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Waffle's Rant Corner; Place Where I Rant About Stuff.
Topic Started: Mar 23 2011, 11:28 AM (592 Views)
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Hello SFG, today I am going to be bitching about Youtube's most famous star... Ray William Johnson.

The first problem I have with this guy was his video known as pancake mix, it isn't called pancake mix anymore but I'll get to that in a second. In this video there was another video where a dog is viciously attacked by a mother deer, now he puts this video in and he is poking fun at it, I saw the video a while before equals three, when I did watch it I was horrified, that isn't something you laugh at because this poor little dog is getting the *&@! beat out of him by this deer and you can hear the owner screaming in fear for the dog and there is nothing anyone can do. It's horrible as this dog is getting mangled by this deer, it's horrible. So Ray William Johnson comes along and says "Oh sure I'm a big douchebag, what I'll do is put this into my video, make a few comments about it and people will love me as usual." When the video was launched people started giving him hate messages and rightfully so. Instead of admitting that it was a wrong move on his behalf and saying sorry to his fans, what he did was change the name of the video to 'THUMBS DOWN!! :D'. It makes it look like, well yeah fvck you guys I don't give a sh!t. Not only does he have no talent re-using the same old 'You're Mom!' jokes over and over he acts like the sun shines out his ass and is to be worshipped.

It is the first video shown here:

Ugh, I hat watching those kind of videos....

Second point. When there was a vote for 'funniest youtube channel of the year', it came down to Ray William and some Yu-Gi-oh guys. Now, what happened was Ray William Johnson figured that they were not worthy enough to be in the final with him, because he is obviously the god of Youtube. So, he then left a comment saying something to the effect of "Why are these guys in the final when all they do is steal material that is not their own and just put voices over it." It was a big long comment but I cannot seem to find the page with extensive google searches. So what happens is one guy comments saying "But this is exactly what you do, you steal other people's material and you profit from it" so what does the pussy bag do? He deletes the guy's comment because he won't admit to being wrong and won't be a man. And that brings me onto what he does, all he does is steal viral videos from the internet, puts them on his videos, comments on them, and profits from it.

-_-.....I <3 YGO Abridged...

Third point, his video titles and thumb nails can often be misleading, often involving a girl or a name with something to do with breasts.
Check the titles and thumbnails of the most recent videos, go check his main channel as well if you wish to investigate further.

I hate when people do that, it's annoying as hell when I try to find a video and and end up getting ones completely irrelevant

Oh and before I forget, he can't sing for *&@!. He is auto-tune's poster boy.

Sounds like Justin Bieber
Edited by Megas75, Jul 11 2011, 08:32 AM.
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