail, Ryoohki grew up scorned by nearly everyone. He was hated at school, hated by most of his "mother's" family members, and hated by the general populace. To help cope with this, he decided to stuff the extra tail, the left one, in his pants, but this just left a huge bulge. To counter that, he decided to wear a white cloak to help cover that up. Still, a careful observer could spot that his tail was slightly off center, but most observers don't notice that anyway.

Once known by his real name, APR-04162009, he wanted a name for himself. He came up with his present name, and he used that for all his personal information. Recently, he decided to leave Corneria and explore the rest of the Lylat System. He bought his ship, the Red Dawn, and wanted to gather up the crew necessary. His crew shall be known as the Stormblades.
Deleted User
Deleted User

Posted Image

Note: This is her future self. She is being "used in the past" in Kid_Cortet's College setting.

Name: Jade Suniwayu

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: You really want to ask her that?

Eye Color: Crimson

Species: Arctic Vexan

Hair Description: She has no special top hair, though it is ruffled up a bit.

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: White

Vocal Description: Her voice leans toward the "cute and high-pitched" side of the spectrum, especially when she gets excited.

Body Description: She is normal-sized and slim. She's a bit more athletic-looking than the average female Vexan, though

Attire/Appearance: She normally wears a dark red turtleneck sweater with jeans.

Family: She doesn't remember ever having a family. She was left to die in a dark alleyway one night because her mother couldn't afford her.

Occupation: She is the navigator of the Stormblades team.

Good/Bad: Good. We hope.

Theme Song: (optional)

Birthplace: She doesn't remember.

Current Location/Residence: The ship The Red Dawn

Training/Specialties/Skills: She is a skilled navigator, but she sometimes tends to outperform even Ryoohki, her captain. He doesn't take too well to this.

Special Markings: She has red birthmarks near her eyes that she doesn't know how they got there.

Personality: Jade has a secret crush on Ryoohki, which he knows of but is in denial of it. She is very shy, but once she knows that her surroundings are safe and comfortable, she comes out more.
Deleted User
Deleted User

Before you read this one, excuse my language :P

Posted Image

Name: Viyxl

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 114

Eye Color: Amber

Species: Red Fox

Hair Description: Medium-sized brown

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Has no special pattern, it is normal for what he is.

Vocal Description: His voice stems from being the young playful yet snide type. He is quick to come up with a sly remark.

Body Description: He is of average and slim build. No, he doesn't usually run around shirtless for obvious reasons.

Attire/Appearance: Besides the attire shown in the picture above, he likes to wear baggy clothes. Not too baggy as to end up looking like a shitbag, but he likes loose-fitting clothing.

Family: He hails from an average family, and had a happy life living with them until it came time for college. His mother works as a researcher and his father is dead. He was killed protecting his family from a group of thieves.

Occupation: He is currently a student at Corneria College and had no job prior.

Good/Bad: He is what you would call "good-aligned," but he can be a dickhead sometimes.

Birthplace: Sauria. Yeah, imagine that.

Current Location/Residence: A dorm room on campus

Training/Specialties/Skills: He is very handy with a wrench, and not bad at writing.

Special Markings: He thought he found one, but it was a patch of dirt. He was saddened by this. He always wanted to find a special marking.

Personality: Vixyl is a happy-go-lucky fox with a bright attitude, but very shy when it comes to meeting new people. He harbors a deep secret he never tells except to those he trusts most. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and will even stick his neck out for them.
Deleted User
Deleted User

Posted Image

Name- Sapphire

Age- 22

Height- 5' 7"

Weight- 113 lbs.

Eye color- Crystal blue

Alignment- Chaotic Good

Sex- Female

Species- Anthro Red Fox

Fur Color- Normal red fox coloring, with the glove and socks being black-colored.

Personality- Sapphire is a fiery fox with a daredevil attitude on life. When she grows excited, her eyes emit a strange glow that burns with the passion of adventure. She never turns down a good challenge and she hopes to find a mate one day who shares the same suicidal beliefs she does. She is normally careful not to offend anybody, but she is a little brash on her choice of words. She is also very friendly and outgoing, and quick to make friends. Usually she looses them quickly because of her careless attitude. This usually makes her angry, which is something you would want to avoid.

Appearance- She is of average size, with a muscular build. She is normally seen wearing turtleneck sweaters with loose-fitting jeans. A wraparound bandage is worn on her right arm and she refuses to tell anyone about it. She wears leather gloves on her paws and comfortable shoes.

Hometown- Corneria College Campus, Building E, Room 348

Bio- Sapphire's family was a humble one. However, Sapphire was not so humble, putting her neck on the line every waking moment to see how far she could improve on her favorite stunts. She killed her own father with a heart attack performing her latest stunt yet, and her mother died of natural causes. Her sister died of an early genetic disease. Frustrated that she couldn't get a job as an uneducated daredevil, she sets out to get her college degree, hoping to join the Cornerian Military to satiate her ever-growing desire for danger and excitement.

Boriche: Father, 82, deceased
Monique: Mother, 65, deceased
Alma: Sister, 12, deceased
Blade: Brother, 20, Whereabouts Unknown, presumed deceased

Weapons- She keeps a hidden blade strapped around her ankle under her jeans. She keeps a healthy armament at her former home before moving into her dorm.

Vehicles- Suzuki Hayabusa Motorcycle

Posted Image
Top Speed: 186 mph (with electronic speed limiter); approximately 203 mph (with bypassed speed limiter)

Other- She tends to scratch behind her ears with her own foot sometimes.
Vixie Darkmatter
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Why am I the first person other than Fox to post here?

These are some awesome characters, along with some cute pictures too. Great detail. Keep it up.
Deleted User
Deleted User

TBH, I don't know why...

Thankies for the compliments! :3
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The OFFICIAL Player of Marcus on SFG
Interesting as to how Blade fits in with Sapphire xD
Deleted User
Deleted User

I put that in to put things on a twist. I hope you're okay with it.
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That is fine as long as I can put my own sense of drama to it lol
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Posted Image

Name- Überguard

Age- He dares you ask.

Height- Pig foot- chicken.

Weight- As much as he needs to be.

Eye color- No one has gotten close enough to get a good look.

Alignment- Chaotic Badass

Sex- Yes please

Species- Supreme Being

Fur Color- He has no fur.

Personality- Überguard does things for the hell of it. He is not the one to talk to, unless you want the Holy-like phrase "bleh" hurtled at you.

Appearance- He has the majesty of a Frenchman with a leather helmet and leather armor that looks as though it was hastily thrown on. He has a big mustache he likes to twirl in his fingers.

Hometown- Anywhere that he can take from you.

Bio- Überguard created all of Creation, but didn't like it. So he destroyed it and made it again. This cycled for three thousand times. He is not the one to mess with unless you want your shin kicked and shatter like a pane of glass that has had a brick thrown through it.

Family- He is is own family, relatives, and friends.

Weapons- He and his plastic shin.

Vehicles- An Army-grade M1 Abrams tank is his Sunday car.
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Vixie Darkmatter
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A supreme being? This could turn into a fair fight. Hey Andross, get your monkey butt over here and look at this.

There we go, two supreme beings that don't want to die, and Andross has no shins. :P
Deleted User
Deleted User

That is why he has a plastic one. He affixes it to an object or creature with no shins, and kicks it. It even works on spaceships.
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