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SFG TF Sequence Contest
Topic Started: Apr 30 2011, 05:53 AM (443 Views)
Vixie Darkmatter
Member Avatar
Sariko looks at him, and then the needle in his hands. She nods and takes it from him, injecting herself on her outer thigh. She pushes the top of the injector down, pumping the serum into her leg. She only got half of it in her before her strength failed, her body becoming limp. The serum, still half full, clatters to the floor, remaining in tact. Sariko spasms on the floor, unsure of whether the cure was working or if this was finally the end of her.

The human stops with her seizure, remaining on the floor for a few seconds. She sits up, her head becoming clear, newfound strength coming to her. She excitedly looks at Seto, "Brother, it worked, I feel so much stronger now!" She stands up. After taking a few steps she collapses again. "GAH....what's happening to me?" she asks as her eyes grow wide.

Her feet were tingling. She kicks off her shoes and stares in horror as claws extend from her toes, her feet changing, becoming less human and more feline. Golden brown fur starts to grow from them. Within seconds her feet are changed and the fur shoots up her body, her legs becoming golden brown with the fur spreading across them. She was growing out of her clothes, her new feline form somewhat bigger than her previous human form. Her thighs and hips change, becoming more suited to running than before. The base of her spine extends, forming a thin and short bobcat tail. The fur continues to crawl up her body, running across her chest and moving down her arms. They were becoming more powerful as well, her form was still small and lithe however. All that was left was her head, the fur creeps it's way up her neck and her face twists and contorts into a bobcat muzzle. "Brother, what's happening?" she cries out, her voice changing to something more smooth. Her hair changes from black to a sandy brown, the color starting at her scalp and moving down her body. Sariko's ears change positions and become more pointed, a small tuft of fur growing on the tips of them. Finally her eyes start to turn, remaining the same brown color the pupils narrow to slits. She lets out a roar as her transformation finishes, now as nude as the rest of the test subjects.

Her gaze runs up Seto's body and into his eyes, her own feline eyes showing confusion. "What was that?" she asks, pointing to the shot on the floor. The now bobcat girl stands up, a little bit of added muscles that bobcats naturally had, but her body was still somewhat petite. She looks at a nearby mirror, while she wasn't exactly certain how she felt about her new form, she had to admit that she looked adorable.
Vixie Darkmatter
Member Avatar
That was just epicly awesome Keiko. :D
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