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Outside the Bar of Galaxies
Topic Started: Feb 26 2011, 12:18 PM (6,071 Views)
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
(Kyle Indari on leave. Team Star Dragon is out-of-system on an assignment, and Kyle took his personal carrier ship with his JX-50 Assault Fighter to an isolated region. Feel free to participate.)

The crimson-scaled giant looked over the nearby city from the relative safety of a ledge. Three weeks' leave, and he chose to come to this isolated world. He could have headed to Dragonaria prime, or Kemoran III, but no - here he was, on Epsilon Eridani II, with his new mission in mind.
What he had "neglected" to tell his teammates was that he tracked someone here. Someone who might have answers to the questions that burned in Kyle Indari's shell.
With this in mind, Kyle leapt off the ledge, spread his wings, and started his flight to the capitol city of New Detroit...
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
(Kyle Indari and his new JX-70 Advanced Assault Fighter. I'm bored, and I wanted to rp. Go figure.)

An explosion, approximately sixty meters aft, followed by a splash of ocean water, marked one of six enemies pursuing the JX-70 plummeting into the ocean.
"Have a nice swim, huener'lenn swinn," the pilot commented.
"Mr. Indari, what's your location?" asked the voice of the pilot's CO, Kylet'oran Jek'ari. "Over."
"I wouldn't be the one to know," Kyle responded. "Some b****rd drugged me, I woke up in a lab, escaped, took my new JX-70, and now I'm on the run from six Raptorian Marauders, one of which is now taking a nice swim in the sea."
Kylet'oran chuckled. "I'm not even going to ask you how you ended up where you are, or why you're being chased by--"
"Alert," Izinagi proclaimed, "I have three additional Raptorian Marauders, starboard side, heading in fast!"
"Dammit," Kyle mumbled. "I'm in a bit of a jam, sir - a little help would be useful if you get the chance. Otherwise, I'll meet you on Nar Shaddaa."
Kyle cut the channel before he could hear Kylet'oran's reply, and performed a double-barrel-roll, zipped through a rock formation and listened as another Marauder collided with it.
"Speed kills, screwball!" Kyle commented.
"Attendtion, Pilot of the JX-70. Power down and land immediately, or we will destroy you," said the leading NCO of these marauders.
"It'll be a cold day in hell before I take orders from a dino-pig like you," Kyle growled. He slammed on the brakes, and two of the enemy craft shot past him. Arming the Kadgeron Disruptors and the burst-fire disruptor cannons, he targeted the enemy craft to the right. Before he had a chance to react, Kyle fired the burst-fire disruptors. A muffled WO-WO-WOYSHR! sounded through the hull, and blew the Marauder apart. The left-hand marauder tried to pull the same trick Kyle used earlier, but as soon as he hit the brakes, Kyle opened up with the Kadgeron Disruptors and blasted the enemy craft out of the sky.
"Alert," Izanagi announced, "I'm tracking two more enemy craft on sensors."
"Where the hell are these guys coming from?!" Kyle exclaimed. "Send out a broad-comm distress signal!"
"On it," Izanagi said. Moments later, she added, "You're on, Kyle."
"This is Kyle Indari of team Star Dragon issuing a priority-one distress call to any allied forces in the area; I am being attacked by Raptorian Marauders, and I'm having a tough time shaking them! Repeat, unknown number of Raptorian Marauders, and I need assistance to any allied forces in the area!"
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
about 7 miles away by a renovated military base's hangar, a She-wolf was sleeping in the cockpit of a once company owned stealth ship. Since the vehicle was on for the air to be on, the transmission came up on screen and woke the pilot up...

She personally didn't want to be bothered, she was already in a bad enough mood, her Ex had just proposed to marry a girl and has been rather snappy since then. though it would help get it off her mind....

Sighing, and rolling her eyes, she took hold of the throttle and begun to move her way out of the hanger, and took off on one of the runways...

WO-WO-WOYSHR! the Burst-fire disruptors fired, and disintegrated another Raptorian Marauder.
"How many kills does that make?" Kyle asked his AI.
"I stopped counting at twenty-five," Izanagi replied.
"F**k!" Kyle excalimed. "Where are these guys coming from?"
"Does it look like I would be the one to know?" came Izanagi's smart-mouth reply.
"Any signs of other craft?"
"Not at the moment - the only things in the air right now are us and about twenty-plus Raptorian Marauders," Izanagi answered.
"We need to find a safe--" Kyle started.
"Hold on - I've got something," Izanagi interrupted. "Not any craft I've seen, but it's definitely *not* Raptorian; I think it's someone answering your distress call."
"Hail them," Kyle commanded.
"Hailing frequency open,"
"This is Kyle Indari of team Star Dragon to unidentified vessel," Kyle said. "state your intent." Another Raptorian Marauder was blown apart by an anti-fighter missile. Another missile, delivered in quick succession, blew off a Marauder's wing, sending him spinning out of control and colliding with a cliff face.
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
"Thanks for the assist, old friend," Kyle said. "But I thought you were on the other side of the galaxy." The burst-fire disruptors lit into another Marauder, and the remaining three bugged out. Kyle headed into the Hangar of the Aurora and said over the comm, "I don't suppose you could get me to Nar Shaddaa?" The JX-70 hovered above the deck, turned counter-clockwise to facew the hangar aperture, and settled on the deck. "I'm in a bit of a rush. As usual, long story, not enough time to explain."

EDIT: here's a pic of the JX-70 so you know what it's *supposed* to look like
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Attachments: JX_70_Advanced_Assault_Fighter.png (461.31 KB)
Edited by Star_Dragon, Jun 5 2011, 09:12 AM.
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
"I appreciate it, old friend," Kyle said as he got out of the pilot's seat and started toward the now-open rear hatch. He was just starting to poke his head out when Izanagi piped up.
"Kyle, we've got an incoming transmission from Kylet'oran,"
Kyle cursed under his breath, headed back into the JX-70, and answered the call.
"Kyle, are you safe?" Kylet'oran asked.
"For the moment," Kyle replied. "I'm inside the hanger of the Cerinian destroyer Aurora. Why?"
"If that ship has a cloaking device," Kylet'oran responded, "tell the captain to use it as soon as you hit orbit - you have a band of renegade Covenant warships - three frigates and a destroyer - heading your way."
"Hey, Krystal - Remember Kylet'oran?" Kyle called out to Krystal. "He wants you to engage your cloaking device as soon as we hit orbit - we've got a band of renegades on their way here!" Returning his attention to his CO, Kyle asked, "Did I miss something?"
"Someone's been tracking you," Kylet'oran answered. "They have already hired a Raptorian Star Cruiser to try and eliminate you."
"That tells us where those Raptorian Marauders came from," Izanagi said.
"It would have to have been a carrier," Kyle remarked. "We shot down at least thirty marauders."
"And chances are, the carrier's still in the vicinity," Izanagi added.
"Serena," Kyle asked, "are your sensors picking up any sort of carrier starships in the area?"
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
(In another part of the Galaxy)

The Sangheili Gunship Retribution's Thunder tore through slipspace after a member now under heavy attack. Someone had gotten a location trace off the broad-comm transmission, and was now en route to get him. Not the renegade covenant warships - three frigates and a destroyer - they weren't the biggest threat. It was the recently-stolen retrofitted UNSC Leviathan Supercarrier - under Raptorian control - that was the real threat. It had been stolen out of the Lambda Serpentis system, and had been declared MIA. Recent ONI intelligence had found out it had been stolen by the Raptorians.
Now, it was headed to the system Kyle was in, armed and armored to the teeth.
"Alert," Dar-Ma announced, "Exiting slipspace in three... two... one!"
A swirling slipspace vortex appeared, and the Sangheili Gunship exited it.
"Shields up, and weapons ready," Kylet'oran ordered. "Keesha, where are the enemy ships?"
"The renegade Covenant ships have stopped in the Regula Badlands," Keesha reported. "The Leviathan Supercarrier Incursion has also stopped there."
"How far are they from here?" Kylet'oran asked.
"If there are no complications," Keesha said, "they are far enough to where we could pick up Kyle and his friend and leave before they ever get here; that treacherous area of space will force them to navigate around it."
"Contact--" San began.
"I'm picking up... a Cerinian destroyer, listed as the Aurora, ascending through the atmosphere," Keesha proclaimed.
"Hail them," Kylet'oran ordered.
"Hailing frequency open," Voro stated.
"Attention, Cerinian destroyer Aurora," Kylet'oran announced, "this is the Sangheili Gunship Retribution's Thunder. Is that you, Kryst--"
"Sir," Voro piped up, "I have a Raptorian Assault Carrier, de-cloaking behind the Aurora!"
"Cerinian Destroyer Aurora, you have a Raptorian Assault Carrier, de-cloaking on your aft! Evade! Say again, evade!"
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
The explosion inside the Raptorian Assault Carrier's shields registered quite clearly on the sensors of the Retribution's Thunder. How Krystal managed such a thing was beyond Kylet'oran, but it didn't matter; the result was just the same. As the Aurora jumped into slipspace, the bomb she left behind detonated and caused the Raptorian Assault Carrier's shields to glow bright orange, overload, and fail.
"Their shields are down!" Voro announced.
"Way to go, Krystal," Kylet'oran muttered. "Target the assault carrier's main reactor and hit it with our MAC guns - armor-piercing rounds!"
Voro's hands danced along the console as he worked. Soon after, four thumps resonated through the hull, and four slugs were sent racing toward the enemy warship. The carrier shuddered and buckled as the four MAC slugs impacted, and the whole ship detonated.
"Father," Keesha stated, "I'm... getting a distress beacon on the planet." she tapped a few switches, and a message played.

"this is the "Deus Meus Ama" broadcasting to all ships in range" He paused as an explosion rippled throughout the ship. "if anyone can hear or understand me, please advise, Multiple hostile warships are in the immediate area. I can provide assistance but i need guarentee that im speaking to freindlies... Please respond, Over"

"Hail the ship broadcasting the message," Kylet'oran ordered. "Let's see if they'll answer."
"Hailing frequency open," Voro said.
"Attention, carrier ship Deus Meus Ama, this is Kylet'oran Jek'ari of the Sangheili Gunship Retribution's Thunder. What is your current condition? Over."
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
"Well, I was supposed to meet my team there," Kyle responded. "But you passed them in orbit. Knowing my CO, he'll follow your slipspace trajectory 'soon as he gets finished with whatever he was doing."
"That," Izanagi added, "and we came across some very... sensitive intel about a string of warship thefts across the galaxy." With a pause, the AI stated, "The latest theft was the UNSC Leviathan Supercarrier, the Incursion. A series of Sangheili warships have also been stolen, and the intel we came across was important because it states the leader of the band stealing these ships - a corrupt military leader, General Leon Woods. I don't suppose you know him, do you, Krystal?"

(Storm Raven, I apologize for whatever insult I may have inadvertently implied. I try not to ignore others trying to RP with me, but I also try to stick to the storyline (In this case, the events in my adventures in this thread.). Srry!)
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
"Acknowledged, DeMea," Kylet'oran responded, "Hold your position. We're gonna bring the Retribution's Thunder to you. If you have dorsal docking clamps, get them ready - I'm going to haul you out of that mess. Be advised, we may have additional hostiles on the way from the vicinity of the Regula Badlands. If you have other available drones, get your weapons ready - assuming they're not too severely damaged."
"Initiating planetary descention protocols," Dar-Ma announced.
"Voro, get a lock on the DeMea," Kylet'oran commanded. "We may not get more than one chance at this."
"Should I heat the weapons?" Voro asked.
"No," San snapped. "We may appear hostile to the DeMea. We need to rescue them, haul them through the atmosphere, and jump to slipspace before the enemy gets here."
"Keesha," Kylet'oran asked, "Is there any shortcut through the badlands?"
"None that I'm aware of, father," Keesha replied. "Assuming they jumped when I think they did, we have a two, maybe three-hour window to get the DeMea and get the hell out of dodge."
"Three hours?" Jason stated. "That'd be cutting it awfully close."
"Not like we have a hell of a choice," Kylet'oran said. "I'm not going to leave behind someone who is calling for help - a Jedi would be compelled to help them, no matter the odds."
"Maybe we can aid the DeMea in repairs," M'raaj-Dar suggested.
"In the time we have," Voro discounted, "We'd never finish in time."
"But," M'raaj-Dar said, "We have a full compliment of Huragok AND repair drones."
"Even with all of them repairing the DeMea," Voro argued, "we don't have enough time.
"We don't have to repair the whole ship," San suggested. "Just weapons and shields."
Kylet'oran paused. Looking to his childhood Sangheili friend, he asked, "Voro, are we still patched into the comm system of the DeMea?"
"Assuming they haven't cut it off," Voro responded.
"Commander Jay, what is the weapon compliment of your warship?"
* * *

"No I am no what species is he this is sounding quiet serious." Krystal replied simply.

"Yeah, it's serious," Kyle responded. "Kemorainian intelligence believes he is gathering a fleet."

"My data banks have no information on him." Serena replied.

"Odd," Izanagi stated. "Alliance database has tons of info on him - just no physical ID or racial appearance. Information - though sketchy - was circulated to all relay stations; he should be known across the galaxy."
"Strange," Kyle said. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and returned his attention to Krystal. "But again - thanks for the assist back there."
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
"Kyle you hungry?" Krystal asked beginning to walk off the bridge.

"Hungry?" Kyle scoffed. "Kah, I haven't eaten since those Raptorian Marauders started chasing me this morning - what's on the menu?" Kyle followed Krystal off the bridge.
* * *
"I have the DeMea in visual range," Voro announced.
"Let's take a look," San said.
Kylet'oran, however, had his mind focused on other matters. "Commander Jay, we are approaching your port side - we're the massive, retrofitted Covenant Assault Carrier. Do you have any dorsal docking clamps ready?"
"Alert," Keesha proclaimed, "We have less than two and a half hours until imminent enemy contact."
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
Krystal walked down a large ramp and into a large docking bay "Welcome to the galatae I think this ship will serve our purpose better with all the trouble going around." Krystal informed Kyle as she lead him to the Mess hall "As for what's on well what do you want we have mashed potatoes two varities of eggs and well just about anything left on board.

"Well, in that case," Kyle said, a hint of humor in his voice, "I'll have a nine-ounce, well-done sirloin steak with a side of mashed 'taters and some Cerinian ale, if you have any... if not, I'll settle for a Vanilla Coke."
Without warning, an odd, star wars-themed techno music began to play on the external speakers of Kyle's battle suit. He grumbled to himself, tapped a few buttons in his wrist gauntlet, and the music stopped. He then growled into his comm unit,
"Piss. OFF. Izzy."
Izanagi, contrary to being offended, laughed and left the comm channel. As if yelling after her, Kyle called out,
"And stay in the JX-70! Don't go snooping around the computer systems of the Galatae!"

(HINT: click on the link in the sentence to hear the music Izzy played)
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
"Acknowledged," Kylet'oran stated, "As soon as you can, make your best speed to Epsilon Alpha for expedited repairs. We'll cover you while you make--"
"Father," Keesha piped up, "I've got a starship dropping out of light speed!"
"Our stolen warship?" San asked.
"Negative," Keesha responded. "Different ship - this one is a UNSC Moscow-class Battlecruiser, labelled the Hellfire. They're sending out a Search and rescue sig--" Keesha stopped again. She frowned, then cursed. "S**t! Alert, new contact - Tondam Corporate Alfa-class Attack Cruiser, bearing zero-one-niner, Starboard Bow! They're shields are up and weapons hot!"
"Battle Alert!" Kylet'oran exclaimed. "Go weapons-hot and shields up!"
The shape of the Retribution's Thunder shimmered for a split second as the shields went up.
"Shields are up, weapons are charging; ETA thirty seconds," Voro announced.
"Dar-Ma, put us between that Alfa and the DeMea!" San commanded.
"Copy," Dar-Ma replied. "Disengaging Docking clamps and engaging engines!"
There was a loud POP as the docking clamps disengaged, and the engines on the Sangheili Gunship lit up bright blue-white as the massive vessel positioned itself between the enemy warship.
"Hail the Tondam Corporation warship - advise power down weapons and shields or we will open fire." Kylet'oran ordered.
"They're ignoring us," Voro stated.
"Alert - enemy weapons discharging!" Keesha proclaimed. The forward array of the Alfa lit up, and discharged a single plasma beam cannon, and followed up with a pair of Proton Torpedoes. The two torpedoes impacted on the shields of the Retribution's Thunder after the beam cannon, and generally had little effect.
"Return fire - MAC Guns, Anti-Armor rounds!" Kylet'oran barked. Because the enemy warship was off the Starboard Bow of the Retribution's Thunder, and the gunship's four MAC guns were embedded in the bow, it was a trivial matter for Dar-Ma to fire maneuvering thrusters to bring the Sangheili Gunship around to fire the four MAC guns.
The MAC guns discharged, one by one, at the Alfa. The first slug impacted on the shields, overloaded them, and caused them to fail. The next three holed the Alfa from bow to aft, and took the ship out of commission. The warship lurched to port where that last slug struck, nosed into the water, and exploded.
"Kylet'oran to Commander Jay - Status on repairs?"
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
"Helm, get us through there - now!" Kylet'oran exclaimed. The Retribution's Thunder sailed through the aperture at an angle before it collapsed, and emerged mere meters above the dorsal structures of the DeMea.
"A little too close for comfort, Dar." San stated.
The Argonian at the helm smiled. "I try," She said with a grin.
"Get a message to Epsilon Alpha repair yards - tell them to bring the tow shuttles over here to tow this guy to the repair dock," Kylet'oran ordered. "Commander Jay, it's been nice to guard you. But, unfortunately, we must depart to find the comrade we came for. Good hunting. Kylet'oran out." Kylet'oran gave the hand-signal to cut the transmission, then ordered a course to the base Kyle was currently at.
The swirling slipspace vortex opened, sucked the Sangheili gunship in, and winked out. There was still a Cerinian Dragon-Shifter to save...
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
(No, Kyle's not a dragon - he's a dragon-shifter; one who can take the form of a dragon. Although, I *could* arrange for you to meet the Dragon of the Star Dragon team - Keedar. I have a pic of him I'll upload to my 3D image thread.)

"Kyle was Kylet'toran suppose to pick you up?"

"I never specified a time," Kyle said, "but I suspect he ran into a few... complications."

Serena's hologram appeared in the middle of the table. "We'll be clear of the asteroid base in thirty seconds and far enough to jump in a minute." Serena informed the two walking off the table she jumped off with a thud.

"Oh I forgot to mention it's still in prototype phases but on this ship Serena is well somewhat real have you heard of Star Fleets emergency medical hologram program?" Krystal asked Kyle as she took another bite of her grille chicken sandwich she grabbed from one of the dispensers.

"Pah - I've heard of him," Kyle responded. "Also from what I've heard, one such program - dubbed 'Joe' - that served on the USS Voyager defied his original programming. I've been trying to convince my CO to employ one of those EMH programs - not an easy task."
"Kyle," Izanagi said over Kyle's comm, "I've got Kylet'oran on the comm. He wants to talk to you."
"Put him through to me," Kyle ordered. There was a crackle of static as Kylet'oran came over the comm channel.
"Kylet'oran Jek'ari to Kyle Indari - are you alright?" Kylet'oran asked.
"I'm fine, sir - what's your location?" Kyle asked.
"I'm currently en route to your location, ETA two minutes," Kyle answered.
Kyle paused, as though remembering something he gleaned from the classified Intel he nabbed before being chased by the Raptorian Marauders. "Is Keedar there?"
"Y-yes, he is," Kylet'oran responded. "Is something wrong?"
"I... just need to talk to him," Kyle said, a single tear leaving his eye.
There was another burst of static as Keedar came over the channel. "Kyle?" he asked. "Ar youk okaa?" (Are you okay?)
"Ikh... dod ash youk auch'ett." (I... Did as you asked.)
"Haat dod youk fint oit?" (What did you find out?)
"Tookk muche tok esplatt ofer thi comm, buth Ikh vitt seutt this; ve musht dok this od uer onn. Ve cadd'th auch Kylet'oran tok idturvedd." (Too much to explain over the comm, but I will say this; we must do this on our own. We can't ask Slain to intervene.)
"Ish Saphira okaa?" (Is Saphira okay?)
"Plesh... jus giit id youk'r curadd'err trad'sput ad meeth mekh od thi Dragon'ss Raggh ofer Reach." (Please... just get in your carrier transport and meet me on the Dragon's Rage over Reach.)
As though Keedar got the implied message, he asked, "Hatt vitt ve dok fromm thert?" (What will we do from there?)
"Ve vitt dok haat ve dok beche - id'fulit, kylet, ad destrua." (We will do what we do best - infiltrate, kill and destroy.)
Kyle killed the comm, got up and left with a sudden anger. He doubled back to the hangar, got in his JX-70, and blasted out of the hangar. Before Krystal even had time to react, he powered up his stolen and modified Borg Transwarp drive, inputted the coordinates, and disappeared into transwarp speed, headed for Reach...
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
Kyle flew back to the docking bay, shifted back to normal, and boarded his JX70 Advanced Assault Fighter. He shut the hatch, pressurized the room, and settled in to the pilot's seat. With machine proficiency, he powered the craft up, lifted off, and began inputting coordinates - spatial and dimensional. His destination...
"Lamdon III?" his AI said. "Why are you going there?"
"My hideout is there, remember?" Kyle asked.
"Oh. Yeah. Forgot about that," Izanagi stated. "You seem a bit... cheerier."
"You'll find out why later," Kyle responded.
The JX70 finished preparations, tore a hole in space-time, and disappeared...
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