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SFG TF Sequence Contest
Topic Started: Apr 30 2011, 05:53 AM (445 Views)
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Shadow Element Lieutenant
(Here's my post, sorry it's so long, please don't let that turn you off, I'm really quite proud of it)

Journal entry 1: I just woke up on the transport. My head hurts, and I just want to check into the hotel and go to sleep. It has been a very long flight to Fortuna, I'll explore the ruin tomorrow.

Journal entry 2: It's a new day, and I am ready to go out to the ruins, I will leave town shortly, and write about my trek later when I get back.
I have returned, and made the most peculiar discovery, it's a type of stone, with several markings on it, obviously an ancient religious relic, I will study it, and return it to it's rightful place upon discovering exactly how old it is, and who may have used it.
Several studies and searches have confirmed this stone to be a "wishing stone," the natives to this planet used them in rituals perhaps 3,000 years ago. They would put it up on a pedestal, and chant certain incantations, conditioning the stone so it could be ready to wish upon. The shaman would then glaze the stone over with a certain polish made from rat's blood and amber, giving it a reddish polished tinge. A remarkable discovery.

Journal entry 3: I have returned from another trek to the ruins, I haven't found anything else however. There was a woman there, she seemed like she had attachments to the ruins, or the people that lived there several hundred generations ago. She asked me what I was doing there with my team, and I replied that we were searching for artifacts, and I assured her that we would return everything we took undamaged back to their original places. She didn't seem to believe me, she called me several tribal names and cursed my name. I never told her my name, it's very unclear how she knew it. We got into an argument not too long after, she had told me that all men were alike and believed in superiority and that the females don't have rights. All this over me taking a stone... I wish I understood women...

As I closed the journal, I noticed something strange, the stone was gone! Gone!? It couldn't be. Did the woman steal it? Impossible, she doesn't know where I am staying, she couldn't have gotten in without me noticing anyway. No... Something else... I went around looking for it, under the bed, around beside the nightstand, inside several drawers, the refrigerator, but alas, no stone was to be found. But there were bigger things I should have been worried about. The roof seemed to be a bit higher than it was before. What was this? And then, a sharp pain, down in my waist, my body seemed to be changing its shape, a new figure, what's happening!? I felt my chest heaving as I fell over onto my bed, lying on my back, I watched as I witnessed my chest developing, pushing out, it was then that I knew what was happening. As unbelievable as it was, I was becoming female! It must have been the wish I made! These thoughts became garbled as I felt another convulsion, I writhed a few times, closing my eyes tightly, my hips were beginning to take shape, I cried out, but my voice was no longer MY voice, it became more feminine, higher pitched. When I opened my eyes again, the pain subsiding for the moment, I felt my face, the stubble from having not shaven in a week or two was gone, my face was smooth, I rolled up the left leg of my pants and felt my leg, smooth as well. I stood up, I didn't believe any of this, although I felt much different, I had to see it to believe it. Upon entering the bathroom, I immediately looked into the mirror, taken aback by my new appearance. I had a more angular face, much smoother, and my hair was longer than it had been. Previously, I had a marine corps buzz cut, nearly bald, but now, my hair was shoulder length, jet black, and very soft. I looked down, I was in my clothes from when I was male, my clothes fit loosely, more so than before, I was not as tall as I was, and my figure wasn't as full anymore. I pulled up my shirt to my midriff, examining my now hourglass figure, this was too much to take in, what was going to happen now? What was I to do? I stopped looking into the mirror, stepping out of the bathroom and going to the main room where my journal lay, right on the desk where I left it. I needed to record this.
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