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Nintendo 3DS; Fox shares his opening experience
Topic Started: Mar 27 2011, 08:14 AM (294 Views)
Deleted User
Deleted User

First off, I want to say that I am not trying to rub this purchase in anyone's face. I am just sharing the opening experience so you know what to expect should you get your own.

I am typing this as it is taking place.

Okay, having came back from the store in the rain I have acquired myself a 3DS. I haven't opened it yet. In fact, it is sitting to my right as I am typing this. I already peeled the tape off, and it is one of the first things I liked. You see, usually tape on a box tears the cardboard and is annoying to get off.

First thing I want to describe the box. I got the Cosmo Black version and on the top it shows the 3DS itself closed to the right with a reflection on the bottom. To the left is the 3DS logo, with its own reflection. I won't go into too much detail about the box, though, as that tends to be boring to type and read.

The box structure is rectangular and it opens vertically, like a pizza box. Right now, I am going to open the flap and unleash this horror upon the world.


First thing I see is this huge green paper that shows this "Street Pass Mii Plaza thing." Right now, I don't care about it, so I'll put it off to the side for now.

Actually, it's a packet. The Street Plaza is first, in three different languages. After that is the quick start guide in three different languages.

Then... holy lord. The owner's manual. Granted, it's in three languages, but... geez....

Then you have the Nintendo Power advertisement and then..... a small yellow packet of "AR Cards" I'll get to these later.

So I put all of it back, and set it off to the side.


Now we have the meat of the sandwich. To the left we have... a charging dock, in the middle is the 3DS itself, and on the right is a charger. I put everything else I took out back in the box and set it in the side after taking these three things out.

The charger is pretty much the same as the DSi's and the earlier models. Block-style with a fold-in plug. Neat. I plugged it into the wall and into the charging dock.

Now for the 3DS itself. (oooohhhhh.... shiny.....) I picked it up and attached it to the charging dock. Well, it doesn't attach, but simply rests there. Upon doing that, the orange charging light immediately came on, letting me know it is getting its juice.

Now, to open the thing itself.


Hmmm, we have the two screens, a camera on the very top and center, the analog stick with the control pad underneath, the ABXY buttons, the Select Home and Start buttons underneath the bottom screen and the power button. The 3D slider is to the right of the top screen, in the OFF position. Well, here goes, now to push the power button and see what happens.


Hmmm, it took a bit to boot up, but that is to expect with the amount of power in the 3D technology it puts out.

First thing I see is SELECT A LANGUAGE, in four languages: English, French, Spanish, and... Portuguese? Okay. It has soothing music accompanying it, so I'm not treated to total silence. So I chose Engligh.

Then it said to make sue that the 3D slider is all the way up. Okay, it is, so next. Then it told me to hold it 10-14 inches away with a little cartoon white guy demonstrating it. Okay. Next.

Now it shows the 3DS logo with four crosses in each of the corner. The bottom screen is telling me that, believe it or not, the top screen can display images in 3D! WOW! Okay, so there's a button that says "Activate 3D" so I pushed that.


The logo and crosses zoomed out and I am not seeing depth. At least that part works. Now it is telling me to adjust the slider to whatever suits me. Next.

Now... Set date and time.

For this, I brought out the stylus. It was a little difficult to find, but I found it on the top of the DS, like in the original models. Yes, it is telescopic.

So I set the date and time: March 27th, at 11:07. It is still done in the 24-hour format

Now, I chose a nickname. Naturally, I chose TheRedFox8, which barely fits. It met the maximum number of characters.

Birthday is next.... Okay, chose that. Region: United States, Virginia.

Internet settings were next, but since I don't have wireless, I skipped that.

Then was the Parental Controls. Skipped that too.

Finally, that was it. Now it said to go to the home menu. So I did.


Okay, the home menu is set up much in the same way as the DSi. All horizontal. Oh, okay, you can group them all at once. Which is neat.

Okay, after this, I won't spoil it for you (and I don't want to type everything XP) So, that's my little story, and I hope you enjoyed it!
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Fox is the name, Tech is my game
The 3DS is amazing, I just got Starfox 64 Preordered, and it really is amazing ^^
Deleted User
Deleted User

When is that coming out, anyway? :/
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CDF Ensign
Interesting, I'm still undecided on purchasing it.
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Wow. I was in a restaurant not too long ago and I totally forgot it was the day the 3DS was gonna be released. That is, until a couple walked in with their brand new-unopened-fresh 3DS. My jaw dropped as I had never seen TWO REAL 3DSes in the SAME ROOM as I was in. When they unpackaged the whole thing, you could hear the sound effect every time they pressed the touch pad with the stylus. It sounded awesome. I wanted it really badly after that. But I kinda don't want it at the same time...it's kinda hard to explain. It's something I would like to have, but I wouldn't consider it a NEED. Just something that would be awesome to have, but I wouldn't die without it.

But reading your opening experience on the 3DS was pretty cool red! I wish I could experience the same thing...
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CDF Ensign
It would be a pain since it does not have much battery life power.
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CDF Captain
I traded in some crap games, a DSi and a DS lite for mine. Bought it for 97 bucks. Trololol.
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