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Julius Quasar's FC's
Topic Started: Jul 29 2010, 06:35 PM (2,785 Views)
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Name: Jaydee Chavdry

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 145 lbs

Eye Color: brown

Species: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Hair Description: Short, orange-red

Fur Color/Fur Pattern Orange-red and white (typical Pembroke Welsh-Corgi style)

Vocal Description: A bit of a loudmouth

Body Description: Short, stout, slightly pudgy.

Attire/Appearance: Military combat boots, gray cargo pants, black t-shirts (usually with a rock band on them), and a brown leather jacket.

Family: *Kept Classified*

Occupation: Explosives expert/dealer/manufacturer, arms dealer,

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song:

Birthplace: Corneria City suburbs

Current Location/Residence: Corneria City, has a hidden back alley shop/residence where he deals weapons and explosive devices

Training/Specialties/Skills: Expert Knowledge in weapons and explosives, and explosives related booby traps and sabotage.

Special Markings: diamond shaped white patch on the back of his neck

Personality: A good, nice guy, but a bit of a smart-ass, an attention monger, a blabbermouth

Other info: Jaydee grew up with a decent family in the suburbs of Corneria City. A precocious, and rambunctious young pup, he and his friends loved to mess around with explosives, and weapons. It was then that Jaydee discovered his love for both of those, and after a stint in the CDF as a ordinance specialist, and then later a quartermaster, that he learned about weapons and explosives in greater detail, and was able to use those skills to make into his business.

Vessel: Circular Shaped flying saucer, not as large as Saucerer, it's slightly larger than an Arwing. It has a barrier shield, cloaking device, Zero-Visibility-Function, bombing abilities, and a super strong laser cannon (three times stronger than an average laser cannon)
Edited by Julius Quasar, Jun 24 2011, 08:43 PM.
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
This is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic FC I created:

Pony Express

A Pegasus pony who flies, and is a former messenger for the land of Equestria. He became angry when he lost his job, and seeks vengeance on all of Equestria. However, he loves Fluttershy, and frequently abducts her. He never harms Fluttershy, and is obsessed with her, always trying to get her to love him, but she fears him, and his angry, destructive, violent demeanor. He once tried to con all of Equestria as "Troy Gifthorse", and swindle everyone in Equestria (though he planned to share all his riches with Flutttershy, whom he abducted once again when she found out his secret disguise). He was exposed, when his disguise was removed after Fluttershy's friends rescued her, and they confronted him at his public show, and blew his scheme wide open.

Now, he lives as a vagrant, wandering Equestria, and living in abandoned buildings, and still making trouble, but he does help the good ponies, especially Fluttershy, when he's needed. He hates Griffins and Chimeras, and all other non pony, non Pegasus or non unicorn, beings of Equestria. He likes Fluttershy's animals, but they, like Fluttershy, fear him.

He is black colored, with a terrible facial scar (temple to chin, fencing style scar), and usually wearing a tattered 8 point crown postal hat, and tattered saddlebags.
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Name- Übervixen (Couldn't get the Oomlats over the "U") aka Angela Reginhard

Age- Mid '20s or so

Height- 5'11"

Weight-None of your business

Eye color- Blue

Alignment- She is good, works alone generally, but she will help anyone, who is good, in need

Sex- Female

Species- Anthro Red Vixen

Fur Color- Red, with orange trim. She has medium length red hair, in a hairstyle similar to that of Kitty Pryde's

Personality- Ubervixen is a brave and kind-hearted heroine with a strong sense of justice, morality and righteousness. She is stoic, morally upright, a strict teetotaler to maintain her physical fitness and mental acuity. Ubervixen possesses a strong sense of justice, along with profound senses of idealism and moral code of conduct. Her moral code is that she will help the innocent whenever they need it. She does not ignore a cry for help from the innocent. She kind of behaves like "Buzz Lightyear" in "Demo Mode", including the delusional demeanor.

What is your character like?- She has a strong, yet pleasant female voice. She unintentionally comes off a bit preachy, kind of like Adam West's "Batman" character from the old live action TV show. She is still feminine, but emotionally and mentally strong.

Appearance- Ubervixen is tall, lean, slightly muscular, very fit and well built. She is very beautiful, but she definitely conceals her face behind a mask to protect her secret identity. She wears long, tie wrap dresses, over her super heroine outfit. She sometimes wears a head scarf and shatterproof safety sunglasses as well. Her super heroine outfit consists of purple knee high, high heeled boots, white stockings, black, long sleeve leotards with a purple fox paw print on the front of them, purple elbow length gloves, a purple utility belt, a purple cape, usually hidden inside her tie wrap dress (which turns inside out to convert to a purple cape, regardless of the color of that dress) and a black hood and purple eye mask with darkened eye-holes (the cowl and mask are hidden in her headscarf).

(Inspired slightly by "Bluebird's outfit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluebird_%28comics%29 )

Hometown- Corneria City

Bio- Ubervixen, real name Angela Reginhard, was born into a family of wealth and privilege. She grew up spoiled, wild, and reckless. In fact, she caused so much trouble, her parents cut her off, and left her destitute. Devastated, she turned to exotic dancing, and started trying to find rich males to seduce and trick into marrying her without a pre-nup. When that failed, due to her over-aggressive tactics, she fell into a deep depression, and attempted suicide. Ironically, all her attempts at suicide failed, but one day, when she was crossing with the crosswalk light, a city bus ran the red light and struck her. Miraculously, she wasn't killed, or even seriously hurt, but with the help of an "ambulance chasing lawyer", who took her case on contingency, she sued Corneria City and its MTA, and won a large settlement, even after the 50% settlement split with her lawyer, and taxes, she was able to wisely re-invest her money, and get a decent home.

From those days leading to her "success", Angela Reginhard decided to give back to society, after her experiences, and decided to help the innocent, and try to be good. She fight for justice, in her own way. None of that "community service volunteer work", or donating to charities, no, she wanted to give back in her own, unique way. She loved the comic book super heroines, and the vigilantes in her childhood, and always wanted to be one of them for real, and she decided that's how she would help society.

Family- The Reginhard family, a hard-nosed, wealthy socialite family who has disowned her, and she hates them.

Weapons- A barrier shield, a compact laser pistol, a psionic bullwhip, a lock-back folding knife

Vehicles- A modified version of Krystal's ship from Star Fox Adventures, it has advanced firepower, cloaking devices, ZVF capabilities, advanced radar, and superior shielding ability. It's faults are that it is slow (not as slow as "The Malestrom"), its computer and electronic systems can interfere with other ships computer and electronic systems, and vice-versa, plus its radar and alert systems are oversensitive, and give off false readings.

Other- Ubervixen is skilled in hand to hand combat, has some technological skills, she works out, and her secret identity is known only by Lola Foxglove, Madame Vulpine, and Krystal, who have sworn to protect her identity. She fears vigilante arrest from the police, whom she heavily mistrusts, and does not let the press talk to her, or take her pictures whenever she can help it. She is not vain, and doesn't sell-out, or do public or private event appearances. Sometimes she can be accident-prone, or clumsy, in a comically slapstick way (i.e. getting trapped in a broom closet when trying to change into her alter-ego), but she is still capable, adept, and competent, and can regain proper poise, grace, and dignity. She does not have any actual super powers.

Übervixen has a servant robot, A.L.F.R.E.D (Automated Loyal Fulfilling Routine Errands Droid) to aid her in her daily and special tasks.

(Special thanks to Kursed for helping me find the way to use the "Oomlats over the U in Übervixen")
(Type alt+u, then type U immediately after getting the umlaut to appear!)
Edited by Julius Quasar, Feb 27 2013, 08:33 PM.
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
New Fan Character, though not for Star Fox, this is my "MLP: Friendship is Magic" fan character:

Name: Pony Express (real name Caligula)

Race/Species: Pegasus

Occupation: Arch Criminal, former Postal Worker for Equestria

Appearance: A black Pegasus, with dark hair, a black and white mane, and a terrible scar where his "Cutie Mark" once was. He used to have a cutie mark in the shape of a Roman Legionnaire's mark, before it was burned in an explosion.
He sometimes wears torn/ruined saddlebags, and a damaged 8-point crown postal hat. They, along with his damaged cutie mark, serve him as dark reminders of his past.

Personality: Scheming, angry, cruel, hateful, vengeful, and psychotic...however, he loves Fluttershy to a fault, and tries to be as good to her as he can, though he sometimes does bad things to her, like kidnap or trap her, and he is obsessed with her. He would never intent to truly harm Fluttershy, nor would he ever let harm come to her, though she fears him, and wants little to do with him.

Back-story: Caligula, aka Pony Express, was always an outcast, as a foal. He was rejected by everyone, and developed a deep seeded hatred for society. His mark appeared when one day, he played some particularly cruel prank on a gang of ponies who were mean to him, and he badly hurt them to the point of crippling them for life. The whole incident showed Caligula the capabilities he had to do harm to others. The cutie mark appeared on him, and he swore that he would hurt anyone and everyone who had ever wronged him...ironically, he always forgives Fluttershy, no matter what she does to or says about him. However, he crippled and killed others, throughout his life, including his own family.

Caligula joined the Postal Service of Equestria, and worked as hard as he could...he went by the name "Pony Express" in Ponyville...He was even made the official "Spokepony" for the postal system, but after being wrongfully terminated, he swore revenge. He set the postal facility ablaze...he then took his anger out on several government buildings and workers. In a failed attempt to destroy Princess Celestia's Palace, the explosion burned and damaged his mark, rendering it scarred, but recognizable.

Now, Caligula is a figurehead of menace, throughout Equestria. Although he is hated and feared, his banishment is seldom enforced, except as an excuse to punish him for his latest misdeed(s), though he always returns...he's general pardoned, if he helps The six ponies, and Princess Celestia, battle a greater evil and/or enemy, or if Fluttershy is in trouble. Caligula is the second fastest pony in the land, beaten only by Rainbow Dash.

In one episode, Caligula went by the alias "Troy Gifthorse", he disguised himself as a flashy entrepreneur, and was planning to scam all the ponies of Equestria and its lands out of all their hard earned money. He didn't take any of Fluttershy's money, and he still let her in on his "deal of a lifetime" for free....she was suspicious of this, and when she investigated, she saw "Troy Gifthorse" removing his disguise (fake platinum teeth coverings, mane wig under a flat straw boater hat, and a red tailcoat covering his Pegasus wings, and white powder to change his black fur. When Caligula caught her spying on him in his "dressing room", he showed her what he was truly planning to do, but offered Flutttershy half of the riches from his scam. She refused, so he then offered two-thirds...Fluttershy thought it over for a second, but still refused. Caligula then trapped Fluttershy in a large sack, and locked her in a trunk, stating that he would leave town with the riches, and with Fluttershy, and would force her to marry him and he would share his riches with her anyway. When Fluttershy was in the sack, she said "It smells like a pig's been in here one time...and a cat in here another time" ("Pig in a Poke" reference).

The other four ponies, Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie, got suspicious of Fluttershy's disappearance, and tried to track her down. They finally found her, with the help of her animal friends, and freed her from the trunk and the sack. Fluttershy blew the whistle on "Troy Gifthorse", and told the others of his real identity and intentions, and they rushed to where he was holding his large, final performance/event, and exposed him to all of Ponyville and Equestria, blowing his scheme wide open, ruining his scam. "I really shouldn't leave those out!" Caligula said, when Twilight showed everyone the papers he had left on his desk with the details orchestrating the plan. (He was going to sell the the rights to a "Diamond Mine" he owned, but it turned out to be a flint mine). They literally pulled his disguise right off of him, and he spit out his false teeth coverings. He was chased out of Equestria by Celestia's Guards, but on his way out, he told Fluttershy he knew it was her that blew his cover, but he still loved her, and forgave her anyway, before breaking out in mad laughter and fleeing Celestia's guards, and the angry mob. Rainbow Dash wanted to chase him, but Princess Celestia stopped her, saying "He's not worth it". Fluttershy looked away at the horizon over which Caligula he fled, with a mysterious smile on her face.

Princess Luna and Caligula have a strange friendship...though Princess Luna had a subconscious crush on Caligula for a while, they both agreed that they could never be together, due to Caligula being a commoner, and Princess Luna being royalty. The two remain friends, for the most part.
Edited by Julius Quasar, Dec 28 2012, 12:57 AM.
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
A character I created for a Solotorobo based RP:

Name: Louisa Kitsune

Age: 28

Sex: Female

Race: Red Vixen

Background: Louisa is a lovely former ballerina and gymnast, but upon failing both the Olympic Gymnastic Primary Competition, and the audition for the lead role in the ballet theater, either which would have brought her career to the top, she fell into an angry, bitter resentment towards the world, and now works as a cat-burglar, spy, saboteur, and sometimes even an assassin for hire. She is well learned and excelled in martial arts. She likes to rent out storage units to house any stolen/contraband goods.

Attire: Soft tabi boots, long sleeve black leotards, black combat gauntlet/gloves, head scarf/veil, utility type belt.

Weapons/tools: Katana ninja blade with special scabbard that doubles as a snorkel, and holds a vial of poison, along with lots of battle tools and ninja stars, capsicum powder, extra ninja stars, smoke grenades, professional Cratt Schultz lock pick, glass cutter, hidden tiny lock pick(for police handcuffs), fiber wire garotte, and sometimes a rope with a collapsible grappling hook...

Vessel: A small, but fast and semi-reliable flying machine resembling a P38 propeller plane. It can hover like a V-22 Osprey, move in stealth mode, and it has weapons. It is a prototype.

Residence: a deluxe apartment unit with its own balcony at a condo complex on its own island. The complex is built just like Hemeiji castle, in its looks, lay-out, and the many gardens and courtyards that it sports.

Edited by Julius Quasar, Jun 25 2012, 11:41 PM.
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CDF Third Lieutenant
Julius Quasar
Aug 2 2010, 08:58 PM

Personality: Loud, mean-spirited, stupid. Always loves to call everyone a "butthead", can never get catchy sayings and puns correct, he said things like "Have a nice trip, see ya' next winter!" or "Make like a tree and get outta' here!" or "Hasta la bye-bye!". Hates manure. Likes to knock on people's heads with his fist as if knocking on a door, and saying "Hello? Hello!? Anybody home!?" when he thinks someone doesn't understand what he's saying.
Back to the future?
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Yup! Modeled him after Biff Tannen.
Member Avatar
CDF Third Lieutenant
Nailed It!
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Yup! Great job! Yeah, I love creating fan characters...especially for Star Fox
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Name: Dora Rowland

Age: Mid teens or so

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: None of your business (she's kind of tubby)

Eye Color:Green

Alignment: Good

Gender: Female

Species: Orange Tabby Cat

Fur color: Buff-orange and white stripe/splotch pattern

Personality: Calm, pleasant, amiable, kind, sociable, very smart. She hates being teased about her weight. Dora has a much more pleasant sounding voice than that of her twin sister's....(it's like a pleasant hum or the strumming of a guitar)

Appearance: Dora is a bit tubby, but has a pretty face, and has similar fur patterning (albeit different color shades) to that of her sister's.

Attire: White tennis shoes (sneakers), black sweat/stretch pants, black hoodie with blue and pink graffiti on the sleeves and the torso, black carpal tunnel gloves, reading glasses

Home: Corneria, the suburbs of Corneria City

Family: Twin sister Sally Rowland

Weapons: Laser pistol, lock-back one handed opening folding combat knife, sawed off pump-action shotgun.

Powers: Although Dora is not as fit as her twin sister, she is very smart and a master computer hacker. Her computer hacking skills are excelled by few.

Bio: Dora and her twin sister Sally are emancipated for general purpose, recently finished with school, and they live in the house and off of the trust funds that they inherited from their parents, who died in a transport ship crash...
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Name: Sally Rowland

Age: Mid-teens

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 150 pounds

Eye Color: Green


Gender: Female

Species: Orange Tabby Cat

Fur color: Reddish-Orange and White Striped

Personality: Hyperactive, insecure, pushy, stubborn, smart, has abandonment issues, and a bad habit of picking her nose. Sally also has a high, squeaky, piercing voice.

Appearance: Tall, skinny, very fit.

Attire: Black combat boots, red skintight pants, grey belt, white cami tank top, black overbust corset with straps, black fingerless combat gloves

Home: Corneria, the suburbs of Corneria City

Family: Twin sister Dora Rowland

Weapons: Dual ninja-style katana swords on cross back scabbards, semi-to-full automatic laser machine pistol with strap.

Powers: Very fast (not as fast as Akasha), very strong, well trained in the art of martial arts, covert ops, and ninjitsu

Bio: Sally and her twin sister Dora are emancipated for general purpose, recently finished with school, and they live in the house and off of the trust funds that they inherited from their parents, who died in a transport ship crash...
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Name: Michael Mayes
Nickname: Mike
Age: 29
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 179 lbs
Eye Color: Crystal blue
Alignment: True Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: Arctic Fox
Fur color: White with blue markings, specifically around the ears and muzzle.

Personality: Michael's doesn't usually have a sense of humor, but when it shows, it shows. He maintains a grim demeanor and does not like to talk to people unless it's absolutely vital.

Home: Michael lives in his personal ship he acquired in a poker game. He takes it from contract to contract.

Family: Mother and Father killed as a child. Sister was mentioned to him, but never seen.

Weapons: He keeps two longswords strapped to his back as well as an Ultralight holstered on his belt.

Powers: He doesn't have any special powers.

History: Michael grew up with a difficult childhood, his parents have been killed when he was five years old right in front of him one night when a grizzled rat thief broke into their home. His parents were brutally slashed to death as they tried to stop the attacker. The thief fled into the night before Michael could do anything. Since he has grown up, he trained to become a bounty hunter, in hopes of one day finding that rat and enacting his revenge. There he met his best friend, Fox McCloud, who had taken some time to personally train him in the finer arts of hand-to-hand combat. They parted ways when they graduated the academy, in hopes of crossing paths again soon.

(Special thanks to Redfox8 for this fan character)
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