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Lie 4 Death; A L4D2 mod with Kursed in it.
Topic Started: Feb 23 2011, 10:20 PM (2,177 Views)
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Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
I'm new here, so if I say or do anything offensive, I'm sorry in advance.

I'm making a mod from Left 4 Dead 2, still struggling with a name, but Kursed and Wolf, as well as Tails, are appearing in it as the main survivors.
And, unlike in the Star Fox games, and in the closed topic about portraying Krystal, she's not any of what's "wrong" with her

The way I'm portraying Kursed, is, yes she has a husband (Their daughter is another survivor), and no she is not dependent on him. Sure, she cries when he dies, and she wants to tell herself it's just a horrible nightmare when she sees his body, and when he's left outside the safe point, she threatens to kill the others. But who wouldn't?

Yet, in the opening cut-scene, she takes down the two strongest infected (Tank and Witch) almost single handed.

Her outfit reveals her tattoos on one arm, and you can see her stomach, she's got Capri's on and Iron Man boots. She has eight rings on, her tail rings, and two earrings in each ear.

When you control her, you can see what's on her rings; two having the Star Fox emblem, and another having the Star Wolf emblem, another is an infinity symbol, one is just a "tribal" one, one is what appears to be a small rodent skull, and one has the infamous L4D hand etched in it, and a "Class of 2154" ring. She has a bracelet on her right arm, a watch on her left (might tell time according to Steam), and she retains her ring-tails from SFA, but with revamped designs.

She will have the most unique animations, and the most ambiguous attitude.
She also can pick up infected's movement faster, she'll make bleak references to Fox, and anytime she refers to either Fox or Panther, she only calls them by their surname with the utmost hatred.

She also develops a want for death, laughing maniacally when she takes down a lot of infected with a chainsaw. She'll freak out when Wolf mentions Fox's name in any conversation, and she says she wants fox to die first when she's low on health.

overall, she's not powerless, useless, emo, or spiteful, but she still hates fox, she loves watching the Zombies die, and wants the chainsaw or crowbar the most (as they give over-the-top gore for those who haven't played L4D2).

And she's not going to be the only one;

Wolf will be in it too.
His story is that, while visiting Skorpeon and Kursed, the Green Flu broke out.
Him being a carrier, all it does is make him infected, but not a zombie, so he helps Kursed, Skorpeon, and their two children Shakirae and Miles, which brings us to two more of them;

Miles ditched Sonic's team at a young age, and lived with the RyDers for seventeen years, befriending the Star Zed Team. He doesent appear as he does with Sonic.
"Capital" Animals, as they're called, are much different than "Lower" animals. Capital's, when receiving a harsh emotional blow, will change considerably. Miles had two of these instances;
When he left Socic's gang, his fur turned from a yellow-orange to a bright silver.
and when his sister Reine was killed, his eyes turn a dark blood-red.

Shakirae is a die-hard Green Day fan, much to Wolf's annoyance, and sparks a hate-hate relationship between them. and since Kursed's mother was an albino, Shakirae got that gene. Bright white fur with pink eyes.

And Zoey, direct from L4D1;
She was left behind when Louis and Francis headed to the Florida Key's with Rochelle, Nick, Mendell, and Ellis. She joins the group quite by accident; nearly taking Skorpeon's head off, thinking he's a hunter.

and I'm struggling with a way to include an infected Fox.

This is to be a forum for Lie 4 Death, helpful comments, and overall ideas.
If you think something should be changed, post it.
If you want to comment, post it.
If you want to be a voice actor, PM me, I'll get back to you.

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Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
Thans Angel.
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Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
After seeing "Krymson", I've decided to tweak Kursed a bit;
She'll retain her infamous purple hair, but for the same reason Tails went silver, and his eyes went blood red, her fur turned to a dark crimson, earning her her nickname Krymson.
If I get permission to use it, She'll become "Krymson" If not, well... :lookdown:

Also, I have voice actors for all three males, so I need female voice actors;

Kursed herself
Edited by Skorpeon, Mar 4 2011, 06:42 PM.
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Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
As of Monday, March whenever, 2011, Lie 4 Death is halting operation until further notice.

My brother found a Hardware Virus tied to a logic bomb.
basically, Virus is attacked, Virus fights back, erases System32 folder.
Now, windows won't boot, and the only way to fix it is to reinstall windows, which will erase EVERYTHING not in the C: drive.

Which is everything except my tools, programs, and text documents.

Steam, Lie 4 Death, my steam games, and current mods are all gone.

Unless someone can hack my computer and move all of the Lie 4 Death items into the C drive, Lie 4 Death is cancelled.

Until further notice, I'm just going to crawl into a little corner, and :cry:
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Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
Which won't work because I have the only desktop in the house.
My brother has a mac
My mom has a laptop
My dad has a Schlumberger-only laptop...
no help here for me...
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Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
I'm getting one of those SATA/IDE converters soon, so I can get Lie 4 Death back in operation within a month.

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Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
Okay, cable came in the mail, now I need to reinstall 7.
AAAAnnnnddd, Krymson was declined, for now.

but while I'm here, had a dream;

I gues it was a Unforeseen Discipline-like thing, inspired by this..., or the High Top fail in SFA, where Tricky nudges the dead Wolf to wake up... I don't know. At any rate, it was because of a depresseing atmosphere...

Kursed went back to Sauria, only to find that General Scale's son camped near her home, snaring her ans Skorpeon back there by kidnapping Kate, Lilly's sister (Alpha and Omega). well, I keep my radio on at night so I can actually get some sleep. "My Immortal" came on, setting a great tone to the gravity of the situation, so it was playing in the background as Skorpeon and Kursed were caputred by Scale's son.

Well, they escaped, but with a slight loss; Kursed's left arm. Cue MI chorus, "This pain is just to real".
You know how dreams get, you're in a flowery field with rainbows and unicorns, then the next second your in a line for the WWII gassing chambers.

Basically, Skorpeon bandages what's left of Kursed's arm, then as the music comes on, Skorpeon glances at a Laser screen with a young wolf singing it, and now when I think about it, two things;

UD becoming flash; first episode: "Young Blood".

second; does this mean I'm going insane?

Every time I think about the dream, mainly with Kursed's face, I want it to become a reality, with how much of a h***hole my life is becoming. (If that's not allowed, I'll remove it Angel).
My parents don't care, my sister is miles away from my location, the one brother that shwoed interest in UD is gone for another 7 months, and my other brother hates me.
To tell the truth, where I get all the idead for Lie 4 Death are from imagining Kursed is right beside me.
Please don't call me crazy, because if you live one day in my life, you'll understand to.

[edit_reason]for got lines.[/edit_reason]
Edited by Skorpeon, Mar 13 2011, 06:23 PM.
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Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
Hey, I'm still here if you need teh voices :3
Hey, I'm still here if you need teh voices :3

I don't mean to be rude Red, it's just that I have the males filled in;
Fallen Angel as Wolf.
Star Fox Runner(SF-O) is Miles
and I myself am doing Skorpeon.

Unless you can do a pretty good female voice, or can sweet-talk Angel fron Wolf, sorry.
Maybe you can be Crescendo voices?
Member Avatar
Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
TheRedFox8Mar 13 2011, 06:34 PMAh, well, don't worry about it then. OWA is a male as well.Well, I never really got the chance to try out, and probably won't have any good chane to anytime soon since i can't really voice act when other familt members in the home.. So if Ryder is willing to take the time to give you a tryout, i'm alright if he thinks your better at it....

Alright Angel.

But, I got my finger caught in a radial arm saw going 80 rpm.
The same day my computer is available for fixing :lookdown: .
Yes I still have my finger, just have to wear a cast until the tendon i cut in half heals, then i can wear a small splint just on my finger.
i hope...
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Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
Okay, few thing:

If you have a Steam account, L4D is a new group, so look for it and follow it.
I ca access steam anywhere, so that's where the bulk of the updates will be posted.

I get the stupid cast of on the 28th of march, so L4D will recommence then,

I got a laptop, so I need to transfer my files onto this so I can continue eith it.

And congratulations to TheRedFox. Aka, Wolf O'Donnell.
You just need to work on the witch just a hair. but that's the only thing negative i have to say.

Member Avatar
Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
Okay, so, I finally managed to hack into my Steam drive.
Or what was left of it.

The virus killed the drive with the operating system files in it.
And I had Steam in there, to which Lie 4 death was infused.

Lie 4 Death is recommencing as soon as my computer-literate brother comes back from Brazil in November and he can help me reinstall Windows 7.

Can anyone say WTF BOOM?
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Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
Hey what female roles did you need? Some say I have a wide vocal range, I can see what I can do

Kursed, Shakirae, and Zoey

Kursed has the typical heroine voice, just with a slight grate from her coffee love.

Shakirae is about 17, and she still has her voice breaking a little because of her, erm, age.

Zoey sounds NOTHING like she does before, because of the deep emotional trauma she encontered. Just basically as a normal girl does.
Member Avatar
Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
I got into a conversation with Mike Durand, the lead programmer of Left 4 dead.

Lie 4 Death is switching games.
Left 4 Dead 2 speaks a language called Squirrel, and the AI Director speak Squirrel and Squirell only.
If I were to get a copy of the L4D2 engine, or even the L4D1 engine, I would have to reprogram the AID to fit the two extra survivors, the five extra weapons, and seven different infected groups, as well as the standard stuff.
Mike said that if I did want to use the standard engine, I'd have to have four survivors, no extra infected, and no extra weapons.

So. I'm switching Lie 4 Death's engine mod. Half-life 2.
I'm reverting back to an original idea I head. Those Lego games Traveler Tales make? Where you switch the characters out and each one have different strengths, weaknesses, and weapons?

That's how Lie 4 Death will be now. Eight survivors of a zombie appocolypse still, but with the game now speaking Lua, the game won't change itself every time.

And that means I need two more voice actors.
86, Skorpion's daughter from before he remarried Kursed,
Ris, who goes by his initails (Regulus Ivan ), and is Kursed's brother.

The map names and objectives will remain the same, it MAY be multiplayer, but as of right now it's single, same weapons, same outcome, same runthrough, and same tactics.
Just no Special infected, no AID, and no multiplayer unbless I can tweak it to be MP.
I CAN, however, use the witch and tank in it, just without the changing places, but MAYBE I can tell them to randomly appear. I don't know.

I hate the AID.
Member Avatar
Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
Sounds interesting. That's too bad about the AID thing.

No kidding.

This means I'll have to start over from scratch.

Speaking of scratch...
As a school project, I've decided to do a L4D-like 2D game using the free program Scratch.
When I finish it, it will be on Scratch's official site (Scratch.mit.edu) under Lie 4 Death DEMO.
Basically; run around shooting zombies and not dying.
Member Avatar
Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
Hey, you haven't gotten back to me about the scripts, what lines I'll be saying etc, I can't give you an answer till I can see what I'm saying =\

Check your PM Folder. I PM'd you about them.

I need more line too, but I guess that is when you are in the far development phase.

They died with my computer, and I'm trying to get them redone. All eight of the survivors.

Also, with the Squirrell/Lua switchover, this means L4D will slingshot as soon as I can get a decent computer, Source SDK, Half-life 2, and a Source Model Maker.
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