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Julius Quasar's FC's
Topic Started: Jul 29 2010, 06:35 PM (2,782 Views)
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Name: Todd McCloud

Age: (6 years younger than Fox)

Gender: Male

Height: 5 foot 9 inches

Weight: 160 lbs.

Eye Color: Golden Brown

Species: Red Fox

Hair Description: thick, red, long, curly

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: red and orange

Vocal Description: scratchy voice

Body Description: average

Attire/Appearance: Black boots, Black trousers, charcoal grey t-shirt, spiked choker collar, and either a denim jacket with scary hardware and scary patches attached to it, or a black leather vest like Maurice's vest in the movie "Little Monsters".

Family: Cousin of Fox McCloud, husband of Lola Foxglove

Occupation: Pilot/mercenary for hire, leader of Nebulae Fox Team, a subsidiary of Star Fox

Good/Bad: Good (antihero)

Theme Song: "Irresponsible" by Voltaire or "Problem Child" by The Beach Boys

Birthplace: Corneria (slums)

Current Location/Residence: McCloud Hall, an opulent mansion outside of Corneria City, on the sea coast.

Training/Specialties/Skills: Cornerian Defense Forces Pilot Academy graduate, martial arts training.

Special Markings: faint scars on him from various beatings inflicted on him from his abusive parents

Personality: A good guy at heart, brave, clever, but acts like a jerk, has a weak constitution, a smart mouth, a bad temper, poor impulse control, OCD, impatience, post traumatic stress from a troubled past/abusive childhood, and is a former alcoholic. Speaks his mind, marches to his own beat, a loner. Very reliable, hides a sensitive side behind a touch front. High potential, but low discipline. Surprisingly loyal and true, but can be naive sometimes.

Other info: Bad at technical stuff, good at finding stuff, not physically strong, good pilot, good instincts, notices things others tend to miss.

Weapons: Combat Knife, High end custom compact double action laser pistol, select fire semi/full auto hyper laser collapsible assault rifle (on a sling), high end compact EMP pistol.

Vessel: The Malestrom. Resembles the Millennium Falcon, minus the side tower and satellite dish, is more stream lined, had dual lasers, an EMP cannon, ZVF function, a cloaking device, nova bomb launchers, hidden smuggling compartments, a barrier shield, but overall it's it is slow, with sluggish handling. Has 2 front seats, and 6 retractable rear seats.
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Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Name: Lola Foxglove

Age: same as Todd

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: "None of your business! Hmph!"

Eye Color: Silver

Species: Red Vixen

Hair Description: Red, short "Bob" style

Fur Color/Fur Pattern red, with orange tinge

Vocal Description: Low, sultry, seductive voice, reminiscent of Kathleen Turner's or Uma Thurman's voices

Body Description: Svelte, curvy

Attire/Appearance: Black Leotards, crimson over-bust corset with shoulder straps, black boots, black leg garter, fishnet stockings, long crimson hooded cape OR a crimson military-style jacket, low profile high-end voice modulating secure channel communication headset.

Family: The Foxglove Crime Family (250,000 relatives, and growing), Todd McCloud, husband, Fox McCloud, cousin in law.

Occupation: Showgirl, singer, dancer, actress, model, performer/entertainer, mercenary and pilot

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: "A Dark March", by Danger Mouse (GTA: Liberty City Stories Theme)

Birthplace: Corneria

Current Location/Residence:McCloud Hall

Training/Specialties/Skills: Showgirl, singer, dancer, actress, model, performer/entertainer, mercenary and pilot, seductive, charismatic, can imitate any voice in the universe perfectly; Beautiful, smart, clever, fast, stealthy, furtive, calculating, brave. Good pilot, unarmed combat skills, great cook, and great shot (Vessel and Weapons), surprisingly strong. Guerrilla and Survivalist Skills, sabotage, espionage, covert ops. Lola is also a ventriloquist, and hypnotist...and a mistress of disguise.

Special Markings: Wears lots of makeup, has a "beauty mark" on her cheek.

Personality: A real rogue, Lola is a mad, sneaky, sociopath. She is smart, conniving, clever, and great at manipulation. She loves getting men to do what she wants them to. She is possessive, protective, jealous, and nearly mentally unstable. She's wilder than Todd. She is very amorous, flirtatious, but also very controlling.

Other info: A wild girl, Lola came from a VERY wealthy and influential, but extremely dysfunctional, mafia family...Lola is a spoiled, rebellious princess, but also a fierce warrior, and a Machiavelli genius at schemes. She fell in love with Todd, and followed him around, even tried to join the same school as him...when they both graduated from school, Lola followed Todd to the Cornerian Fighter Pilot Academy, Graduated with him, and convinced him to date her. After a rocky relationship, Todd and Lola broke up. Lola has worked as a showgirl at casinos in Zoness, a Cabaret Performer, a dancer, singer, actress, model, magician's assistant, and a mercenary, until she was blacklisted from the entertainment industry. Lola is a negative influence on anyone unfortunate enough to encounter her. However, Lola once saved Todd's life, after they broke up. Lola and Todd are now happily married.

Weapons: Select-fire Semi/Full automatic High Quality Hyper-Laser Pistol (MP-7 style), Dagger, Fiber Wire Garrote hidden in a disguised jeweled necklace, poison chambered black jeweled ring (flip top).

Vessel: "The Encore", A customized/reprogrammed Androssian Harlock Class Frigate, with a barrier shield added to it. Lola has also repainted and redecorated it; its decor: the exterior, crimson, and the skull on the side replaced with theater masks, the (tragedy-comedy masks)...inside are curtains in a pseudo stage proscenium arch the ship's cabin archway that can open and close that conceal the back area of the cabin, dark red walls, black trim, black [padded] floor, Casbah lantern with shatter-proof stained glass (on a stiffened, secure chain), dark red and dark purple pouf chairs (securely fastened), plenty of small pillows (secured in a gossamer net on the floor) copies of great artwork, and small posters of theater and dance performance plays stuck on the walls...
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Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Name: Feneris "The Edge" O' Donnell

Age: Todd's age


Height: 6'4"

Weight: 250 lbs

Eye Color: Blue

Species: Wolf

Hair Description:

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Grey with silver tinges/streaks

Vocal Description: soft spoken

Body Description: Towering, Muscular (Slightly)

Attire/Appearance: Work Pants, Steel Toe Boots with Steel Plates/Shanks, wife-beater-style-shirt, Black Jacket.

Family: None.

Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary For Hire


Theme Song: "Livin' on the Edge" by Aerosmith

Birthplace: Zoness

Current Location/Residence: Zoness

Training/Specialties/Skills: street smart, fighting skills, weapons skills, fighter pilot skills

Special Markings: none

Personality: Similar to that of Arthur Fonzerelli, or one of James Dean's character(s), an angry, cool, soft spoken rebel. Very street wise. Edge is independent, the epitome of cool, cares not what others think of him. Speaks his mind. A nonconformist. Strong, brave, cool, collective, calculating, smart, Loner, bad temper, chip on his shoulder, has "boundary issues", too macho (but in a subtle way).

Other info: Edge is [allegedly] the illegitimate son of Wolf O' Donnell. He grew up in orphanages, foster homes, as a juvenile delinquent and a problem child. His life was straightened out in the Cornerian Army when he served in the Ground Support Unit. After he served in the Cornerian Army, he attended and graduated from the Cornerian Fighter Pilot Academy. He was pardoned of all crimes as a minor, and an adult, by taking up Bounty Hunter and Mercenary For Hire work for the Cornerian Government, which is how he fell into that lifestyle of mercenary for hire.

Weapons: Brass Knuckles, Rechargeable Blaster Pistol, Combat Knife with Skull Crusher, Custom Laser Sniper Rifle that packs into a small suitcase (like the W2000 Sniper Rifle) and is carried in Edge's backpack.

Vessel: Customized Wolfen 2 Fighter. (Edge stole the blueprints and schematics, and built his own.)
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Name: Akasha (Roxanne) Sharavan

Age: ??? (Krystal's age, presumably)

Gender: Female

Height: 4' 7" (I know, tiny, huh?)

Weight: She's...very light, let's leave it at that.

Eye Color: Large, round, yellow eyes

Species: Smoke Persian Cat

Hair Description: short, dark

Fur Color/Fur Pattern dark, long silky fur with thick white/silver fur undercoat

Vocal Description: High, somewhat whiny

Body Description: Small, stout, wiry (she's a runt)

Attire/Appearance: Pilot Flightsuit, Pilot Boots, Pilot Cowl with her ears sticking through it, Pilot Goggles, Ornate Flight Scarf

Family: Both parents are dead, her father was the mayor of Katina city and he and his wife were killed in a limo accident disguised as an assassination by Akasha's dad's political enemies. Akasha survived the wreck as a kitten. Akasha is married to Kylie Buranetto now, and they have a daughter together, named "Roxanne".

Occupation: Technician, mechanic, computer hacker, scientist, Bounty Hunter for hire

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: "I Found my Way" by Sally Dworsky

Birthplace: Katina

Current Location/Residence: Katina, Corneria...

Training/Specialties/Skills: VERY fast, agile, clever. Expert at technology, bombs, booby traps, sabotage, espionage, survival, and unarmed combat. Skilled engineer, scientist, technician, mechanic, and computer/electronics hacker. Studied science as a gifted student under the tutelage of Dr. Andross (before he went bad).

Special Markings: None.

Personality: Akasha's upbringing turned her into a paranoid, spooky, crazy, angry, antisocial hermit. She suffers from abandonment issues, if she is left behind by those she loves or depends on, she gets destructive and violent. She has trust issues, and is fearful of her own shadow. However, this fear can trigger very good fight AND flight responses, making her a fierce fighter. Not physically strong. Not big (a runt). Paranoid. Generally antisocial. Crazy. Gets ill easily/frequently. For some reason, she likes to stare at someone while they're in the shower.

Other info: Akasha's parents were killed in a supposed vehicle "accident", although many, including Akasha, suspected foul play. Akasha was a baby at the time, riding with her parents when they crashed. Akasha witnessed her parent dying right in front of her. Akasha was put up for adoption, and her foster father committed suicide, right in front of her, her foster mother mother neglected her, leaving Akasha alone for days at a time in her Katina home. Akasha's foster mother dated a violent, abusive thug boyfriend who abused and tortured Akasha for years. At age 18, Akasha was [sexually] assaulted by an older male feline, who then beat her up and left her for dead. To this day, no one knows who he was.

Akasha served in the Cornerian Military, and when General Pepper himself saw Akasha's intelligence and potential, she was conscripted to and graduated from the Cornerian Fighter Pilot Academy. She then flew in Katina's Air Force under Bill Grey's mentorship. After the Katina Base Battle, and the Androssian Wars, Akasha suffered mental trauma, and post traumatic stress syndrome. Akasha spent time in and out of asylums. She is currently out of the asylum, now.

Akasha never rejoined the military, despite her "Honorable Discharge" after the Androssian Wars, but she has worked as a bounty hunter for hire. Akasha's real first name is Roxanne, but her foster mother changed it to "Akasha". The name stuck.

(In an alternate reality, Krystal adopts Akasha as a step sister, even though Akasha is an adult.)

Weapons: (2) Titanium Retractable Claws strapped to her forearms, they are similar to Wolverine's, except hers are removable from her forearms, and made of titanium. High Quality compact customized laser pistol. Personal Barrier Shield that protects from MOST attacks (not all attacks). Customized Hyper Laser Assault Rifle with Long Range shooting abilities (it's like a hyper-laser version of a Ruger Rifle).

Vessel: "The Grumpy Puss", an Androssian Harlock Class Frigate. Akasha stole it from Andross' Army after the war, copied its blueprints blueprints/schematics, customized/reprogrammed it, and installed a barrier shield in it. (In an alternate reality Akasha is later given a bloodstone red Veritech Fighter dubbed "Lightning Paw", courtesy of Krystal Buranetto.).

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Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Name: Detective Tina "Babs" Conijn

Age: (Krystal's Age)

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 130 lbs

Eye Color: Black

Species: French Lop Rabbit

Hair Description: Short, but stylish, and white, with gray fur ears

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: White, with gray splotches

Vocal Description: Soft spoken, slightly high pitch

Body Description: Fit

Attire/Appearance: Conservative Black Blouse, Grey Blazer, Grey Knee Length Skirt,
black leotards and white tights worn underneath her clothes, Black Trench Coat, Black Fashion Boots

Family: Nasty ex husband, a big fat English Lop Rabbit, whom she divorced and got some good money from as a result of that, after he mistreated her because she was barren and couldn't produce any children for him.

Occupation: [Retired] Police Detective, now a Private Eye

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: "True Love" by Thou Shalt Not

Birthplace: Corneria

Current Location/Residence: Corneria

Training/Specialties/Skills: Police Training, Detective Training, Online Correspondence Law and Criminal Justice Degrees.

Special Markings: Just splotches of gray on random places of her white fur, though her fur becomes more gray when she sheds during seasonal changes

Personality: Timid, Passive, yet earnest, sincere, kind but sometimes picky and temperamental, as well as territorial. Mature, but tends to be stubborn. Smart, Fast, Physically fit, great instincts and intuition. Easily scared, temperamental, insomniac, sometimes absent minded, stubborn.

Other info: Babs spent time in the Cornerian Army, where she was a soldier, a fighter pilot (and Graduate of the Cornerian Fighter Pilot Academy), and later a police officer, a Police Detective for the Corneria City Police Department, then she honorably retired early and became a Private Detective and Bounty Hunter. She is sterile, and can never have children, which led to her divorce.

Weapons: High Quality Compact Laser Pistol, Barrier Shield, Lockback 1 Handed Opening Knife.

Vessel: A Decommissioned/Restored/Customized/Unmarked/Armed/Armored CCPD Riot Vessel. Strong, but slow.
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Name: Rud "Pal" Whetherwax

Age: 27/28(?)

Gender: Male (cross dresses, though)

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 140 lbs

Eye Color: Soft Brown

Species: Collie

Hair Description: Long, beautiful, flowing, silky.

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Typical that of a collie.

Vocal Description: Feminine, high, soft.

Body Description: Slender, Feminine (despite being a male)

Attire/Appearance: Black Pilot Boots, urban black and white camouflage pants, gray tank top, red neckerchief bandanna

Family: The Whetherwax Family, whom he hates, except for his late Uncle Niles. Pal is also married to Fay Spaniel, and they have at least 2 kids, Ryu and Aurora.

Occupation: Ex-Cornerian Military Pilot, Mercenary for Hire.

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: "Madhouse" by Anthrax "Manhattan Skyline" by A-Ha

Birthplace: Corneria

Current Location/Residence: Corneria, His late Uncle Nile's mansion that Uncle Niles left him in the will.

Training/Specialties/Skills: Skilled Marksman, Unarmed Combat/Hand to Hand fighting expert, good physical health, good pilot, brave, reliable, loyal.

Special Markings: None

Personality:Pal has a split personality, is effeminate, but still straight, has subtle metrosexuality, is calm, cool, collective, and confident (but not cocky) one minute, and an angry raging lunatic the next. Pal is obsessive-compulsive, a neat freak, and a germ-o-phobe, paranoid, security conscious, brooding...and mentally unstable. However, he is also loyal, kind, and comes through for those who need him the most, when they need him the most. Hates and mistrusts authority, his family, and society. His effeminate tendencies, and feminine appearance cause many males to accidentally mistake Pal for a female, which makes Pal even angrier and meaner. Has a shattered view of the world.

Other info: After being Grounded from the Cornerian Air Force due to mental instability, Pal was stung with anger, hate, vengeance, and paranoia. Although he harbors grudges towards the government, he actually hates all forms of authority, leading to his Mercenary-for-Hire, loner lifestyle. Pal is not a criminal or evil villain, but his life's unfavorable turns made him unpredictable, crazy, and disgruntled, as well as distrustful of society. He has trouble holding down jobs, fights with his family, whom he hates with a seething vengeance. He came from a well-to-do family that mistreated him, and cheated him out of his share of the family fortunes...

However, Krystal, Akasha, Silas, Todd, and the rest of his friends not only helped Pal steal his share of the family fortune, Pal also inherited the large mansion where his late Uncle Niles lived. Pal also found a huge financial fortune of money, gold, and jewels hidden in the mansion (the mansion is similar to Luigi's Mansion). Pal is a cross dresser, throughout his childhood, Pal lived with and took care of his crazy old Uncle Niles a lot, to get away from his immediate family, who was abusive towards him. Unfortunately, Uncle Niles raised Pal as a girl for the longest time...

Weapons: Butterfly Knife, High Quality Hyper-Laser Pistol, Compact Lightweight Flamethrower.

Transport: The Startouch: A Small, 5 Point Star Shaped Vessel, can fire triple lasers from three star points, has G Diffusers, and has smart bomb launching capabilities
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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Name: Misty Bluehour

Age: 1 year older than Krystal(?)

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: "Take your time, I'm in no hurry, hon!" *winks*

Eye Color: Soft Black

Species: Silver Vixen

Hair Description: Dark Gray to where it's almost black, OR silver with shimmering highlights, in a "Short Bob" Diva style

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Gray, with white/silver trim.

Vocal Description: High, Breathy. (like Jennifer Tilly, or Cynthia Mann)

Body Description: Curvy, Svelte

Attire/Appearance: Varies. Is known to dress like Krystal in tribal attire, or in a blue showgirl outfit like Kylie Minogue's, or in a silver dance outfit like in "Moulin Rouge", but generally wears black leotards, a crimson skirt, fishnet stockings, black Mary Jane ballet slippers, and a black jacket.

Family: None to speak of...

Occupation: Actress, Showgirl, Magician's Assistant, Bohemian Artist, Dancer, Singer, Musician, Spy/Mercenary for hire.

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: "Dark Angel" by Elis

Birthplace: Zoness

Current Location/Residence:Zoness

Training/Specialties/Skills: Smart, Fast, clever, fearless, kind, good common sense, beautiful, good natured, patient, forgiving. Also very talented, and charismatic in her own way.

Special Markings: None, just wears heavy makeup (applied properly/tastefully).

Personality: Misty is kind, quiet sometimes, and a hellraiser other times. She is unique, clever, flighty, secretive, mischievous, but well meaning, and altruistic. Mischievous, sneaky, impulsive, flighty, mistrustful towards, paranoid, makes things more complicated than they need to be. Smart, Fast, clever, fearless, kind, good common sense, beautiful, good natured, patient, forgiving.

Other info: Misty grew up on Corneria, and Zoness, visiting her family's summer home there, and eventually buying it for herself for almost nothing. Her family consisted of talented performers, and she has been great friends of Todd McCloud and Lola Foxglove for years. She is a performer and artist, though not as big a performer as Lola Foxglove was/is, but she works as a spy/merc for hire as well, for reasons only known to herself.

Weapons: Barrier Shield, Hyper-Laser Pistol (MP-7 Style), Dagger.

Vessel: Crab-like flying saucer with land and water exploring abilities, holds 6,
has retractable legs, arms, pincer claws, and hyper-laser cannons, and smart bomb launching, heavy armor.
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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Name: Silas Wormwood

Age: (Fox's Age)

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 170 lbs

Eye Color: Yellow, with a Vertical Black Pupil.

Species: (Black) Cobra

Hair Description: He has scales.

Fur Color/Fur Pattern Typical Cobra scale pattern, with that "U" on the back of his head.

Vocal Description: Low, raspy.

Body Description: Slender

Attire/Appearance: Black Hooded Cape, Gray Clergyman's Robes, Fancy Black Boots

Family: None. Has a dead lover/fiancee.

Occupation: Smuggler, Bootlegger, Arms Dealer, Forgerist, Ex-Jewler, Ex-precious metalsmith,
locksmith/safe cracker, Computer Cracker, Professional Kleptologist (of many kinds).

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: "Requiem for the Christian Era" by Psyclon Nine

Birthplace: Katina

Current Location/Residence:Corneria

Training/Specialties/Skills: Fast, Clever, Crafty, Good Memory, Resourceful. Logical, Rational, Practical, Cunning, Intelligent, Tech Savvy, Great at code breaking. Skilled scientist/technician/computer and electronics cracker/mechanic/engineer. Studied under the tutelage of Dr. Andross (before Andross went evil).

Special Markings: "U" on the back of his head.

Personality: Morose, Reserved, Sneaky, Secretive, Moody, feels great pain when seeing loving couples, envious, spiteful, angry (but in a subtle way). Bitter, insecure, pessimistic. A tortured soul. Fast, Clever, Crafty, Good Memory, Resourceful. Logical, Rational, Practical, Cunning, Intelligent, Tech Savvy, Great at code breaking. Physically Weak, Opportunistic, Socially Awkward, Conniving, Spiteful.

Other info: Very little is known about Silas. He once had a lover, that he lost to tragedy (she was also a student of Andross', who was killed by one of his failed experiments, she got sick and died from radiation poisoning. He has lived a life of hardship and misery.

Weapons: Gurkha/Kurki Combat Knife, High Quality Laser Pistol, Knockout Gas "Fountain Pen" that also writes, Plasma Grenades (carries 3 at a time, usually).

Vessel: "The Snakefang" is a Sleek, fast, maneuverable craft that resembles an Aparoid Missile, holds 2, with room for others in the back (no seats), has secret compartments, a cloaking device, ZVF Capabilities, Dual Hyper Lasers.

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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Name: Madame Vulpine

Age: ???

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: "A good magician never reveals the secrets"

Eye Color: Deep Blue

Species: Red Vixen

Hair Description: Red, "Short Bob" style.

Fur Color/Fur Pattern Red with Orange tinge.

Vocal Description: Deep, solemn (like Madame Leota's voice)

Body Description: Curvy, Fit

Attire/Appearance: Black Leotards, Fishnet Stockings, Burgundy Hoop Skirt Dress, Burgundy Shawl, Black Boots, Gypsy Bejeweled Headdress, many different outfits (for stage).

Family: None to speak of, other than her beloved theater troupe.

Occupation: Actress, Singer, Dancer, Performer, Artist, Bohemian, Seer, Theater and Cafe Owner/Operator, Playwright, Theater Director, Gypsy, Magician.

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: "Girl Anachronism" by "The Dresden Dolls"

Birthplace: Unknown, either Zoness, Corneria, or possible even Cerinia.

Current Location/Residence: Zoness

Training/Specialties/Skills: Intelligent, Talented, Wise, Crafty, Rumored Psychic with telepathic and ESP powers, along with strong magical powers. Talented artist/dancer/singer/performer/entertainer.

Special Markings: Wears lots of makeup (properly/tastefully applied, and lots of gypsy jewelry

Personality: Spiritual, warm, kind, secretive, inscrutable, wise, passionate.
Intelligent, Talented, Wise, Crafty, Rumored Psychic with telepathic and ESP powers, along with strong magical powers.
Temperamental, Eccentric, Flighty, Intimidating.

Other info: An enigmatic gypsy, artist, and thespian, Madame Vulpine is half Cerinian, half Cornerian (allegedly). She has many talents, and powers, magical and psychic. She has a long, rich history in the performing, visual, musical, martial and many other arts.

Weapons: Dagger, Compact High Quality Laser Pistol, Temporary Hallucinogen Powder (in a crimson satin pouch). A Magic Staff that's similar to Krystal's Magic Staff, but darker in color, and more Gothic looking.

Vessel: A small ship resembling a Crystal Ball and its base, it has a strong barrier shield, revolving base, a bottom hover rocket, rear boosters, and twin hyper-lasers. It holds only the pilot. The "Crystal Ball" is the cockpit.
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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Name: Conrad Morgenthal

Age: ??? (Close to Madame Vulpine's Age)

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 165 lbs

Eye Color: Golden

Species: Bald Eagle

Hair Description: White feathers laying flat atop his head, he is not actually "bald", nor is he "balding".

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Typical FEATHER pattern of a Bald Eagle

Vocal Description: Deep, serious.

Body Description: Lean, Fit

Attire/Appearance: Fancy Black Oxfords, Charcoal Grey Slacks, Black Turtleneck Sweater, Charcoal Grey Suit Blazer, Black Gloves.

Family: None to speak of.

Occupation: [Retired] Corneria Intelligence Agency special ops. field agent, Hitman for hire. Also does Arms Dealings/Smuggling. "A go to guy".

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: "Pie Jesu" From Requiem, Op. 48

Birthplace: Corneria

Current Location/Residence:Corneria

Training/Specialties/Skills: Well connected, skilled assassin, handsome, good dresser, intelligent, husky soft spoken pleasant raspy voice, brave, in the know, good secret keeper. Covert ops., espionage, sabotage, booby traps, hand to hand combat, and weapons expert, master of disguise.

Special Markings: Typical that of a bald eagle.

Personality: Straight Laced, Secretive, No-Nonsense, Serious, Seldom smiles or laughs, however sometimes he can relax and be/have fun. He can be benevolent and sweet, despite his cold, stiff, intimidating demeanor. Has an iron will, nerves of steel, and a heart of pure gold.
Cold, intimidating, ruthless, vindictive, spiteful, merciless, strange.

Other info: A former Corneria Intelligence Agency assassin. Conrad left to play by his own rules, although he doesn't mind being in an independent mercenary-type of team.

Weapons: Fiber Wire Garrote, Stun Gun, 2 RU/AP Mines with Long Range Detonator, High Quality Custom Laser Pistol, Custom Laser Sniper Rifle that packs into a small suitcase (like the W2000 Sniper Rifle).

Vessel: The [Former] Personal Flagship of General Pepper. After the Aparoids ruined the Flagship, Conrad purchased the damaged vessel, restored it, added a cloaking device and a barrier shield to it, and painted it black. It fires missiles and dual hyper-lasers.

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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Todd and Lola live in a converted/gentrified old industrial space loft on Corneria, in the capital City, along with a place on Zoness, an abandoned Kani Fishery and Wharf, which Todd converted to a livable residence with a conditional use permit, and turned into a vacation home, it still retains the look of the old wharf/fishery but has the comforts of a home, some of its features include an indoor lap pool with resistance trainer jets, indoor jacuzzi, gym, media room, library, outdoor decks, etc.

Edge converted an old concrete pier Amusement Park on Zoness, he lives there and fixed it up, with a conditional use permit. His home has all the aesthetics of the amusement park, but the rides are decommissioned, and most of them disabled, but NONE of the rides are dismantled. The Giant Ferris Wheel is locked in place, although Edge secretly unlocks and uses it to get a view of the area. The roller coasters, however, are welded permanently to the tracks, the engine motors for the coaster track lifts disabled. The bumper cars and the dark ride still work, but they're usually turned off. The tilt-o-whirl and the Troika-Style rides are disabled, as are the rocket arm rides. The fun-house, however, is totally operable. The flat rides don't work, nor do the drop towers, but the pendulum ship ride and the carousel-style swing ride both work. The carousel itself, with the sea horses on it, is restored and working fine.

Babs lives in a top floor penthouse, a nice one, on Corneria. She has her own separate office for her detective agency as well, a small building she owns. She prefers not to live too close to work.

Saucerer 2: an improved version of the Original Saucerer Mothership from SF64, its cannon is on the bottom, its core
generator on top, as a revolving recessed ring-like mechanism surrounding its core, and protecting its core, and
protected by a barrier shield. The Saucerer 2 can house lots of ships, it has 4 Hatches. It's purple, with 4 Giant Red Star Fox insignias, bigger than the original Saucerer, but takes 5 minutes to charge its core weapon, which is more powerful.

Helmsman Wilhelm (a.k.a. "Willie")-The A.I. Program of Saucerer 2, performs all tasks of Saucerer 2, takes on the Hologram Form of an anthropomorphic German Wiemmerhiner Dog in German WW1 Military Style Attire.


Pigma's old Star Fox Assault Ship, Modified: It has newer, better engines, and has twin hyperlasers. Its interior has been sanitized, reupholstered, and its exterior has been repainted blood red with a white Star Fox Emblem. Todd and Lola "found it".

Todd and Lola now have their own place, just outside Corneria City:

McCloud Hall

McCloud Hall is a large, beautiful Gothic mansion on a solid seaside mountain bluff with a large private sandy beach and an indoor pool and indoor jacuzzi, sauna, great room, rec room, trophy room, with part of it made into a shrine to James McCloud, secret passages, vault, panic room, hidden surveillance cameras, alarms, turrets/towers, gargoyles, Gothic filigree walls, Gothic exposed truss and trestle ceiling beams, vaulted high arched ceilings, and/or coffer-ed ceilings, dining hall, armory, fireplaces, study, library, workout gym, ballroom, a theater with a stage, curtains, and seating, lots of suite rooms, gated and walled multi-acre park-like grounds, a hedge maze, dungeon, ramparts, aircraft hangar, clock tower, conservatory, solarium, and more...

Todd and Lola seized control of the mansion from a local crime boss, as they crushed his organization, which they then took over in the protection ring that the crime boss had. Todd and Lola also took over some local businesses and made them more profitable.

Planet Sauria: Cape Claw Cottage

Todd and Lola also have a beautiful cottage on Planet Sauria, a stone beach cottage in Cape Claw, they bought it after selling General Scales' Galleon back to him. General Scales stupidly gambled his Galleon away to Todd, and bought it back from Todd at a steep price, allowing Todd and Lola to buy that nice beach cottage in Cape Claw.

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This is for the next generation of my Fan Characters (for "In the Future RP's and Fanfics):

Name: Attila Sharavan
Age: 21
Height: 6'
Species: Half Smoke Persian, Half Smoke Tabby (Lylatian)
Home-world: Katina
Physique: Muscular (Slightly)
Attire: Dark colored designer jeans, Grey button-up short-sleeve shirt (with a black tank top underneath), Chocolate colored brown jacket, black side zip boots.

Occupation: Hit-man and mercenary for hire
Weapons: Customized laser pistol with a silenced muzzle, specialized carbon fiber combat knife (not detectable by metal detectors), customized SPAS-12 style shotgun (with extra standard, slug, and flachette ammo, interchangeable short-barrel, magazine clip, stock-mounted fast shell reload clip, rail mount and scope, folding butt-stock, and a silencer), and a stun gun.

Vessel: Customized Corneria Dense Fleet Fighter with Twin Lasers

Strengths: Fast, very strong, agile, smart.

Weaknesses: Clinically/Criminally insane, violent, destructive, unpredictable, poor social skills.

Personality: Attila is vicious, angry, sometimes unfocused. He has an explosive temper, has poor social skills, and is a violent schizophrenic, with touches of dementia, and the strength of 8 males. He is known to whistle the song "When the Saints go marching in." as a habit

Background: Attila is the bastard child of Akasha Sharavan. Akasha was sexually assaulted by a vicious male smoke tabby cat when she was only 18, and has kept Attilla's existence a secret, lying about him, she is ashamed and frightened of him. Attilla was given up for adoption after Akasha gave birth to him (she lied about ever having a child as a result of the sexually assault, claiming she "had a birth prevention device in her at the time it happened", but truth is, it was after Attila was born.). Attila has spent most of his life in asylums, and juvenile detention centers (where he received his education), and was discharged at adulthood. He wanders the universe as an angry, dangerous, hateful, lonely lost soul...

Theme song: "When the Saints go marching in."

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Name: Cliff McCloud
Age: 23
Height: 6'9"
Species: [Corneria] Red Fox
Physique: Muscular, Hulking
Attire: Red and black striped shirt with black jeans, and HUGE tanker boots

Occupation: Enforcer/Mercenary for hire.

Weapons: High Quality Compact Laser Pistol, Titanium Butterfly Knife, Rocket Launcher, and Brass Knuckles.

Vessel: A black combat vessel, in the shape of a World War 2 P-38 Fighter Plane, (with jets instead of propellers, obviously) and dual laser cannons, and a 5 capacity Nova Bomb Launcher. The vessel has 2 tandem seats (pilot and passenger), and a large cargo compartment, equipped for life support/oxygen. Only Cliff can start up his vessel, dubbed the "Fox's Fist".

Strengths: VERY large and strong, hard to take down. Can be very sneaky, and clever when he needs to be. Never passes up any opportunity.

Weaknesses: Dumb, a wise-ass, has a smart mouth, and a cocky attitude. Falls for the old "Hey, look over there!" trick. Poor social skills.

Personality: Loud, mean-spirited, stupid. Always loves to call everyone a "butthead", can never get catchy sayings and puns correct, he said things like "Have a nice trip, see ya' next winter!" or "Make like a tree and get outta' here!" or "Hasta la bye-bye!". Hates manure. Likes to knock on people's heads with his fist as if knocking on a door, and saying "Hello? Hello!? Anybody home!?" when he thinks someone doesn't understand what he's saying.

Background: Todd McCloud is the oldest child of Todd McCloud and Lola Foxglove. He never turned out to be as evil or dangerous as Madame Vulpine originally predicted. Unfortunately, his personality and "intelligence" did come to existence. But with his younger siblings to back him up, he can protect them, and the future of Nebulae Fox.

Theme song: "That Smell" by Lynard Skynard
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Name: Lillith McCloud
Age: 22
Height: 5' 10"
Species: [Cornerian] Red Fox
Home-world: Corneria
Physique: Curvy, Svelte
Attire: Red or Black cocktail dress, each with matching specially designed high heels (formal wear), Armored Leotards designed to deflect cutting blade and energy attacks (lasers, etc.) with a two-way zipper in the back for her tail to protrude, or even be tucked inside for safety/maneuverability, combat boots with retractable, interchangeable titanium OR fiberglass toe-blades.

Occupation: Actress, Dancer, Singer, Artist, Showgirl, Magician's Assistant, Mercenary/Assassin/Spy for hire.

Weapons: Psionic Bull-Whip (light blue), High-Quality Compact Laser Pistol, Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Composite Combat Knife. Her "High Heeled Shoes" she wears to formal events have hidden poison vials in the heel spikes.

Vessel: A spacecraft resembling a Lear Jet. It has dual high powered lasers, Nova Bomb capabilities, and is extremely fast, VERY comfortable cabin interior (has a bathroom AND a shower pod), but it cannot maneuver like an Arwing, it's not very combat practical. Known as "The Shooting Starlet".

Strengths: High potential, great performer/entertainer, talented (like her mother) brave, strong, smart, clever, good leadership skills, VERY beautiful.

Weaknesses: Can be lazy, self indulgent, vain, high maintenance, temperamental, arrogant, a sociopath, slight madness...a control freak.

Personality: Lillith is very charismatic, but she is also manipulative, a sociopath,and sneaky. She is very clever, very smart, but also VERY ruthless.

Background: Lillith is the second child, and the oldest daughter of Todd McCloud, and Lola Foxglove. She is also the brains of Nebulae Fox, and the leader thereof.

Theme Song: "Diamonds are a Girl's best friend"
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Name: Cassandra McCloud
Age: 21
Height: 6' 1"
Species: [Cornerian] Red Vixen
Home-world: Corneria
Physique: Curvy, Svelte

Attire: Crimson or gray leotards under black skintight pants, black fashion boots, fingerless gloves, and a dark red jacket with patches on it.

Occupation: Mercenary/Assassin/Spy for hire.

Weapons: Laser Pistol, Combat Knife, W-2000 style Laser Sniper Rifle with foil stamped briefcase (foil stamped case fools X-Ray Machines), Compact EMP Pistol.

Vessel: The Sky Claw, except Cassandra's Sky Claw is customized to include a barrier shield to compensate for its weak armor. However, the energy to power the barrier shield slows down Cassie's Sky Claw down 25% in the boost/brake/roll functions.

Strengths: Unique, Creative, Resilient, Brave. Very quiet. Very clever. Very cool. High potential.

Weaknesses: Eccentric, creepy...has some behavior problems. Deviates from social norms. Antisocial. Low Discipline.

Personality: Cassie tends to come off as a eccentric, creepy, strange...She often has a mean, sour expression, and a shattered view of the world. She rarely speaks. She's a lot like Ally Sheedy's character from "The Breakfast Club".

Background: The third child of Todd McCloud and Lola Foxglove, Cassie is a very colorful, off-beat character. She isn't as bad as Madame Vulpine predicted she would be, and Cassie is definitely not a bitter, mean, insecure drunk. She serves in the next generation of Nebulae Fox and Star Fox.

Theme Song: "Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones
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