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Star Fox - Marauder; Just when you thought you'd seen it all...
Topic Started: May 7 2011, 04:13 AM (710 Views)
Julius Quasar
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Oh wow, AWESOME!
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
Okay, the next two (or more) chapters will be split into parts for reasons that the planned ideas are (IMO) far too long to fit into one chapter. Just a heads-up.

Chapter Nine
Historical Repetition (Part I)

Kyle, Krystal and Razuul stealthily made their way through the now-empty market. After Kyle raised the alarm, the civilians evacuated to the evac shelters installed underground. Streets, houses and shops were empty. The only things likely to be topside were the team, the terrorists, and different security personnel scattered about the city. Kyle knew the difference between friend and foe because the security personnel all wore the same nickel-plated cybernetic battle-armor, whereas the terrorists blatantly made their presence known not only in the fact that they wear assorted armor, but they always fire the first shot.
Kyle and Krystal were dressed in different color – but same model – battle armor; Kyle wore crimson armor, where Krystal wore sapphire, and both were the same model: Dragon-Shifter-manufactured Special Ops Powered Multi-Purpose Battle Armor. Razuul wore a special model of that armor Kyle designed specifically for him – same concept, but different structure and it was colored in urban camouflage.
Kyle had point, with Krystal behind him and Raz bringing up the rear flank. The move had been uneventful as they moved through the vast marketplace. But the silence came to an end after Raz held up a hand. Kyle and Krystal stopped, and stealthily crept up next to Raz. Kyle was the first to spot what Raz saw; three fire teams of Raptorian Marauders – aliens that were essentially little more than highly-evolved Velociraptors. Consistent with Kyle’s expectations, one of them spotted Raz and fired a Kemorainian DC33 Plasma Assault Rifle. Raz ducked behind the counter he was behind, waited for them to stop firing, and rose from cover. In less than two seconds, Raz targeted the left-most marauder, shouldered his AR615 Assault Rifle, and squeezed off a burst. The burst drilled the alien in the center of his cranium and dropped him like a rock as Raz ducked back down. Kyle popped up this time, shouldered his MP340A2, and instead of firing the main weapon, fired the disruptor. The white bolt struck the center-left Raptorian in the chest, vaporizing part of his heart, and he dropped dead. Krystal was the next to rise, and she shouldered her MP340, targeted the right-most marauder, and fired. The eight-round burst drilled the alien in the chest, his left arm, his right leg, and finally between his eyes. Krystal ducked back down before the aliens could return fire. Two of the marauders tried to get around the counter to outflank their targets, but Kyle drilled any Raptorian that he saw.
Two more Raptorians dropped simultaneously when Raz and Kyle popped up and shot them dead, and the remaining two tried to retreat, but Krystal put a three-round burst into the backs of both of their heads, and they died in a face-plant to the ground.
“Nice shot,” Kyle remarked.
“I try,” Krystal responded, gently tapping her helmet against Kyle’s.
The two of them continued past the bleeding corpses of the Raptorian marauders and exited north-west out of the market, entering the south-eastern corner of the business plaza – the sector just south of the city’s center. North of the center was the Industrial zone, and to the north-west of that sector was the residential sector. That was their goal. But to get there, they would have to fight through an unknown number of hostiles scattered about the city and the uncounted hostiles in the CP on the other end of the residential sector.
Another day in paradise, Kyle thought.
* * *
A three-round burst fired, nailed a Terran in the head, and his body fell with a satisfying thump.
“That’s the last of them,” Bill said, reloading his H36.
“Don’t get cocky, Bill,” Fara reminded him as she reloaded her BR30. “That still leaves over a hundred between us and our goal.”
“Check scanners,” Fox commanded, “There may be more lurking about.”
“My scope’s clear,” Bill reported.
“I’ve got--” Fara started. She stopped as she pointed her BR30 north-east, toward the Security complex at the western end of the Leona City Police plaza.
“You’ve got something?” Fox inquired.
“I’ve got a distress signal – Morse code,” Fara answered. “It says, ‘enemy attacking, please assist’.”
“Let’s give them a hand,” Fox stated. He, Bill, and Fara then headed toward the blinking light. They crossed a conflict area where six LCPD cyber-officers were gunned down, with at least a dozen terrorists corpses littering the street ahead. Just beyond that was a LCPD blockade before the Police Plaza.
“Warrior!” the cyber-officers called out.
“Warsaw!” Fox responded. The cyber-officers, upon hearing the correct response, lowered their weapons.
“Boy, are we glad to see you!” the noncom in charge said.
“What’s the situation here, sergeant?” Fox queried.
“We were ordered to hold this area,” the sergeant explained, “but most of our squad was pulled back to aid in the defense of the Police command center and the CIC up the road a ways from here.”
“Anything going on here?” Fox asked.
“No, sir – it’s been quiet for the past few minutes,” the sergeant answered.
A three-round burst made the shields on the noncom’s cyber-armor flare, and a Private shouted, “Contact! Enemy sighted!”
Fox, Fara and Bill ducked behind the barricade, rising only to shoot an enemy that got too close.
Bill fired a burst into a terrorist that strayed too close, and used the bayonet on the end of the gun to gut another one as he tried to jump the barricade. Firing another burst, followed by another, Bill fired at anything that fired at him until the bolt of his H36 locked open – the sign that he needed to reload.
“I’m reloading!” he called out. Fox covered Bill with a fresh magazine in his AR610. He fired a six-round burst into a terrorist armed with a UNSC BR-55. The burst caught the terrorist in the chest, and muscle spasms caused him to fire a three-round burst that drilled another terrorist’s head. Fox ducked as a Kemorainian fired a burst from his DC33, and rose again to drill him in the throat.
“Fall back! I repeat, fall back!” shouted a terrorist NCO.
Bill finished reloading as the enemy retreated. He rose, fired an eight-round sustained burst, and nailed the NCO who shouted the retreat order.
As the enemy disappeared into the depths of the city, the Sergeant turned to Fox.
“We can handle things from here,” he said. “Get to the CIC; they’re getting hit pretty hard, last I heard. Tell them we need reinforcements when they get the chance.”
“Will do,” Fox acknowledged. He, Fara and Bill then headed up the road into Police plaza, hooked a right toward the CIC, but then ran smack-dab on the rear flank of the Tondam merc forces assaulting the CIC. Fox primed an HE grenade he nicked from Kyle’s armory before leaving, and threw it into the mercs’ midst. He, Fara, and Bill ducked behind a wall before the grenade exploded, and Fara asked,
“Where’d you get that?”
“Kyle’s armory,” Fox said, revealing the four other grenades he had, “Grabbed them before we left.”
A loud KA-BLAM punctuated Fox’s statement, and Fox was the first to emerge from cover. He strafed to the opposite building, firing his AR610 as he went. The shots took several mercs by surprise, and at least four fell.
A bullet whizzed past Fox’s head from behind. “Contact!” Fara exclaimed. “Enemy reinforcements sighted!”
Fox turned and saw it; a commandeered supply truck was bringing in Merc reinforcements. Acting on this, Fox slid an HE grenade between the truck’s tires, and watched with satisfaction as it detonated under the truck and slaughtered the enemy troops in it.
Fox, Fara and Bill then moved in to mop up the remaining merc forces assaulting the CIC. Most of them had already fled, but a few were unable to. They didn’t last. After a firefight that lasted only three minutes, Fox, Fara and Bill made their rounds, and Fox recovered two merc HE grenades, while Fara nicked five UNSC frag grenades, and Bill equipped himself with five Sangheili plasma grenades.
The team headed to the CIC defense checkpoint, and the defenders, having already seen Fox, Fara and Bill take out the enemy mercs, greeted them warmly.
“Man,” the Cyber-officer Sergeant Major said, “We were lucky you came by; we didn’t think we could hold out against another wave, let alone two or three.”
“We were in the neighborhood,” Fox commented. “Is the CIC secure?”
“It is now,” the Sergeant Major replied. “The mercs haven’t been able to get inside, and you just drove off the force they were committing to this objective.”
“Good,” Fox said. “There are some cyber-officers at the Market blockade just west of here that need reinforcements.”
“Understood, sir,” the NCO stated.
Fox grabbed a radio. “Fox McCloud to Cyber-police team near the market,” he said.
“Sergeant Thompson here,” the sergeant replied. “Go ahead, over.”
“Help is on it’s way; sit tight,” Fox stated. “We’re moving on. Out.”
Fox, Fara and Bill then moved up the road the merc reinforcements had moved down, heading to their next objective; the Industrial zone – and beyond that, the residential sector, where they’d rendezvous with the others and contact Wolf on the Great Fox II.
Not a cakewalk, but not impossible, either. It was Fox’s kind of mission.

Part II to come, I'll stay in touch. --Star_Dragon
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
I think it's time for an update. Here's *part* of Chapter Ten:

Chapter Ten
Historical Repetition (Part II)

Katt, Falco, Lucy and Dash, unlike the others, had the longest route to take. Their job was the move along the western perimeter of Leona City – that meant heading west out of the market, through the starport district, past the industrial sector, and to the rendezvous point just inside the residential sector, taking out whatever Tondam mercs they come across. Not at all a cakewalk.
So, it came as no surprise that, as Falco, Katt, Lucy and Dash exited the market, they ran into a massive firefight. Tondam mercs, dressed in their assorted battle armor and supported by a drug cartel, were trying to advance on the market, their progress blocked by an outnumbered band of LCPD Cyber-Officers.
“Let’s give those guys a hand,” Falco stated.
“Way ahead of you, Falco,” Katt stated. She loaded a grenade into the chamber of the M900 launcher attached to her H40 Assault Rifle and fired it. The launcher thumped, and an HE grenade was sent racing toward the merc lines. The resulting detonation took out one of the mercs’ barricades, and sent two flying. Falco, Katt, Lucy and Dash rushed over to the cyber-officers’ lines in the momentary confusion. A three-round burst snapped over Falco’s head as he yelled over the gunfire,
“Don’t keep me in suspense, Sergeant! What’s going on?”
“It has not been a nice day!” the cyber officer responded. “Two motorists stumbled into the middle of a narc stakeout – a joint meeting between two drug cartels: told them to piss off! Then, all of a sudden, boom! Tondam mercs move in and all hell breaks loose!”
“They’re trying to get into the nearby building for cover,” a female cyber-officer added, “and we’re keeping them pinned down – but those motorists are bleeding to death!” A bullet ricocheted near the officer’s head, and she added, “They’re dying, man!”
“Don’t you guys have a special weapons unit?” Lucy asked.
“They’re still tied up in that shootout at the LCPD CIC and Command Centers!” The Sergeant replied. “Last I heard, they had serious problems of their own!”
“And Mills and Johnson won’t last much longer bleeding like that in the line of fire!” stated an NCO. “We need an assault vehicle to go get them!”
Falco turned to Lucy, Katt and Dash. “Let’s go have a chat with these punks!” he said. He looked to the sergeant and added, “We’ll lay the cover; you get your men out!”
Falco commandeered a police cruiser, stuffed bullet-proof vests in each window, and started driving. Bullets whizzed past his head as he drove closer to the enemy lines, and as he passed the motor officers, he fishtailed before them, providing the LCPD cyber-officers with the perfect cover to rescue their wounded men. The officers who weren’t injured advanced with Falco and his team on the enemy lines. While Lucy and Dash kept the enemy’s attention, Katt and Falco snuck around behind the enemy mercs and criminals, took cover behind an open car door, and took the mercs by surprise. The first hint that they’d been flanked was when Falco shouted,
“Hey, retards!”
By the time they turned around, Katt had already loaded a grenade into the M900 and fired. The explosion sent the mercs flying, and Falco mopped up what was left with a series of short, controlled bursts. When the smoke settled, more than a dozen merc and criminal bodies lay scattered about. Falco’s team reformed, and continued on with their mission. They wound through the Leona City spaceport, taking care of numerous skirmishes here-and-there, and stopped just shy of the Industrial district junction. Blocking that junction was a Tondam blockade.
“We’ve got to find a way around them,” Dash said.
“We can’t go around,” Falco said. “We have to take them out.”
“Perhaps so,” Lucy stated, “But there are alternatives to fighting.”
“She’s right,” Katt chimed. “We need a plan other than to charge in guns blazing.”
“Alpha one-two-five to Star Fox members hiding near the Industrial sector junction, come in, over,” said a human voice over the radio.
“Falco here,” Falco replied, “Go ahead, Alpha.”
“If you’re looking for a way through the Tondam blockade, sit tight,” Alpha stated, “I have a UNSC armor unit heading there. We and the crew of the Sangheili Battlecruiser are going to aid in re-taking the city.”
Consistent with Alpha’s prediction, an M808B Scorpion rolled into view, and caused a panic with the Tondam mercs. A reverberant roar sounded, and the barricade Tondam had built was blown apart.
“Alpha to Star Fox, go!” Alpha ordered. “I’ve got you covered!”
Falco, Katt, Lucy and Dash rose from cover and darted through the opening in the blockade. Two Tondam mercs that tried to stop them were sniped by this “Alpha,” wherever he was. With the Spaceport behind them, Falco and his team headed face-first to their next objective...
* * *
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I need to update this story. Here's the rest of chapter ten:

... Falco, Katt, Lucy and Dash rose from cover and darted through the opening in the blockade. Two Tondam mercs that tried to stop them were sniped by this “Alpha,” wherever he was. With the Spaceport behind them, Falco and his team headed face-first to their next objective...
* * *
The Industrial sector was possibly the largest sector in the city. So, it came as no surprise that a large portion of the enemy forces were concentrated in that particular sector. However, the Tondam mercs weren’t the only enemies in that sector. The enemies arrayed against them caused a significant change in plans, and it showed in Kyle’s voice as he ordered everyone to rendezvous in an abandoned factory building. Everyone met in the aforementioned factory, and Kyle checked his watch. After that, he grabbed his radio.
“ Ground force to Great Fox II,” he said, “Talk to me, Wolf – what the hell is going on?”
“I know,” Wolf stated, “We just found out here, as well.” With a sigh, he continued, “The Jiralhanae had a ship nearby... listed as the Jiralhanae Warship Death Wing, a stolen CCS Battlecruiser. They retrofitted it with a stolen Kemorainian cloaking device, and that’s why we didn’t initially pick it up – that, and they were hiding on the far side of Leona IV.”
“What are they packing?” Fox asked.
“Accessing enemy inventory,” Marian stated. After a momentary pause, she continued, “They have a full invasion army on board – I read... two full battalions of troops; that is, to say, a mixed bag of six hundred-fifty Unggoy and Kig-Yar with roughly one-hundred-fifty Jiralhanae in command, and fifteen percent of that is planetside, with another fifteen percent on the way.”
“Launch the unmanned starfighters and try to knock out as many enemy dropships out of the sky as you can,” Fox ordered.
“Acknowledged,” Marian responded.
“Fox, we’re getting a... a three-way – no, make that four-way comm line request from the UNSC and Sangheili forces down planetside,” Wolf announced.
“Patch it through,” Fox stated.
“This is Colonel Arron and Commander ‘Mantakaree to Star Fox team, do you read?” stated a Human voice with a southern drawl.
“Roger, Colonel Arron,” Fox responded, “This is Fox McCloud of the Star Fox team, we read you loud and clear.”
“Mr. McCloud,” said the throaty voice of Sangheili Commander ‘Mantakaree, “It is good to meet you.”
“Likewise, Commander,” Fox stated.
“Can you give us your current location?” Mantakaree asked.
“Not over the radio, but trace this signal,” Fox replied, “Authorization code Sierra-Foxtrot-one-two-one.”
There was a pause, and Arron stated, “Acknowledged. Believe it or not, you’re in an optimal location.”
“In what way?” Fox inquired.
“You’re just outside their established CIC,” Arron said. “It’s... approximately seventy-three meters from your current position. If you take out the transmitters in their CIC, they’ll lose contact with their ship. The vessel is cloaked, but in order to send down reinforcements, they will have to de-cloak.”
“My Sub-Commander already has our ship in orbit,” Mantakaree added. “If they de-cloak, my ship can destroy them before they even get a single shot off.”
“Understood,” Fox answered, “But we have a mission of our own.”
“If I may, Fox,” Kyle piped up, “I have a plan.”
“Well,” Fox said, “you’re in the right place, so let’s hear it.”
“There’s ten of us here,” Kyle began, “So we can divide into two teams – Five of us will head to the enemy CIC, while the other five will pursue the Tondam objective.”
“Divide and conquer,” Fox stated.
“Exactly,” Kyle affirmed.
“Who is to lead what mission, though?” Katt asked.
“Simple,” Fox answered. He looked to Kyle. “He leads the mission to the Tondam objective, while I lead the mission to the enemy CIC.”
“And who goes with each of the leaders?” Falco inquired.
“Well,” Kyle replied, “I know Krystal’s gonna tag along, and there’s no stopping her.”
Falco frowned. “What, are you two a couple now?”
“Something like that, yeah,” Kyle and Krystal answered simultaneously.
“Who else is going with you?” Fox queried.
“Raz,” Kyle continued, “you’re also with me. Bill, Lucy, you two, as well.”
“You got it,” Bill responded, cocking his H36 with a metallic click-click.
“Take care out there, Mr. Anderson,” Fox stated.
Kyle smiled before his face disappeared under his battle-helm. “Yes, sir,” he responded. He turned, and his team headed out.
There was still a battle to fight, Tondam mercs to eliminate, a Jiralhanae CIC to destroy, and a better part of thirty thousand civilians to save.
This was a day in the life and adventures of the Star Fox team...

(Stick around, I'm not even half finished!)
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Ah, yes - Chapter Eleven.

Chapter Eleven
Historical Repetition (Part III)

Kyle, Krystal, Lucy, Bill and Razuul crept through the rapidly-darkening streets of Leona City. They had already snuck into the residential sector of the city, which just left getting to the mercenary CP on the opposite end. The mercenaries, judging by the intercepted communications, were in full retreat. They had been ordered to fall back to the CP and await reinforcements. Half of what remained of the enemy mercs were already at the CP, which meant that Kyle’s team would have to eliminate the mercs in the CP, then hold it as the other mercs tried to take it back.
Easier said than done, given that there were seventy- to eighty-plus mercs left out of a force of over a hundred.
“Contact,” Krystal whispered. “Enemy mercs in sight.”
“Do they see us?” Kyle asked.
“Negative,” Krystal replied. “They’re focused on getting to the CP.”
“Let’s follow them,” Kyle said. “They can lead us to the enemy CP.”
The team stealthily followed the unsuspecting mercs as they wound their way through the eerily-empty residential sector streets. Every now and then, they would stop, looking to make sure they weren’t being followed. It took a full fifteen minutes to reach the enemy command post.
Under a stealthy cover, Kyle, Krystal, Lucy, Razuul and Bill advanced on the enemy CP. Kyle and Krystal moved along the right side of the house, Bill and Lucy moved along the left, and Razuul scaled the walls to get on the roof.
“Raz to Kyle,” Razuul said, “I’m in position.”
“Bill to Kyle,” Bill radioed, “We’re set.”
“Here goes nothing,” Krystal commented.
“Just stick close to me and you’ll live, darling,” Kyle said. Krystal chuckled. “Kay to all teams – go!”
What happened next happened so fast, it was almost a blur. Kyle, Krystal, Bill, Lucy and Razuul worked their way toward each other, literally going room-to-room clearing out Tondam mercs. When the dust settled, fully three dozen mercs lay dead on the floor.
“Wow,” Krystal remarked. “That went well.”
“Don’t break out the champagne yet,” Kyle stated, “We still have to hold this place against the Tondam Mercs still headed here.”
It was then that a throaty Sangheili voice came over the team’s radio channel.
“... To Star Fox team inside the enemy CP, repeat, Sub-Commander ‘Rolamee to Star Fox team inside enemy CP, come in,” the Sangheili said.
“This is Kyle Anderson of the Star Fox team,” Kyle responded, “I read you, over.”
“We are sending down reinforcements to your location – you have a platoon of Jiralhanae troops converging on your position,” Sub-Commander ‘Rolamee stated. “They should be arriving in the next fifteen seconds, over.”
“Understood,” Kyle responded. “Over and out.”
“Who’s coming in fifteen seconds,” Krystal asked, “the Jiralhanae or our reinforcements?”
The team heard the thrumming noise of approaching Sangheili dropships outside.
“Never mind,” Krystal corrected herself.
The dropships landed outside, their plasma cannons probing the Tondam Mercs nearby as they made their way to the CP. The Sangheili hurried inside, and the noncom leading the group – the one dressed in red armor – asked, “Who among you do you name as the leader of this particular squad?”
“That’d be me,” Kyle said, stepping forward.
“Squad Commander Huki ‘Unamee,” the Sangheili noncom introduced himself.
“Kyle Anderson, Star Fox team,” Kyle replied. “Welcome to the party.”
“We’ve heard of you – the shape-shifting warrior who can turn into a dragon,” one of the Sangheili said.
“Well, I don’t exactly call myself a shape-shifter, but--” Kyle started. Automatic fire snapped over the squad’s heads, and they ducked for cover. Several Sangheili went upstairs with Razuul to get a better view of the sector. Kyle, Krystal, Bill and Lucy took cover on the lower level with SC ‘Unamee, and opened up on the Tondam Mercs approaching the captured CP. Plasma beams slashed through the nighttime darkness as the Sangheili Plasma Carbines cut into the Tondam Mercs. Red plasma bolts stuttered through the air as the Jiralhanae platoon arrived. They cut through the Tondam mercs with little difficulty, but had a tough time getting to the CP. The moment they got within max close range, Kyle, Krystal, Bill and Lucy opened up on them with their weapons. The disruptor on Kyle’s MP340A2 was especially effective against the Jiralhanae; the Kadgeron pulses phased through the brutes’ armor’s energy shielding and stopped them in their tracks.
The Jiralhanae retreated, but more Tondam mercs came swarming out of the darkness. With the night vision enhancements in Kyle and Krystal’s armor, they gunned down one merc after the other, aiding the Sangheili in eliminating the Tondam threat.
“They’re pulling back!” yelled a red-armored Sangheili noncom.
“We’ve got ‘em on the run!” ‘Unamee exclaimed.
“They’re headed to the Jiralhanae CIC!” another remarked.
“Kyle to Fox,” Kyle said over the radio, “Come in, over.”
“Fox here,” came Fox’s reply. “What’s your status? Over.”
“Tondam’s on the run,” Kyle answered. “They’re headed your direction. Over.”
“Understood,” Fox stated. “We’ll have a few surprises for them. Over and out.”
“I shudder to think what ‘surprises’ Fox has in store for the Tondam mercs,” Kyle muttered.
“Well, let Fox deal with them,” Krystal said. “We still have to find out where the mercs’ secret passageway is.”
“Yeah,” Kyle sighed. “And once this is all over, I still owe you a honeymoon.”
Krystal chuckled. “Let’s focus on finishing this first, mekh luff.”
Julius Quasar
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(Awesome! Sorry I haven't been around as much to read this.)
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(Meh - it's fine. I haven't been working on this much.)

Chapter Twelve
Historical Repetition (Part IV)

“Kyle to Fox,” Kyle said over the radio, “Come in, over.”
“Fox here,” came Fox’s reply. “What’s your status? Over.”
“Tondam’s on the run,” Kyle answered. “They’re headed your direction. Over.”
“Understood,” Fox stated. “We’ll have a few surprises for them. Over and out.”
Fox smiled to himself as he switched off the radio. He had a number of portable machine guns all around the Jiralhanae CIC – or rather, what was left of it. In addition to the now-trapped Tondam mercs, Fox had three platoons or more of spaceport criminals and thugs and another platoon of Jiralhanae troops to contend with. Fara, Dash, Katt and Falco were aiding the UNSC Marines in setting up the rest of the defenses when Fox spoke.
“Okay, team – some news.” The UNSC Marines and Fox’s team gathered around Fox. “Kyle’s team held the Tondam CP, and are now scouring the premises. That’s the good news; the bad news is that now, in addition to or criminal and Jiralhanae party-crashers, we now have a trapped contingent of Tondam mercs to deal with.”
“Who cares?” a marine noncom asked. “Just means more salvage for us.”
“Let’s earn our pay, boys!” a sergeant roared.
“Then we’ve no time to lose,” Fox stated. “Let’s get those barricades up ASAP, and ready on the portable guns.”
“Let’s do it!” another noncom shouted.
The entire area burst into activity. It wasn’t until five minutes passed by when the defenses were nearly ready that one of the roving patrols said over the radio,
“Contact! Enemy engaged, south of the captured CIC!”
“Copy,” Fox responded, “All patrols, fall back to primary lines of defense. Let’s give the bastards a warm reception.”
The patrols began to file back into the CIC, manning portable turrets and taking up positions. It wasn’t until the last patrol came into view that the enemy in question could be seen – a squad of Tondam mercs. The mercs scattered as soon as they saw where they were headed, and Fox waited for the last patrol to get clear before giving the order to open fire.
As the last patrol made it to safety, Fox yelled over the radio, “Open fire!”
More than a hundred different guns opened up almost simultaneously. Several Tondam mercs were caught out in the open and were cut down, taking as many as eight or ten rounds to multiple areas of their bodies. Fox himself managed to ice two of the Tondam mercs, but more came swarming out of the woodwork. They were determined, but not particularly bright. That, or they wished to go out fighting, as it was almost too easy to pick them off.
But as the Tondam mercs died one after another, the Jiralhanae troops attacked another side and Fara exclaimed over the radio, “Fox, I need a hand over here, ASAP! The damned brutes are trying to break through!”
“Copy,” Fox answered, “I’m on my way. Dash, cover this area!”
Fox took off, heading to Fara. Fara, who had just dropped a towering Jiralhanae commander, was reloading her weapon when a Kig-Yar headed in her direction, intent on jumping her. Fox shouldered his AR610 and dropped the alien with a quick burst to the face. Shifting his aim, he dropped another Kig-Yar and greased an Unggoy before Fara finished reloading her BR30. She rose, greased another Unggoy, and dropped the shields of a Jiralhanae before Fox put a burst to the alien’s face. Fox came over to her side and asked, “You called?”
“Yeah,” Fara said, pausing to ice an overly-ambtious Kig-Yar. “I did. What kept you?”
Fox knew this was a joke; even in the midst of combat, Fara always had a sense of humor.
“Oh, I stopped to do a little shopping before I headed over here,” Fox answered as he dropped an Unggoy.
“Anything else I should know about?” Fara asked.
“I iced a few Tondam mercs while I was away,” Fox said. He paused to drill a Kig-Yar. “That’s not gonna be a problem, is it?”
Fara laughed, then killed a Jiralhanae. “One of these days, my love,” she stated over the gunfire, “we’re going to sit down and get your priorities straight.”
“Like getting married?” Fox asked.
Fara stopped shooting to look at Fox in shock. “Are you seriously asking that question right now?!” she screamed over the sounds of combat.
“Well, would you?” Fox inquired.
Fara ducked behind cover with Fox to avoid flying plasma fire. “I don’t think now’s the best time, baby!” Fara exclaimed.
“Now might be the only time!” Fox responded. “Better now than god-only-knows how many years down the road!”
The twosome rose and simultaneously drilled the same Jiralhanae, then ducked back down.
“I’ve made my choice,” Fox said. “What’s yours?”
Fara paused, smiled, then called out over the radio, “Dash! Marry us!”
There was a burp of static, and Dash responded, “I’m a little busy at the moment!”
Fox iced another Kig-Yar. “Dash, now!”
Dash finished drilling a thug. “Fine then!” he exclaimed. He switched to a broad-comm channel. “Dearly beloved, we be gathered here today...” Another spaceport thug charged Dash, and he shot him in the head. “... To nail your gizzard to the deck, you poxy cur!”
“Fara Phoenix,” Fox continued, “Do you take me to be your lawfully-wedded husband?” He ducked to avoid a flying plasma bolt, then rose again to drill the bastard that fired.
“I do,” Fara responded, drilling a wounded Tondam merc that had wandered into her line of fire.
“Great!” Fox said. They both ducked to reload.
“Fox McCloud,” Fara asked, “Do you take me to be your lawfully-wedded wife, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health...” She paused to ice an Unggoy that attempted to interrupt her. “... With health being the less-likely?”
“I do,” Fox answered.
“In the name of god,” Dash announced, “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss...”
Dash stopped, drilling a thug that tried to jump him, then repeated, “You may kiss...” He killed another thug as Fox and Fara drilled the same Jiralhanae.
“Just kiss!” Dash exclaimed.
Fox and Fara ducked back down, holding each other close as they kissed. It was as they kissed that the enemy fell back into a full retreat.
“We’ve got ‘em on the run!” a noncom shouted over the radio. “We did it!”
Fox and Fara rose, arms wrapped around each other, watching the enemy retreat.
“Any ideas for the honeymoon?” Fara asked.
“Well, I had thought about going to Sauria,” Fox admitted. “Though I imagine the thought had already occurred to Kyle and Krystal.”
“So what?” Fara asked. “Think about it; two newlywed couples enjoying a stay on Sauria.”
“Are you two done with the wedding ceremony, or are you still planning your honeymoon?” Kyle asked over the radio.
“How’d you know we were married?” Fara asked.
“Uh, because Dash transmitted it on an open channel, duh!” Kyle laughed. “Every radio within range could pick it up!”
“Talk about improvising, damn,” Bill chuckled.
“If you’re not too busy, Fox,” Kyle said, “head on over to the Tondam CP – found something you might be interested in.”
“Understood,” Fox responded. “I’m on my way.”
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And, the final chapters of Star Fox - Marauder...

Chapter Thirteen
Chasing Tondam

It took Fox thirty minutes to hike to the Tondam CP. With his marriage with Fara broadcasted over an open channel, the newlywed Fox and Fara McCloud bickered jokingly with Dash.
“... But seriously, why an open channel?” Fox asked.
“Please,” Dash scoffed. “You honestly don’t think it’d be a wedding if no one heard it?”
“Well, I get that part, but--” Fox started. Fara elbowed her husband.
“Admit it, Foxy – he’s got a point,” She said. “Any wedding requires a number of witnesses.”
“Okay, okay,” Fox chuckled.
The team walked into the Tondam CP and were greeted by Kyle.
“Took ya long enough,” he said.
“What’d you find out?” Fox asked.
“Check this out,” Kyle stated. He led Fox and his group to a secluded basement. “Most of Tondam’s forces pulled out – but the group we greased here forgot to lock the door behind their comrades,” Kyle explained as the group came out into a tunnel. “Krystal found this just two minutes after we secured the CP and held it from the enemy.”
Inside this tunnel was a rapid-transit hover-tram system.
“This must be how Tondam was able to get troops here so fast,” Fox reasoned. “They used the tram to get their troops here.”
“And they still have a team at the other end, waiting for the last of the troops,” Krystal added.
“How do you know?” Fara asked.
“Because some idiot forgot to lock out his computer, and I sent a text message to them saying they were on their way,” Krystal answered.
Fox paused for a moment. With a smile, he said, “Brilliant, Krystal. Simply brilliant.”
Krystal scoffed. “I learned that from my husband,” she stated with a wide smile.
“Oh, right – I forgot you two were married,” Fox chuckled.
“Since when?” Katt asked.
“Don’t ask,” Kyle and Krystal said in unison.
“What now?” Fox asked.
“Well,” Kyle elaborated, “I would advise we take a team, go to where this tram ends, take over the other Tondam CP, figure out where that CP’s translocator goes, and go there with the Great Fox.”
“Fine by me,” Fox stated. “I know you’re gonna want to take on Tondam head-on after what they did to you, so take what you need and go – good luck.”
While the others headed back to the Great Fox, Kyle re-stocked on supplies, getting more ammo for his MP340A2 and grabbing two items he salvaged from the lab he was created in long ago – two plasma blades; sword hilts with a blade emitter that produced a searing blue blade capable of melting durasteel like butter. After that, he, Krystal, Razuul, Dash and Bill took the tram to the other end, iced the Tondam mercs there, and took the Translocator to their next objective...
The Translocator deposited the team on a pad inside a building on a rainy planet.
“Where the hell are we?” Bill asked.
“Beats me,” Dash admitted.
“Tondam must be nearby,” Kyle said. He accessed a nearby console, and added, “According to this computer, were in an oceanic facility with several landing pads large enough to accommodate the Great Fox.”
“What planet is this?” Krystal asked.
Kyle worked the console, then stopped. Krystal saw the signs – he was angry. He found something that angered him, but what...
“Bandon Prime,” he whispered. He looked to Krystal. “We’re on Bandon Prime – the heart of Tondam.”
“But that’s not all you found,” Krystal surmised. “There’s something from your past here – something you didn’t tell me about.”
“Not something,” Kyle corrected. “Someone.”
“Who?” Razuul asked.
“A dark warrior – a rogue dragon-shifter, the one who sanctioned my creation,” Kyle explained. “Lord Makron.” Kyle strode to a nearby window. “He was the only one to have survived my wrath on Zarush,” he explained. “He fled before I could kill him. Now... it’s time to finish what I started.”
Krystal was about to say something, about to comfort her husband, warn him away from his thoughts of vengeance, when automatic fire snapped over their heads. Kyle dove for the computer console, stabbing at the controls, sending out a tracking signal to the Great Fox.
At first glance, it appeared that the Tondam mercs were aware of the team’s presence, but it soon turned out to be little more than a team of hapless guards coming to investigate the unfamiliar voices. Two of them were drilled by Razuul and Dash, but as Kyle rose to drill a third, he discovered that they were gone – and so was Krystal.
What the hell...?
“Kyle!” she screamed.
“Krystal!” Kyle exclaimed, rushing to her voice. It seemed that, in the initial confusion, two mercs surprised Krystal and took her hostage. Kyle, Dash, Bill and Razuul took off after her, and chased the mercs to a checkpoint.
“Kyle, watch out!” Krystal screamed. The warning came just in time, and Kyle ducked, but his MP340A2 took a hit. The gun was useless – for now.
Tapping into his dragon-shifter powers, he telekinetically manipulated an explosive barrel, zapped it with lightning, and hurled it at the enemy mercs. The barrel exploded, incinerated the mercs, but the ones who had Krystal were already gone. Following his senses, he followed the mercs to another checkpoint, where he unlimbered his plasma blades and called out,
“Let her go!”
A merc took a potshot, but missed, and Kyle sent a blast of energy and whacked him and his cohort. The mercs holding Krystal disappeared in a turbolift, and Kyle started after them when Fox came over the radio.
“Fox to Kyle, you did it! We’re in orbit with a strike fleet, and have engaged the enemy; what’s the situation planetside?”
“I can’t talk right now, Fox,” Kyle growled. “They have Krystal, and I’m not letting them hurt her!”
“Of all the damned luck,” Fox growled. “Do what you must, but don’t jeopardize the mission!”
A turbolift opened up nearby, carrying a merc team. Kyle engaged them, hacking them to pieces, and taking the turbolift to the top. Once the lift stopped, Kyle found himself in a dark room.
“I knew it was only a matter of time before you came here, Kyle,” Makron’s voice said.
“Where are you?” Kyle growled. “What have you done with Krystal?”
“If you want your woman, you must best me for her,” Makron stated.
“Then show yourself, coward!” Kyle screamed, rapidly losing his patience.
A single hallway lit up dimly. “Come and get me... if you dare,” Makron said. With nowhere left to go, Kyle advanced into the hallway. He wandered along the path set before him, memories flashing in his mind.
“You are an assassin – nothing more, nothing less...”
“... You were created to do my bidding! Anything less is meaningless...”
“... Did you really think you were meant for anything other than war? You are a tool – an assassin and a murderer for my dark will.”
Kyle’s face went from anger to hate, then rage and back a dozen times. By the time he found the human/cyborg monster that was Makron in a bulbous room with a hole blown out of the side and a platform in the near-distance, Kyle looked enraged and hateful.
Snap-hiss, snap-hiss! Kyle’s plasma blades ignited.
“Where is my wife?” he growled.
Makron’s face twisted into a evil grin as he stepped aside to reveal Krystal, her hands bound together by thick shackles.
“What have you done to her?!” Kyle screamed.
“She has become my leverage over you,” Makron responded. “Submit, or she dies.”
Kyle made a mad dash for Makron, but Makron telekinetically held Krystal by the neck, ignited a plasma blade and exclaimed, “Kneel, submit, pledge yourself to my bidding, or she dies!”
Kyle stopped just shy of Makron – he desired vengeance, but wouldn’t risk harming Krystal. Thought Krystal couldn’t speak, she told Kyle not to kneel – but he had no choice.
His plasma blades extinguished as he dropped to his knees. “I... I will do your bidding,” he whimpered, his gaze drifting to the floor. “Just let her go.”
Grinning, Makron dropped Krystal to the ground. “Good,” he said. “Now, you will give yourself to my will. If you resist, she will die. Then, you will locate the leaders of the alliance and execute them. If you fail, she dies. And finally, you will--”
A plasma blade went active, and Kyle looked up to see Krystal had taken one of his plasma blades and attacked Makron with it. Makron effortlessly deflected the attack and sent Krystal flying onto the platform in the distance. She landed, bounced, and skidded to a halt on the rainy platform, where she lay unmoving.
“NO!!!!” Kyle screamed. Taking his plasma blades, he assaulted Makron and sent him flying, landing on his feet on the platform. Kyle leapt after him, landing and attacking at once. “I’LL KILL YOU WHERE YOU STAND!!!” he screamed. He sent a blast of lightning into Makron, flourishing his plasma blades and beginning a titanic duel of the fates. He moved his dual blades in speedy, exaggerated and powerful arcs, striking again and again on the man who started it all. The man who imposed his will on an innocent mind, created him for the sole purpose of death, destruction and murder, and scarred him beyond recovery.
The two combatants locked blades, and Makron asked, “Wouldn’t you like to see where you came from?”
“I’ve seen enough!” Kyle yelled. “I will tear your black heart out of your chest!”
“And I will destroy you a thousand times!” Makron grunted.
Kyle broke the lock and roundhouse-kicked Makron in the face. He then brought his plasma blades down and took off the hand that held Makron’s plasma blade. Kyle held his plasma blades at the ready, prepared to strike down Makron with all his hate.
“You took everything from me!” he screamed. “You destroyed my home, turned me into a monster, and murdered my wife!”
“Kyle!” Fox’s voice cried out. Kyle’s head whipped around to spot Fox, Fara, Dash and Razuul coming up, with several Sangheili and UNSC Personnel not far behind. “Kyle, there’s no need for this!”
“Do you understand what this man has done to me?!” Kyle screamed. “Do you understand the pain he’s brought me?!”
“Killing him won’t ease the pain,” Fara said. “We know how you feel – but don’t do this to yourself!”
“He killed everything I know!” Kyle screamed, tears once again forming in his eyes. “He destroyed my home! He murdered everything I hold dear! He even had the nerve to take Krystal from me!”
“Is that how she would want to be remembered?” Fox asked. “With acts of anger and revenge?”
“She would want me to avenge her death!” Kyle exclaimed, turning to kill Makron.
“Come to your senses!” Fox commanded. “What do you think she would do were she in your position?!”
Kyle paused, staring at Makron, ready to kill, and finally...
Kyle’s plasma blades de-activated, and he clipped them to his belt as he turned to walk away. “Do what you will with him,” he growled.
As Fox and the others took Makron prisoner, Kyle approached Krystal’s unmoving body. Razuul was already kneeling beside her.
“I can’t revive her,” he said as Kyle dropped to his knees at Krystal’s side. “I’m sorry, Kyle.”
Kyle sniffled. “It wasn’t your fault,” he said, taking Krystal’s body in his arms, doing away with the shackles. He leaned his head on Krystal’s and whispered, “My love, I’m so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen. I loved you – I wanted everything for you. Just you and me, on Sauria, a romantic evening by the fire. Know that I will never let you go. You will always be in my heart.”
From that moment forward, nothing more was said, as Kyle closed his eyes and held his wife...
But it wasn’t meant to be. Krystal’s hand reached up, touching Kyle’s face, and she kissed him, tenderly and passionately. Upon realizing what was going on Kyle opened his eyes, and sea-green eyes stared back at crimson dragon eyes.
“You’re alive,” Kyle whispered.
“I’m harder to kill than that, my dear,” Krystal murmured.
Even as Fox and Fara looked on as Makron was taken away, Kyle and Krystal held each other. Fox saw Krystal kiss Kyle, and Kyle then responded by gently picking her up in his arms. He didn’t say anything as he walked by with Krystal in his arms. He didn’t need to; Fox knew how he felt.
At long last, he was at peace...


The gravity lift of the Great Fox II settled on to the surface of the Dinosaur planet, Sauria. Star Fox, having destroyed Tondam from it’s heart, was now on shore leave. Kyle and Krystal, having married just prior to this, decided to take their honeymoon on Sauria with Fox and Fara. While Fox, Fara and Razuul set up the camp in the ruins of Sauria, Krystal and Kyle took a long walk. Kyle was in dragon form, while Krystal rode on his back.
“It’s been a long road,” Kyle said.
“It has, indeed,” Krystal affirmed. “But in the end, I got you.”
“Is this it?” Kyle asked.
“Yep,” Krystal answered. She hopped off Kyle’s back and Kyle shifted to normal form. He wrapped his arms around Krystal’s waist, and Krystal – with a 24-karat gold ring with a ruby on her finger – wrapped her arms around Kyle’s neck. “Just a warning, my love – Tricky might try to jump you.”
“Not while I have you,” Kyle chuckled.
“Fox?” a voice said. “Krystal? What’re you doing here?”
“Truthfully, Tricky,” Krystal corrected, “This isn’t Fox – Fox and his wife, Fara, are in the ruins over there.”
“If he’s not Fox, and Fox is already married,” Tricky asked as he came from the shadows, “Then who is this?”
“Name’s Kyle,” Kyle responded. “I’m Krystal’s husband.”
“Oh,” Tricky said. “How’d you two meet?”
“It’s a long story,” Kyle responded.
“We have plenty of time, dear,” Krystal countered.
Kyle sighed, then began to recount the events that transpired up to now, culminating in their current situation. Fox and Fara were already present by the time Kyle finished, and Tricky let out a long sign.
“That’s a lot for anyone to go through,” he stated. “But, anyway – welcome to Sauria!”
Kyle chuckled and smiled. “Thanks,” he said. With the initial preparations out of the way, Star Fox celebrated it’s latest victory. During the celebration, Kyle wandered away from the group to stare into the Saurian moonlit sky. Krystal noticed, and walked over to him.
“Baby, is everything alright?” she asked.
“I’m fine, sweetheart,” Kyle responded. “Just thinking past all this.”
“What do you mean?” Krystal inquired.
Kyle sighed. “This isn’t the end, you know – our adventures don’t end here,” Kyle explained. “There will be other threats like Tondam – others who will want to destroy us.”
“Then we will face them as we always have,” Krystal said softly. “I’d rather face them with you than without you.”
“I know,” Kyle murmured. “As long as I have you, I will never--”
Krystal grabbed Kyle’s muzzle and silenced him. With a smile, she asked, “Anyone ever tell you you talk too much?”
Kyle chuckled, leaning over and meeting Krystal’s lips with his own. They kissed, the Dragon-shifter husband and the Cerinian wife, as the Star Fox Team rejoiced...

To Be Continued...
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