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Grand Theft Auto 4; post your likes/dislikes about it
Topic Started: May 28 2011, 04:59 PM (337 Views)
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
In this thread, we're here to talk about Grand Theft Auto 4 (Yeah I know, it came out 3 years ago, but I still wanna talk about it).

I chose to post this in the Playstation [3] forum, even tho it was also released for XBox360 as well...I'm used to playing the Playstation platform when it comes to GTA games.

Now...the pros:

I like the Perestroika Cabaret acts....Bluesy St. John is a fox, and the prettiest/coolest chick in that game....I wish Nikko could have dated her, instead of the girls he is saddled with.

The plot was...okay, and I like the option of who to kill/not kill for the most part.

I like winning Playboy X's penthouse/loft.

Little Jacob is awesome!

I like the fact the game was kept simple[er], GTA San Andreas had too many options, and too much stuff.

I like the fact you don't have to focus too much on yourself (just clothes, no tattoos, haircuts, or fat loss/muscle build)

I love the weapons, and some of the fun new[er] gameplay elements. Catching a cab to save the time driving is awesome! I also like how you can prank call the cops to make the respond to a phony baloney emergency.

The phone cheats rule!

I really like the strip club. >=]

There's some pretty cool options...the watching tv and the "internet" of the game is cool...

It's fun to wound people with your gunshots, you can literally shoot specific parts of the enemy.

The soundtrack is good, for the most part.

I love the GPS feature

I like how you can lose the cops most of the time even with a heightened wanted level...


The driving ability is crap. It's a pain to catch a cab properly, half the time you accidentally jack the cab.

Running is awkward.

Some of the plot sucks! You kidnap for ransom a stupid spoiled mafia bitch, only to lose the diamonds anyways!? WTF!? And when you catch the guy who betrayed you in the past, why do you have an option to let him go!? After going through all the crap to find him, I wanna kill his junkie ass. And when you do kill him, the preachy ass writers make Nikko feel bad about doing it. Lame!

You have limited save houses. The only place you get for yourself is Playboy X's penthouse/loft, if you decide to kill him (who wouldn't!?)...it's okay, though the rap music playing softly in there gets a bit irritating.

The dating scene in Liberty City sucks. Michele and Kate are the only lookers, though Kate's an annoying tacky bitch, and I'm glad when she dies...Michelle is okay, but a bossy know-it-all Jack-Booted Fed, and she leaves you...

Other characters are pretty insufferable too. I hate Mohammed the cab driver, Dimitri, Ray Bulgarin, Gay Tony and his friend Luis (he originally stole the diamonds) and the accents of Nikko and Roman are irritating...they sound like drunken/brain damaged vampires.

Glitches abound. You call for a bike, and it's up and out of your reach.

You get all these irritating phone calls to play with your friends, or hang out with them, or take them on dates CONSTANTLY. If you blow them off, they hate you. There's only one of me, people!

Edited by Julius Quasar, May 29 2011, 09:50 AM.
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Hmmm...good. I like how it's a little more relevant to [post]modern times. This whole "1980's and 1990's setting" prequels were getting tiresome.
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Harmony Descent
May 30 2011, 08:35 AM
In Soviet Russia, time kills YOU!

Anyways, I rage at any moment I have whenever I play online. *&@! like, "Hey, Fartknocker! C'mere! No, Don'tyourunawayfrommeyousonofabitch!!!! *Goes on massacre and vehicular rampage*"
:lol: Hilarious! By hilarious I mean the Yakoff Smirnoff joke and the stuff you say online.

I played this for the 360 the only thing i hate is how logn it takes can you not kill mr.faustin?

Yeah, that was irritating. Satisfying as hell when you do kill him tho.

Oops, I got Mikhail Faustin and and Dimitri Rascalov mixed up!

I think it was more irritating how long it took to kill Dimitri. I like Mikail Faustin, he reminds me of me. xD[edit_reason]oops! got faustin mixed up with dimitri[/edit_reason]
Edited by Julius Quasar, Jun 1 2011, 02:09 PM.
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