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Dark Crisis
Topic Started: Mar 6 2011, 06:54 PM (656 Views)
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The Cool Blue Avian. When a bird's this smooth, he's bound to get the girls.
Doors slowly opened, with people flooding in by the dozens. People talking and laughing filled the ambiance as the museum quickly filled with animals. Flash photography was seen in various places. Tourist pointed at various exhibits. The place was packed.

The reason so many people had come in on this particular day was the opening of the new rare and valuable item. The Photonic Orb a sphere that changed colors frequently. It's gave off a soft mystical glow, and those who stared at it closely could get lost in the miniature lightning storm that seemed to be happening inside the object.

People "ooh"ed and "ahhh"ed at the trinket as they huddled around the glass case that held the object. The museum had decided to put it on display in their lobby, using the orb as some kind of icon to intrigue. From the looks of things, it was doing that job pretty well.

...........Perhaps a little too well. For this orb had also attracted the attention of "unfavorable" persons....

"We blow the wall, and we enter here." Black Boss pointed on a computer screen in the limo.

"Not that subtle." Keith growled. "I like it."

"This job doesn't call for subtlety. It's a museum. We simply get the orb and take our leave.There shouldn't be any high resistance."

"And it there's any...." Terry swished his knife through the air in a sharply. "We'll cut them down to size."

"Once we steal the orb..." Boss continued ignoring the cat. "We leave the same way we came in."

"Because the front doors will go into lockdown Alpha right?" Terry asked causally, playing with the tip of his knife.

"....Yes." Black Boss growled slightly annoyed that his cat wasn't paying much attention.

"It's simple, clean and quick. This will be easier than it sounds." Keith growled softly.

"It's almost too easy." Boss said putting a hand to his chin. "An item that is rumored to hold all that power....I'm almost inclined to think this is entrapment..."


"Fiddly di, Fiddly doe!" A parrot sung from his pilot seat, tinkering with his console. "What a wonderful day to go to the museum eh Raven? You'll finally get that diamond ring you've been wanting....all in the name of SCIENCE!"

"I'm not sure Lance...." A black bird next to him rested her head in the palm of her feathered hand. "We're ripping off a museum. I mean taxpayers dollars goes into this place."

Lance gave a small laugh. "So you think we should go go rip off that connivence store instead? They do have rings there, but I'm pretttty sure they're plastic."

"No....I'm saying we should take more than just diamonds. The sapphires, the rubies! Even old Dinosaur bones!" Raven said, a huge smile cracking on her face.

"You know I've been trying to find something to put on my nightstand and I think a T-Rex Skull would be perfect!" Lance put a hand to his chin. "Of course that'd mean there would be no more room for my alarm clock...."

"You're so silly." Raven giggled.

"Oh AM I?" Lance said loudly. "I'm not wearing large bracelets around my arm and platform sandals that went out with the 70's!" The parrot slowly leaned back in his chair and slicked his hair. "Although you must admit....if I did wear it, I'd totally make it work." He wriggled his eyebrows.

"....SHUT up!" Raven laughed. "It's a good look for me. You're just jealous I have better fashion sense." She moved one of the throttles downward edging the ship closer to the museum.


A wolverine hopped up onto the museum roof. It was fresh in the morning and the doors had just opened. He glanced down the enormous skylight and looked at his target.

The Photonic Orb.

He was getting a hefty little reward for that beauty. A simple break into the case and dash off would work wonders in a crowd like this. Since he had heard from a reliable source that the front doors would lock down as soon as an alarm was raised, he made sure to have a back door....a freshly dug hole in the jungle exhibit. To keep the plants fresh and healthy they were actually grown in dirt that connected to the museum garden outside. It was his ticket for a fast getaway.

The Silver Rain sat on the museum roof, cloaked. Inside of it sat a sharpclaw and a robot, both of them looking at the mustelid amble on the rooftop, unaware he was being watched.

"Clause. Probably here for the orb. But I know he wouldn't be after it unless he was hired." Wrecks calmly grabbed something from a bag, before eating it in one gulp.

"Our client did mention one of his colleges was after the orb as well. Perhaps he hired Clause, seeing as he is one of the top mercenaries on the market." Adam suggested. He pulled up the profile of the colleague, and read it with lightning speed on the holo-screen.

"That's what I was thinking." Wrecks said getting up and grabbing his gear.

"As soon as you enter the vents, the steam will certainly cause Mr Kravenoff to smell you." Adam warned as he glanced backward at the lizard.

Wrecks' helmet came up on his face as he opened a small hatch on his ship.

"I don't care." he retorted slipping down into the hole.

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Vixie Darkmatter
Member Avatar
Using a set of binoculars from across the street Elise stares in wonder at the Photonic Orb inside the museum through one of it's windows. "Will you look at that, it's beautiful," she comments in awe, "and it's going to be all mine." A dark grin crosses her face as she sets down the binocular set for the time being. Adjusting her hair slightly she turns to face her partner, although not a partner by choice. "Are you ready for this?" she asks facing a feline of similar colors, Leo. "We only have one chance at making this work." Grabbing something from a nearby bag, a couple of flash grenades, the arctic vixen turns back and picks up the set of binoculars again checking out security one final time. "You have got to be joking, this security is a joke," she laughs, until she notices the roof of the museum. "Oh, now look at the little termites mucking it all up," the vixen states with a frown as she notices a sharpclaw seeming to appear out of nowhere. "Must be a cloaked ship, be ready for a fight Leo," she orders back at the feline.
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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Pigma sat in the driver's seat of the getaway vehicle..."I hope this is worth it!" he grunted.
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CDF Ensign
Leo listened to Elise talk, and then nodded, a grin appearing on her face too. "Doesn't matter. That orb's going to belong to us by the end of the night." she told Elise. "We've got the talent to outmatch them all..."

Elsewhere, a clown car was circling the museum, the occupant within trying to get her bearings on the museum. Penny, the teal haired clown duck, was whistling a happy tune. "I'm gonna get the shiny thing and then I'm going to juggle it." she said decisively. "I'll juggle it with a chainsaw! That sounds really funny!" she told herself, giggling with glee at her plan.
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CDF Master Sergeant
Wolf smirked. The plan was quite simple, and took next to no effort on his part, at least at this point. He had Panther and Leon prepared as well. They would keep tabs on the orb, and wait for the inevitable theft. O'Donnel had already gotten wind of at least one or two different plots to steal it. All he had to do was wait for them to do the hard part for him, and get it out of the museum. Once the thieves were a safe distance away, he would move in with Panther and Leon and take it for themselves.

Simple, devious, and something that would easy to pull off. Even better, it would keep the initial heat off of himself. Once Corneria could track it to him, he'd already probably be done with it and have gotten rid of it.

Wolf chuckled to himself, and put in a call over a private channel to Panther and Leon to make sure all was well on their ends.
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The Cool Blue Avian. When a bird's this smooth, he's bound to get the girls.
"Yeah.....so you know what I says to him?"


"I says to him.....get those panties of yours out of that freakin bunch, and we'll talk. You know?"

"Hah ha. I know."

"So yeah. Then the dude tries to freakin throw a punch, at ME. I mean of all the nerve right?"

"Oh wow. Did you hit him back?"

"Oh I tore him up. You should've-Hey! You guys can't be back here-URK!"

Sounds of beaten flesh and cracking bones could be heard from around the corner. A short moment later, the sounds stopped, and four cats came strolling around from the side of a building.

"Yeesh, they were annoying." Terry stated putting away his knife.

"Here." Black Boss pointed at a section of the wall. Keith and Doc ran up quickly and set the charges.

"We're all set boss." Keith growled.


Lance grabbed a few of his weapons and put them on his body. He hummed the tune to "Mission Impossible" as he swirled his naval blaster around on his finger.

"All set Lance." Raven confirmed from the bridge of the Rustbucket. The ship was floating a few feet above the gift shop section. They only had moments before people wondered what a huge hunk of junk, was doing hovering above a museum.

"Well then let's make this happen, Capn!" Lance blurted cheerfully. He opened a small hatch that revealed the drop he had to make below. Grabbing a chain that was connected to the ceiling he swung himself lightly onto the very edge of the hatch.

"That would be you." Raven giggled.

"I know. I just like hearing you say that." Lance grinned widely. He holstered his naval blaster and made sure he had a firm grip on his metal links.

"Hey.....wanna bet that I can make this jump halfway down without the chain?" Lance said quickly.

"Lance NO! Don't you even dare-!" The raven spun around in her seat, and rose up quickly, putting his feathered hands up in protest.

"Too late, I dare! WHOOOOO!" The parrot screamed as he jumped headfirst out of the hatch, flying downward.


Wrecks landed in a crouch in the steam vents. Due to the "volcano" in the jungle exhibit, it produced enough steam that large enough vents had to be made, to channel it outside. Lucky for him, they were large enough to walk in.

Now all he had to do, was slip inside and grab the orb. But then there was Clause. Wrecks wanted a quiet approach as opposed to a loud one....but the Wolverine may have had other ideas.....

As Clause hooked a line to one of the steam vents, clipping it around his waist, he suddenly sniffed the steam wildly.

".....Wrecks." he growled softly. "Of all the bloomin times...." he muttered.

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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Pigma drove the getaway vehicle into a fast food drive through. "I'll have a number 9 large, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda." he said. He paid for his food, and then pulled the getaway vehicle back to ts place. "What's takin' those guys so damn long?" he asked out loud. He began to enjoy his fast food.
Vixie Darkmatter
Member Avatar
Khroma ran in the tunnels under the museum. Her footsteps splashing up minute amount of water. Finally she found what she was after, a grate that lead up into the stockroom of the museum. Slipping her way inside she looks around carefully, making sure not to make too much noise. "Perfect," she says as she checks her equipment, a couple flash grenades, a smoke grenade, and her signature goggles. "And now to wait," she whispers to herself, waiting for the opportunity to strike for her prize.

Elise walks over to a case and pulls out a grappling hook gun, one to match Leo's, but this one was unable to attach to her own arm. She points it over to a sturdy looking spot on the museum roof and fires. A couple seconds later she feels it hit it's mark. "Got it," she announces as she sets up to slide down the cable. Once all the safety precautions are complete she turns her head back toward her companion, "See you over there," her voice says with a hint of darkness in it. She brushes her tail against the feline before sliding down, bringing her feet up and coming to a roll as she lands on the other side. The arctic vixen checks out the area, making sure it was clear before waving to Leo that it was all clear.
Member Avatar
The Cool Blue Avian. When a bird's this smooth, he's bound to get the girls.
Clause was pondering on rather he should follow after the sharpclaw or not, when a white fox with ice blue hair rolled onto the rooftop. She got up and glanced around, checking the place out.

"What the devil....?" he muttered. He peered at her closely trying to figure out what he business was. She certainly wasn't with the CDF, and she wasn't wearing security clothing. Which meant she was probably a thief.

Which meant she was after the Photonic Orb.


Lance caught the chain halfway down and swung onto the small section of the rooftop. He broke his fall with a roll and glanced up at the Rusbucket pulling out a slim communicator.

"Lance don't scare me like that!" Raven yelled over the line.

"Calm down mother, I'm fine." Lance laughed. "Besides....you should try that jump sometime."

"Aren't you afraid I'll beat your record?" the black bird teased from the bridge.

"You can TRY...." The parrot replied jokingly. "But honestly...I'm not expecting much."

"Oooh!" Raven exclaimed shaking her fist. "You just wait till we get back to Katina Mr. Cooper! I'll find the highest mountain and make you jump off it!"

"That's sounds awfully a lot like a challenge." Lance smirked.

"You bet it is." Raven shot at him playfully. "I'm getting ready to drop the Anchor on your command."


Wrecks walked through the steam casually looking at a direction pad. After a few minutes he stopped, and glanced down out of a vent. He was right above the orb.

Bending down, Wrecks zoomed in on his target using his helmet vizor. Now he had to wait for an opportune moment.....but he had to be quick. Clause was here too, and he was sure to act fast.

Vixie Darkmatter
Member Avatar
Khroma continues to lay in waiting until she hears a sound coming from one of the vents. She felt fortunate that there were no openings in this room other than the one she came in at. Her opportunity to strike had not yet come, but she may need to move sooner than she anticipated. "Don't you dare," she whispers out to whoever was moving in the vents, knowing that they couldn't hear her. Her tail flicked in nervousness, the presence of another thief making the calico vixen feel on edge.
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CDF Ensign
Leo followed Elise on over, landing with finesse. She smirked at Elise. "Too easy. We'll have this thing in no time." she told her companion confidently.
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The OFFICIAL Player of Marcus on SFG
Leon was inside, cloaked, as he slithered his ways into and out of the footing of the museum fanatics. He remembered what Wolf had said about other plots wanting the orb, so as he kept one of his eyes forward, he kept the other darting around to see whatever or whoever to try to get close to it.
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The Cool Blue Avian. When a bird's this smooth, he's bound to get the girls.
Clause cursed under his breath. They were here for the orb too. He should have figured a job that paid this much, would have a few hitches.

The wolverine stayed lowed and quickly clipped a line onto the vent that connected to his black belt. He tested the line quickly and then stared down out of the skylight. It looked like he was going to have to make this fast.
Vixie Darkmatter
Member Avatar
"We'll have it and be out before anyone knows we're even here," the vixen agrees with a smug look on her face. She brushes back her hair and fixes it up. "Let's go," she orders as she makes her way toward the maintenance shaft. "Going down?" Elise giggles, completely oblivious to Clause's presence on the roof.
Rising Phoenix
CDF Third Lieutenant
A large robot was waiting outside the museum, watching the backdoors. Or perhaps robot was not the correct denomination -- but it did not matter now. 'He' was getting ready for an unpleasant task - theft - and he was not confortable with it. To someone who once had control over entire star systems, this felt like falling to low.

"Comrade, do I need to repeat you our plan?"
Said a spider-bot, who was next to the large robot.
"Yes, I forgot it again..." Said another spider-bot.

"Well, here is the plan. We want to 'adquire' the Orb. But we know we are not alone here, and others will be trying to retrieve it too. So well, once they have it, we rush in to their position, and take the Orb from them."
The spider-bot would have smiled if it could.

"But... If they are armed? Or the local police attack us?"
Replied the other.
"If that happens, we turn them into norhyperian cheese."

The spiderbot was still unquiet.
"But... I mean, why do we need this one? Can not be simply buy one?"

The comment attracted the attention of the large robot.

"Silence, fool!" He said firmly. "The Orb is a small piece of the grand scheme of things. Alone it is not much more than a rare jewel. But if used efficiently, it could be the door to the hallway of victory..."

He looked at a spiderbot, then ordered it to go inside.
He remained expectant; the spiderbot meanwhile found it's way to the upper ventilation system.

OOC: Did I overdo it?
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