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SFG TF Sequence Contest
Topic Started: Apr 30 2011, 05:53 AM (448 Views)
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CDF Ensign
(This one's based off of an old RP a friend of mine did with me. :3 )

A light-brown haired girl in a jacket and jeans ran down a dark hallway towards the light of a room, unconscious humanoid wolf-beasts left in her wake. A white headband floated behind her as she gathered an orb of energy in her hand. With a loud cry she broke down the door after flinging the orb at the door. She jumped in.

Cecilia stood in a room full of monitors and TV screens. After fighting her way through a whole redneck town of werewolves, she was finally here. The one that stood before her shocked her: a white furred anthropomorphic wolf, with brown hair that fell in front of his eyes and a very youthful look about him. He wasn't a savage like the ones she had been fighting.

"Not what you were expecting, Cecilia?" he asked. He knew her name..? "Your friend Kelly told me all about you. Young, still in what you humans call 'college'... bright and strong. Practitioner of an ancient martial art that draws from the user's fighting spirit." The white wolf boy smiled. "I am Lucien, the avatar of the werewolf god. If you want to save Kelly, I am your final opponent."

"Tch... I can take on a god. Especially for the good of my friend." The girl threw a few punches in the air before dashing at Lucien and punching him right in the snout. He just stepped back after getting hit, returning with a knee to the stomach. Cecilia countered with her own kick.

"You're strong. You'll be the perfect guardian for the new Queen of the werewolves that I have already appointed." He smiled warmly, pointing toward the back of the room. Cecilia could recognize the silhouette, and the slight red tinge of her friend's hair...

Kelly stepped forward. She too was an anthropomorphic white wolf like Lucien, clad in business attire, glasses on her muzzle. "Ce-Cecil... I didn't think you'd make it this far." She said with shock in her eyes.

Cecila narrowed her eyes. "You monster, you've already..."

In an instant, Lucien was right in front of her, sinking his fangs in her arm. Cecilia cried out, then struck the wolf in the solar plexus to let him go. Already, white fur was starting to sprout around the bite wound. "You won't be a savage like my followers are. You will be the Queen's royal guard for eternity."

"C-Cecil!!" Kelly cried out.

Cecilia shook her head. "I'll... I'll..." The pain she was feeling was incredible, but she wasn't going to let her body quit on her. She clenched her fists, growing claws accidentally cutting her palms. That pain allowed her to focus...

She ran at Lucien again just as she felt an incredible pain go up and down her spine as a white-furred extension of her spine tore out from her pants. "Take THIIIIIIIS!!!"

With a mighty punch, she sent the werewolf god into the wall of monitors, shattering them easily. "Yes. Let your anger fill you. Your anger for your friend's fate. You have to protect you, don't you? She treasures you..."

He was cut off as the transforming girl started to punch him rapidly. "Shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!"

Her own voice felt louder to her as her ears pointed out and got bigger, moving up to the top of her head. She relented as she held her head in pain, mouth and nose pushing out into a canine muzzle. Lucien made no move to take advantage of her vulnerability.

Kelly remained where she was. "I-I can't believe it... when I went through this, I was completely helpless. How can she still fight?"

The fighter looked up to the god, the same burning eyes in her now canine face, fur travelling all down her body now. Her tail swished around as she let out a monstrous howl of rage, her bones still readjusting to her new form. Her feet burst out into footpaws, making her lose balance.

She fell onto the ground on her rear. "You.. you bastard..." she said, slowly getting up despite the pain. "I'll... I'll..."

"Cecilia, don't..." Kelly said, running over to her friend, hugging her tightly. "This... this is a gift. For both of us..."

During this distraction, Lucien, satisfied with his work, teleported away. He left the two royal werewolves alone to talk about their new lot in life.

And that's all, folks!

For those curious, after this final fight, Cecilia and Kelly left the werewolf town, got a nice place together and lived happily ever after. :3
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