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Chat Play
Topic Started: Mar 21 2011, 02:48 AM (1,019 Views)
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CDF Lance Corporal
anyone is free to join with whatever character they want[including themselves if they wish]. dont know what a chat play is? head on over here for my explanation of what my chat plays are and what they're like.

so! today i shall be using my star fox oc, Lesley. shes a very clumsy, cheerful snow leopard. :D i'll also be chat playing Red -pokes avatar- and his Pika~. i may add more chars. we'll see.

lets get this show on the road!
Red: ... -glances at Roxas, quirking an eyebrow-
Me: do-dont look at me like that... -kicks Lesley in and crawls under pebble- >w>
Lesley: Hey! -rubs her rump with a pout- That's not very nice...
Pika: -jumps off of Red's shoulder and scurries over to Lesley, looking curiously up at her-
Lesley: ... Homg it's so cute! >w<
Deleted User
Deleted User

*big crash as a car suddenly barrels through the wall*

Tenko: Dammit, Sapphire! Look what you've done now!
Sapphire: Oh, don't put the blame on me! It was your lousy direction!
Tenko: Me!? Look who drove through a wall! I didn't direct you INTO A WALL!
Me: @_@
Member Avatar
Frater Centurion
*The poor poor wall is suddenly rebreached as Balsa Removers Her Cranium from the spot the wall occupied moments ago*
ME- told you
Balsa- shut up oh so sarcastic creator
Me- *a little to quickly* yes mam.
Member Avatar
CDF Lance Corporal
Lesley: -picks up the little pikachu, immediately jumping involuntarily at the sudden crash- Kyah! >A< O-oh my! Are you all okay!? D:
Me: -watches from under pebble- 'lo, everyone. thanks for joining. |D
Red: -turns his head in the direction of the newcomers, staring blankly at them- ... -seemingly unfazed by what's happening-
Rising Phoenix
CDF Third Lieutenant
Black Soviet: *Blows the ceiling and comes down*
Deckér: *Comes out of his friend ship*
ME: What. The. Heck.
Black Soviet: Faked awesomeness detected. True Hypeness detected.
Deckér & ME: Hey, only _I_ can be Hyper!!
Deckér: O_o
ME: Hey dude you are...?
Deckér: Yeah I am your... Well, whatever, you made me, right?
Black Soviet: That is correct, he "made" both of us.
ME: That is completely, I mean, like, HYPER!!
Deckér: YAY!
Black Soviet: *Beeps happily*
Deckér & ME: *Start to riff-raff and blah-blah-blah about how "Hyper" they are*
ME: *Suddenly realises something* But wait. If you are here, it means that somehow our realities entered in contact or what the heck.
Deckér: And that means...?
ME: Bad things happen.
Deckér: Come on, it is not like...
DR. HAX: *Breaks wall and shows himself
Deckér: D:
Deckér & ME: *Panick and start to run around* OHNOITSDRHAXIDONTWANNAGETHITBYAMONITOR!!!!1ONEONE!11!!!!
Black Soviet: My sensors indicate that we are in trouble. Most particulary you, my creator, because you seem to be the most our of place.
ME:Okay, let's say you made me.
Black Soviet: You know Dr. Hax will not be fooled by that.
Deckér: OH NOES!!
DR. HAX: THE HAAAAAAAAAAX!!! *Suddenly a CRT aims for Deckér and his creator
Deckér & ME: *start to run, then accidentaly end up running into each other* WAAAAAAAAAH!!! *ready for impact*
[offtopic]"To be continued!" also, did I overdo it this time?[/offtopic]
Member Avatar
CDF Lance Corporal
no need to 'offtopic'[is that a form of ooc here?] in a chat play~.
Lesley: -screams as the ceiling is blown up- Thi-this place i-is so scary! ;u;
Pika: -breaks himself free from Lesley's embrace, scurrying over to Red- Pikaaa... -climbs on his shoulder once more and eyes everyone suspiciously-
Red: -simply pats the electric mouse on the head in hopes of calming him down-
Member Avatar
CDF Lance Corporal
Green: -walks in holding a flower up to his nose, sniffing it-
Eevee: -jumps off of Green's shoulder and jumps onto Red, blinking at the Pikachu-
Todd: Oh yeah! -snaps picture of Red with both Eevee and Pikachu on his shoulders- Two in one shot!
Member Avatar
CDF Lance Corporal
Red: -turns his head to look at the Eevee, smiling warmly at the little creature- -gently pets him on his head, knowing all too well whose pokemon it is-
Pika: -relaxes some at Red's reassurance, now turning his attention to Eevee- Pikachu? -returns the stare, blinking- ... Pika! -caught off guard by the sudden flash- @A@ -falls over in a daze- ... -shakes it off, glaring at Todd- =^=+
Red: ... Todd, Green... -offers them a curt nod-
Rising Phoenix
CDF Third Lieutenant
ME: Okay, but WE NEED HELPS!!
Deckér: TOO LATE!
Deckér & ME: AAAAHHHH!! *Close eyes*

*Suddenly a metalic 'boink' is heard*
Deckér: *Opens eyes* Did we get blasted?
ME: *Opens eyes too* No... My, well, our Comrade saved us!
Black Soviet: *In blocking position, beeps happily*
Deckér & ME: Hurrah!
DR. HAX: *Makes a sad/surprised face*
ME: Wait. Did we just block Dr. Hax's attack?
Black Soviet: Affirmative.
ME: OH. NO. That means...
Deckér: D: (?!)
DR. HAX: *makes angry face* HE TOOK MY JORB!! HE-HE-HE TOOK MY JORB!! *Computer monitors start to come from all directions, at high speeds*

Black Soviet: I can not block that much CRTs... Someone, please assist!
Member Avatar
CDF Lance Corporal
Eevee: Eevee, eevee! -jumps off Red like the playful little foxdogcatrabbitcoon that he is- -licks Pikachu's face- :3
Todd: Hey guys! You wouldn't believe all the awesome pictures took today; I'm starting to get snaps of the new pokemon that were recently discovered too!
Green: Hmph. -puts his nose up in the air- And I'm almost done catching all 156 newly-discovered pokemon.
Todd: You guys want to see what I snapped?
Green: I can see them in my pokeballs, thanks.
Edited by Green, Mar 23 2011, 11:46 PM.
Member Avatar
CDF Lance Corporal
lolol your Green omg <3
Pika: -licked by Eevee- ... o.o ... Pi-Pika. ^//ω//^; -returns a nuzzle-
Red: -shrugs- Sure, why not?
Lesley: Asdfjkl; ;A; -finds some place to hide as computer monitors appear- ;~;
Red: Hold up on those pictures, Todd. -takes out two pokeballs, releasing a Charizard and Snorlax from them- Snor, Charizard. Help stop the monitors.
Snor: Snorlax!
Charizard: -roars-
Snor & Charizard: -do as instructed-
Pika: Pikachu! >A< -tackles Eevee out of the way of an incoming monitor-
Red: -ducks in order to avoid one himself-
Pika: Pika pi!
Charizard and Snor: -turn their attention to their trainer-
Red: -shakes his head- Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.
Charizard and Snor: -briefly glance at each other, then at Red- -nod in response, hesitantly turning back to the task at hand-
Rising Phoenix
CDF Third Lieutenant
ME: Peoples, someone help us please. We are going to get smashed by a thousand and a half or so CRT monitors...
Deckér: Yeah!
Rising Phoenix
CDF Third Lieutenant
ME: Peoples, someone help us please. We are going to get smashed by a thousand and a half or so CRT monitors...
Deckér: Yeah!
Member Avatar
CDF Lance Corporal
Red: I'm trying...
Me: im useless sorry. :'3 and so is Lesley. :D
Lesley: -cowering in her hiding spot, wishing Tigress would save her- ;u;'
Red: -releases his Venusaur as well- Saur, use your vine whip to stop those monitors.
Saur: Saur!
Saur, Snor, and Charizard: -doing their best to help while taking quite a good beating in the process-
Red: Tch... -clenches his fists, trying not to lose his cool- Green? Mind helping out?
Member Avatar
CDF Lance Corporal
Eevee: -tackled by Pika- :3 -lands on top of him and licks his face again, totally oblivious to what is happening around them and is as playful as ever-
Green: Need help, did you say? Of course you would, Red. -tosses two pokeballs- Machamp, Alakazam, help Red's pokemon out a bit.
Machamp: -runs up and deflects a bunch of monitors with his strength-
Alakazam: Kaazaam! -stops a group of monitors with his psychic powers, still getting hit in the process-
Todd: All right! -holds up his camera to take a shot of all the pokemon-
Eevee: -jumps off of Pika and runs up to Todd before jumping up and snagging the camera from his arms, and runs back to Pika rolling it on the floor like a ball-
Todd: Hey!! That's not a toy! My photos... =~=
Edited by Green, Mar 26 2011, 01:19 AM.
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