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an explanation; probably leaving as well
Topic Started: Apr 2 2011, 05:54 PM (784 Views)
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Jem'Hadar Observer
Jeez, I haven't seen such a combination of insanity and drama since the Legendary 4chan Invasion of SDN.
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Frater Centurion
One, you broke rule three: respecting the mods/admins. They asked you to stop several times, and you always questioned them and continued to press issues.

I did not press the issue, Tomlucas did and i was blamed for it. the other two i agree with, but still.

For your information, I left because I felt I was leaving a stain on the forum.What exactly are you looking for? An appology?

I do not want an apology. You gave no reason to your departure instead posting the word, bye and people drew false conclutions from your statement. i want not an apology, i want to be treated fair.

- BallisticWafflesApr 2 2011, 10:03 PM
Your reply is not in my eyes coming from a point of repentence.

I have had enough with your disengenous assertions. lol but seriously i havent been treated at all fair. every time my mouth gets opened at least 50 people are screaming at me to keep my mouth shut. You cant just treat people you like fair, thats not how a website is run.
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Nhas berhu uhna'dha!
This is a pretty serious accusation here. Since I have no idea what happened and two sides of a story. I will investigate with all punishments in question being suspended pending investigation, this thread is locked, in the future, any discussions regarding staff situations should be brought up in either a PM to myself, Kursed, Red, or OWA. I will PM my findings to you.
Rising Phoenix
CDF Third Lieutenant
Now I am no staff or whatever but I want both sides of the discussing to calm down and think objectively. I was not present at the moment when this happened but I will still be as objective as I can be.

1] Discussion. As far as I gather this started because of a FREAKIN' GAME MOD. I can not imagine what you two would do if you were, say, speaking about something actually serious like collegue. *Sigh*

Truth be said man, peoples would ALLWAYS use anything that appears on TV to do stuff. But trust me when I say that a video game mod is far, FAR away from what others have done. Ever meet a conspiracy theorist? Those nut dudes say that both 9-11 did not happen and the peoples on the planes were not real. And they sell stuff to promote their 'cause'. D***heads.

So think about it again. Was it THAT bad? Out of all things people do nowdays, was making a video game mod that hurting, that insulting? Specially when the point is to make people symphatize torwards the people who were there...?

I honestly understand how you feel man. I hate facing an 'higher authority' and not being able to tell them to gtfo. But that happens a lot of time RL. Why unleash your anger in the wrong place, then? If the issue is in RL then leave it there. Trust me works better that way.

Said that, there is also the problem that you have confesed having trolled, and liked it. Perhaps not in that moment; but trolling is trolling regardless. When you hurt someone's feelings and take pleasure out of it, the least I can say of you is that it is psycho-sadistic.

Seriously man, I know there are times when you just grab your fists and shout/punch at some hard. But that is why it is wise to think TWICE before one does something. Trust me that works too.

2] Leaving. Dudes. And that is in plural, no singular. You do NOT want to leave. You just two had a distinct viewpoint and I agree with that X-Gamer said. Instead of facing each other and accepting that your viewpoints differ, you are simply leaving. That IS being a corward, like it or not.

Everyone likes you around here. And that is, BOTH of you. I have already experienced it then and again to both see friendships fracture and friends leave. It happened to me RL and in the internet too. It sucks. Hard.

Perhaps you two can not be friends. But that is okay; you are not expected to be the 'world's friend', are you? I do not think so. But... BUT. You CAN share same friends. Those who roleplay with Ballistic enjoy Jack's models as well, to put an example.

So why 'make them choose', when they could have both of you in the same place?

You may not like each other. But both of you like being around here. Both of you have friends around here, and both know that you really do not want to make peoples have to choose.

3]To the staff: From what I have heard there have been objectivity issues with the staff. I do not want to get into trouble, and I know no details. But I will just say the following:

If members start to leave, and the reason for that is not clear to everyone (and that is EVERYONE), then you will have problems.

Look at when I left SF-O. I still abide by my promise not to come back. But thing is, when I left, apparently my reasons nor my methods were clear. This led to a situation where Nick is opposed to me, and he would not understand my position. (But I do try to understand his thought; from what I got my actions led to him relieving a past situation which he hated.)

So, my suggestion is that you do not want people leaving. Do as you wish; you are the staff. But remember: when the first domino falls, the chain can not be stopped!
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Nhas berhu uhna'dha!
Wth, I thought I locked this.

Locked now

Edit: Apparently I can't lock shizz... Red halp!
Edited by Evilwaffles, Apr 3 2011, 12:54 PM.
Deleted User
Deleted User

Locked :P
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