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SFG TF Sequence Contest
Topic Started: Apr 30 2011, 05:53 AM (447 Views)
Rising Phoenix
CDF Third Lieutenant
[offtopic]Well this is a full story I was planning to make somtime ago, but now that I have the chance to... Why not use it? : b[/offtopic]

Black Cossack liked so much the party Deckér & Interlocke had done before that he decided to do his own, and invite everyone to his home.
This idea gained support quickly for two reasons: First, no-one had ever seen Black Cossack's home (and even wondered if he had suck at all); and second, many were curious at how the misteryous being could make a party.

"How we will even get there? The dude not even told us where he lives!" Complained Deckér to Interlocke.

"Knowing him, he will have-"

A portal opened in front of the two friends. "Come in, my guests!" said Black Cossack's voice.

And so, with a miriad of different expectations, the two entered to the party, and one by one, more guests came to Black Cossack's party, pretty much in the same way as Deckér & Interlocke. The guests were surprised: The walls, the floor, everything had a distinct mystic felt. Nobody could tell why or how; but put simply, everything that remained static had a psychodelic colouring pattern, save for the floor and celining which allways maintained a single color pattern (but still shifted hues every now and then).

As everyone wondered at the colors, Deckér decided to give up on figuring it and instead enjoy the party. Others followed, and when Black Cossack noticed this, he made an announcement:

"Does anyone desire a drink?"

Someone lowly replied "yes", and with a clap of his hands, Black Cossack had a puff of smoke appear: and there was a table with drinks on it. The guests aproached it and noticed each drink was labelled each with a name, and the already confused guests did not bother to examine it very much. All agreed it had a funny, but delicious taste alltogheter.

Suddenly Black Cossack made another announcement: "Dance time! and then a song played. It was perfect for dancing, and Deckér, like hypnotized, started to dance like he had never done before.

During a few moments, Deckér did not notice time pass as he closed his eyes and danced; nor anyone noticed Black Cossack going away with a puff of smoke.

But Deckér started to feel something about his body. Was it the music? Was it what he had drank? It did not matter; in fact it felt good. His body started to become lighter; his silhouette as well as his hands started to become more delicate. His chest for some reason started to become bulkier and heavier. His clothes also changed, shrinking in some parts, pronouncing his new body in others.

All of a sudden, the music stopped. Deckér opened his eyes, only to find a full-black vixen standing in front of him saying: "Deckér?"

"What is it... Interlocke?" Deckér inmediately noticed how his voice was now much more femenine, and how Interlocke was now fully black; and locked down only to comfirm the fact.

"What in the world...?!" To this, Black Cossack appeared again in a puff of smoke.

YOU!!! All the voices in the room echoed the word at Black Cossack.

"Yes, ME!" He candidly replied.

"Let me explain, my guests. You all have complained at some point about some little detail that did not really matter, as had happened in our last party. To teach you a lesson -- and to have a little bit of fun too *quick laughter* I decided to 'fix' your issues so you could not complain about it."

Everyone was confused but each one started to understand why they had turned into what they were. Commander and Zenith had complained about each other being the party; so they were now invisible and they could not complain about it, since they could no longer see each other. Interlocke had complained how her red fur did not helped her stealth; so now she was entirely black, a perfect stealth night color, for examlpe, or Black Soviet had complained about the lack of extremities, and was now a really big centipede.

Deckér in particular had complained that he could not dance, because 'that was for girls' and he did not accept being called the "king of the party". Well, he could not complain about that now because she could not be 'king' of the party anymore!

Before anyone had chance to ask; Black Cossack promised everyone the effect would last only for the rest of the day.

Slowly the party took life again, and even through Deckér would not admit it, that was the best dancing time he ever had... or she.

Morale of the story: Do not complain about things if there is no real reason too.
Edited by Rising Phoenix, May 5 2011, 02:45 PM.
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