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Dark Desires
Topic Started: Apr 11 2011, 06:04 PM (120 Views)
Vixie Darkmatter
Member Avatar
Alrighty then, I suck at titles, get over that. xD Anyway, I've been thinking on this one for a while, and finally got around to it.

Aetsia belongs to Keiko
Stella belongs to me
And in all fairness, Lopshire belongs to Keiko too. :3

Dark Desires
Chapter 1: A Storm at Sea

A storm was quickly approaching the small ship, two squirrels were holding hands gazing out at it in worry.

"We should make it, so long as it doesn't move any faster than that," One of them says, this one with long flowing red hair, crimson eyes, and wearing a red leather corset, a red leather skirt, some boots and bracers, complete with a matching satchel for supplies. She adjusts her glasses on her face as she turns toward her partner, another squirrel, wearing a light blue tunic, some brown shorts and shoes, and some goggles on her head. She too had a satchel for her own supplies, and a longsword sheathed at her side, and a pair of glasses herself. She turns to face the other squirrel and nods, hoping that they were going to reach the island of Shadowmoor before the big storm. Unbeknownst to them both, another force was at hand behind the storm.

Shadowmoor was in the northern part of Lopshire, able to be seen from one of it's northern coasts on a clear night. It was a large moutain of an island, and it was rumored to be a nice place to live until recently, when an evil force took over the island.

They both turned and headed for their cabin, setting their supplies aside until they were needed next. It was getting late, and they were both tired. "So Aetsia, when we get there do you wanna tackle this together or go in seperate?" the first squirrel asked, her voice smooth and soft. Aetsia thought for a brief moment, they were only in there to conquer a dungeon and claim the Sword of Legends, which had been stolen by a mole by the name of Rene. They didn't know what they had in store for them, but they had to get that sword back.

"Well Stella, I was thinking we split up, but not isolate ourselves completely," Aetsia replies. She didn't speak much, and Stella was fortunate that she would even talk to her.

"Alright, it's a deal then," Stella calmly states, expecting this to be an easy task. That was until something shook the boat, and hard too. "The hell?" Stella cries out as she's tossed aside, hitting the wall with her body. She looks up to see Aetsia still standing, but her balance was off. The other squirrel falls over and slides in Stella's direction. She barely manages to manuver herself out of the way, Aetsia hitting just below the spot Stella originally hit. "We need to see what's up," Stella exclaims grabbing nothing more than a dagger as she whips the door open.

Aetsia grabs her sword and follows Stella, her sense of balance more developed since she uses it more. While Stella clumsily fumbles around trying to get to the main deck, Aetsia carefully places her steps so she can at least remain on her feet. Both females reach the deck at the same time, and both are met with hard rain and lightning crashing around their ship. Something seemed out of place however, this storm shouldn't be creating enough energy to shake the ship this violently.

Stella tries to keep on her feet as she searches around for whatever was doing this, and her eyes grow wide as she finds it. Unable to find words she simply cries out, Aetsia turning her attention toward her. Her own jaw drops as she sees it too, a giant tentacle suctioned onto the ship, dragging it down. She turns her head and points, Shadowmoor was within swimming distance if they could make it before this beast took the ship down with them. Pointing toward the island and letting out a cry of her own catches Stella's attention. She nods at her and makes a mad dash for the other end of the ship, the one closest to the island. Both squirrels hold hands quickly and make a leap of faith, splashing into the sea below. They let go of each other to swim, Aetsia pulling ahead as Stella turns to see what that tentacle belonged to.

She stares in horror as a giant kraken was taking the ship down from below, making it seem as if the storm was the culprit. It's two large tentacles hugging the ships side while it's smaller ones gripped the bottom. Stella was surprised, it almost looked like a squid. This was too well planned to be a random attack too, someone or something didn't want them on that island. Stella turns around and swims for her life as well, a few feet behind the other squirrel. They swam for a few hours, the kraken paying them no notice.

Both squirrels ended up washed on the beach, collapsed and exhausted. They were a few feet apart, and took comfort in each other's company, but they couldn't move enough to do anything. They lay there, sputtering and coughing as parts of the ship wash up soon after. Although it didn't feel like it to them, they lay there for three full days.

When they regain conciousness and are able to move again both of them sit up and shake off the dizziness. Remaining silent the pair wanders the beach, searching for anything useful that may have washed up with them. Both were disappointed. They only had what they were wearing, and the weapons that they grabbed on their way out, nothing more. The pair of squirrels looked at the rest of the island, there was little walking room for them as almost right away the island's moutain was shooting up. It also happened to blanket most of the island. Only a few isolated beaches had enough ground to walk on.

Aetsia waves over toward Stella and points to an opening. This must be how they have to get around the island, through a tunnel network. There was one final odditiy about Shadowmoor Stella was just now grasping, they'd been laying on that beach for three days, and not once did it change from night to day. The island was trapped in a state of perpetual night. She follows Aetsia to the cave and stares in it, gulping as she did so. Walking side by side, both squirrels entered the cave, ready for whatever was in store for them.

More to come later. :3
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Not bad so far!
Vixie Darkmatter
Member Avatar
Wow, with my original outline of this thing it's gonna take forever to get anywhere so it's going to end up being shortened in some areas I guess. xD

Aetsia and Lopshire is Keiko's
Stella is mine, and I don't know if I even need to do this for each chapter but I don't wanna seem like I'm stealing Keiko's stuff. xD

Chapter 2: The Adventure Begins

The pair of squirrels entered the cavern, it was surprisingly well lit for what it was. It must have been traveled a lot. They both split up, Aetsia searching some barrels to the left, while Stella moves forward to see if there was anything there.

Reaching in the barrel Aetsia pulls out an iron mask, designed for minimal protection for the face. Since neither of them wore masks or helms she simply puts it in her pack, it may come in handy later. Meanwhile Stella brandishes her dagger as something catches her eye, it was a beast, another kraken. It was much smaller than the one that sank their ship, but Stella's eyes still grew in fear.

"Aetsia, another one!" she cries out, her voice panicked. Her partner rushes to her side and sees what she was looking at, a squid-like creature, a big bulbous shell on top to protect it's soft body underneath. Two large red eyes stand out from it's normal blue body, and it uses a few smaller tentacles to maneuver on land, and two larger ones to attack.

Stella leaps into the air, flipping off it's shell and landing behind it, taking a slash at it with her dagger. The blow was ineffective however as her strong point wasn't in weapon combat. The creature turns to face the fast acting squirrel as she finishes her maneuver, a tentacle rushing out toward her. Aetsia sees this as her window of opportunity and brings her sword in a downward arc on one of it's smaller tentacles. The strike was much more effective than Stella's as it cuts away three tentacles, unbalancing the creature and causing it's own attack to fall short of the squishy squirrel sorceress. She was going to have a few things to say when she regained her powers, which were stolen away from her by the same mole they were here for on the island.

The smaller kraken starts to fall, the tentacle near Stella starts to flail wildly, the squirrel weaving in and out searching for an opening. Brandishing her dagger she lunges forward, however she misjudged her window and ends up getting clipped, the sharp teeth on the tentacle giving her a small cut.

"OWWW...damn it," she yelps, falling backwards to get out of dodge. Aetsia looks at her with a small amount of concern, but is quickly satisfied that she'll be okay. She comes in for the final blow, swinging her sword in a wide sideways arc, seperating the shell from the rest of the kraken's body. Without it's shell the creature tries to run off, failing miserably with it's missing legs. Aetsia then shifts her momentum and cleaves the creature in two, the two halves falling apart and twitching as they fall to the ground.

Stella stands up and looks at the fallen creature, kicking one of the halves as she walks by. Aetsia looks at her wound, seeing it was nothing more than a minor cut. She gave Stella a look saying that she should really be more careful in future fights. Stella shakes her head and sighs at the look, knowing that she was right. She walks back to the entrance of the cave, Aetsia meanwhile explores a little more of the cavern, finding a fountain with a mysterious blue liquid coming out of it, a healing potion. Aetsia grins brightly and goes out to grab Stella, but the other squirrel had already wandered off.

"Aetsia, over here," she hears coming from a nearby bridge that they missed on their way in. The squirrel steps up onto the wooden bridge. "Careful, there's a hole in the middle of it," Stella says pointing to it. Aetsia nods and leaps over it. This bridge connected to a smaller island with a tall tower on it. There were beautiful wisps surrounding it, casting it in a gorgeous light. Aetsia walks up next to Stella, her mouth agape from the beautiful sight. The dull brick tower really seemed to glow in wonderous lights with the wisps surrounding it. It was the prettiest thing the two squirrels have seen on this island so far.

"It's beautiful," Aetsia says, gasping as her eyes drink in the lighted tower. She feels something grab her hand and looks down to check it out. What she sees is Stella had reached out and grabbed her hand. The other squirrel winked at Aetsia and led her into the tower, the wisps outside letting their light glimmer inside through the window.

"Come on, lets get to the top," Stella cries, leading Aetsia up the stairs to the tower's top. She opens a trapdoor once she gets there and climbs up, helping Aetsia as she did so. She shuts the door and looks out over the horizon, the clouds around the island have disappeared, although the perpetual darkness lingered on. With the wisps dancing around the tower the horizon was truly a unique sight. Stella sits down near the edge, patting the spot next to her. Aetsia nods and sits next to her.

Both squirrels gaze out at the night sky, the light from the wisps providing them with enough light to see. Stella's head leans onto Aetisa's shoulder, a soft sigh escaping the crimson haired squirrel. "Isn't this wonderful Aetsia?" she asks, completely awestruck by the beautiful horizon. It was one of those moments that could've had music to accompany it. Suddenly Aetsia lets out a gasp and points, Stella's head lifting up to see what she was pointing at.

She saw it soon enough, the northern coast of Lopshire, it was visible right now. Stella had to admit that it looked lovely in the light of the wisps.

"We have to survive, we have to make it back," Stella says, her determination returning to her. This adventure started off rough, but it couldn't end like this. Standing up and beaming down at Aetsia she turns around and takes a couple steps, staring out at the open sea. A strange red light caught her attention, it was floating near her head. "What?" she asks, looking around. Aetsia turns to face her and her mouth gapes wide open as a bright red light flows directly into Stella's body.

The squirrel feels an imense amount of energy building up within her. Her eyes glow and she unleashes the energy, it was nothing more than a fireball spell, but it was better than nothing. After calming down she looks over to Aetsia and smiles.

"I guess I'll be able to regain my power here," she comments, letting another fireball loose into the darkened sky. Satisfied that she had something she was proficient with she opens the hatch down into the tower. "I'm pretty tired now though, how about we rest up and continue later?" she asks, waiting for Aetsia's approval. The squirrel nods and walks down the stairway, Stella following her shortly after. They then search the tower for any useful supplies they could use for camping out. They could only find a single matress in the back room however, and a blanket.

"You take the bed, I've slept in worse," Stella says, her eyes starting to droop. Aetsia frowns and shakes her head. She sits down and lays in the bed, then pats the area behind her motioning for Stella to lay down too. Stella gladly accepted the heartwarming offer and pulls the blanket up, her eyelids getting even heavier as she lays down. They both smile and close their eyes, falling into a deep slumber.
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