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Halo: Rift War; READ FIRST POST!
Topic Started: Jun 15 2011, 10:00 AM (1,961 Views)
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
Halo: Rift War }}INITIATED{{
Awaiting arrival of other players...

MOTD as follows:
For ALL players who want to join this RP AFTER IT HAS STARTED, read this topic in regards to your joining, and PM me your sheet(s): Halo: Rift War

*This music plays as the intro appears*

The year is 2567. The Human-Covenant war has been over for more than a decade. The Sangheili have made their permanent alliance with the UNSC, and human colonization of other worlds is once again moving forward under the banner of the newly-anointed Interstellar Alliance.
But things are far from settled. After the deaths of the three Covenant hierarchs - Truth, Regret, and Mercy - the Covenant is falling apart. In their terms, the schism is upon them. While this had left a massive power vacuum, the Jiralhanae have been quick to seize power. They vowed revenge against the humans and the Sangheili. They have already enslaved the Kig-Yar and the Unggoy, and the enslavement of the Lekgolo is already underway.
You are a band of mercenaries exploring this region of space. You go where your heart or mind tells you. Will you defend the IA from the merciless assaults of the Jiralhanae Empire, or will you assist the Jiralhanae in their scheme to grab power and dominate the galaxy? The choice is yours.

(Awaiting confirmation from one or more players...)
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
0930 Hours, Drakkus 23, 4039 (Dragonarian Military Calendar)
On board Sangheili Gunship Retribution's Thunder, Eridanus Secundus system

It was one thing to build a base in the middle of an asteroid field. It was another thing altogether to build one in a sector once held by UNSC Insurrectionists, and was now a sector marauded by remnants of the United Rebel Front, now being chased across the galaxy by the UNSC and Sangheili fleets. Because UNSC fleets were stretched thin to keep patrolling the sectors under IA control while the Sangheili were happy making war with the URF, and because they were working triple-overtime to re-build the UNSC fleet, the UNSC hired out to various mercenary groups in different parts of the galaxy.
Team Star Dragon was one such mercenary group. The Retribution's Thunder, a retrofitted Sangheili Gunship - made from the well-known Covenant Assault Carrier - was their flagship. The price that Kylet'oran and his team demanded was considerable, but not what the UNSC had in mind. They had expected a heavier sum. Gleeful at this turn of events, the UNSC even threw in two escorts - the UNSC Cruiser Marauder and the UNSC Destroyer Predator. The first part of the contract was to defend the newly-established base in the Eridanus Secundus system. This base was an ONI Sector operations point and - more importantly - a major UNSC shipyard. The URF only knew it to be a shipyard, and therefore had no knowledge of the ONI presence there. And ONI preferred to keep it that way.
"Now passing waypoint 'Gamma'," Dar-Ma announced.
"Voro, any sensor contacts?" Kylet'oran asked.
"None yet, sir," Voro responded. He sighed, then added, "But... I sense a disturbance in the Force."
"I sense it, too," San added.
"Same here," Keesha chimed. Kylet'oran nodded.
"Stay alert," Kylet'oran stated. "Voro, be ready to jump-start the weapons and shields."
(In case you forgot Team Star Dragon's profile, Kylet'oran, San, their daughter Keesha, Voro and his son Ado are force-sensitive... just thought I'd clarify things. Don't worry, I don't godmod with force powers.)
"Sir," Kyle said, "I'm getting... a faint transmission - not one that the UNSC or Sangheili use." With a pause, the Cerinian Dragon-Shifter added, "If I had to guess, I'd say it's a stolen UNSC Prowler using a stolen Kemorainian cloaking device."
Kylet'oran thought, then asked, "Mr. Indari, can you shut it down from here?"
Kyle grinned. "Izzy and I can do more than that," he replied.
Kylet'oran chuckled. "Very well, Mr. Indari - you may indulge yourself."
Kyle laughed in an evil manner common in most 20th-century Earth cartoons, and set to work, his hands flying across his console in a rapid beep, beep, beep of fingers on buttons in a touch-screen panel. In seconds, a UNSC Prowler shimmered into appearance, and Kylet'oran asked the smug-looking dragon-shifter,
"Alright, Mr. Smug - what did you do?"
"Oh, little more than disable their cloaking device, weapons, shields and engines," Kyle replied with pride.
"In two minutes?" San inquired.
"Hey," Kyle answered, "I can do a lot in two minutes with an AI like Izzy."
Kylet'oran smiled. "Hail the rebel vessel," he ordered.
"Hailing frequency open," Voro announced with a smile of his own.
"This is the Sangheili Gunship Retribution's Thunder to unidentified rebel ship - your ship's systems are disabled, with the exception of life support. As we see it, you have three options: Option A, you surrender, we take you in; Option B, you don't surrender, and my Computer expert can disable your life support and you can suffocate to death; Option C, we blast you to bits. What's it gonna be?"
There was a pause in the conversation before Kyle announced, "Sir, they're charging a self-destruct sequence - they chose option C."
"Very well," Kylet'oran said. "Voro, target the enemy ship's main reactor and fire MAC guns at will."
Four thumps resonated through the hull, and the Prowler exploded as the four MAC slugs ripped it apart. Another day in paradise...

(Your turn.)
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Frater Centurion
"We request the aid of your military interprise" The words out of the Heavily Adorned Brute may have gone through a Translater, but their impact was more than enough to have the normally Ambivalent Balsa At a loss for words.

"Our price is exacerbantly high" A hooded man adorned with pockets and bags said, his eyes gleeming with ideas. His name is Egor, but to the galaxy at large he is a negotiator, his words able to turn deals that would make a spartan gleem with envy.

"I have been told by our Pack Emperor that no price is too high for your enrapturement" The Brute in front of them was old, his years not kind to his body. But his eyes betrayed a sense of Dangerous youth in them. he was a killer, and years of fighting sharpened his skills beyond mear Humans could comprehend.

Egor's face mask tightened at the edges, a shadow of a smile compaired to the utter glee he contained inside of working out a deal for THAT much. "Pleasure is ours to be in the servace of the Imperial Navy, Fleet Lord Sophidus"

The old Brute grinned, his teeth white and capped with silver. "The pleasure is all mine"

"Gmorning Jay" The Ai console displayed as The MEchanical Arms of Joseph Hopkins hit keys and awoke the bridge for the days duty. Jay settled his mechanical frame into his favorite chair and brought up holographic displays that sat minimized near his armrests. First report was from the Engineering section.

"Gimme the rundown for Today, Legius" Jay said, his voice tinged with mechanical reverb.

Legius bowed "Our capacity for power has peaked" He too spoke with underlying Mechanical tones. "We are venting energy into Drone production, raising our total Drone count to some where near 1500"

Jay looked worried, The ship could only hold a certain amount in the first place. "Dont overtax our space, Hive lord" Jay warned before bowing his head. "make sure we have plenty going to the sheilds, i dont wanna have to beg Egor for more money." He bowed his head and closed the window, already looking at the next report.

In the bowels of the ship, a great deal of activity was unfolding. The morning meal was soon to be released and the chef knew what her customers loved. "HERE YOU GO BOYS!" Gracia Said over a Speaker system, a pot heating up in the kitchen, boiling its contents. Form the kitchen, a mass of over cooked meat emerged, the surface almost compleatly charred black.

Xenomorphs, however, loved it. It was a meal from the bottom of someones heart. To a xenomorph it smelt of divine prepairation, seasoned to the utmost of points where one simply gives up trying to explain it and goes "This tastes damned good"

"Share equally please" Gracia said again, the boiling reaching a point where it seemed what was in it couldnt be more than lava. The Xenomorphs oblidged her. She was the only one they knew who oculd make the meat taste so divinely good. As such, she was a precious resource to be protected and kept happy at all times. usually the weaker members of the pack would be left with scraps, but Gracai paid no mind for Survival of the fitest and used her sway over the Aliens to make sure everyone got a share.


"...So the deal is set then?" Jay finished his conversation with Egor, who looked positivly pleased with himself. His eyes sparkled with mirth as he said

" Yessir. We aid the Jihralhanae With their war against the humans, and we recieve an obese paycheck with lucrative future job offers when they win"

Jay's eyes to shined with mirth. "When, Egor, not if?" They both had a hearty chuckle at that "With us on their side, they cant lose"

Jay's eyes turned to a specific line in the contract. He pointed it out and read aloud "As per imperial Navy standerds, all ships whose class is greater or equal to a capital ship shall be accompanied by no less than one (1) support ship(s)" He tapped his fingers on his display armchair/workstation.

"After some delegation, i was able to convince the diplomat that the Pack Emperor sent to be our support ship." Egor said, bringin up a picture of the Covenent Destroyer.

Jay's eyes widened and his heart beat thickened. "its Gorgeous" he whispered, his fingers reachign out to stroke the image as if it were a nudie magazine.

"yes quite, but reagrdless of your fetish for all things big and purple" Egor Said, somehow managing to throw in some sarcasm along with a Guano eating Grin.

"He in addition has two of the buggers as well as his ship, The Advent of Wraith" The words flowed offf of egors tounge, imbeding themselves into Jay's head. He repeated the name, reverance finding itsway into his heart.

"i swear to god im gonna find you one day, with one end in a exhaust pipe" Egor muttered, closing the window and glee full rubbing his hands at the money to come.
Her gait was large and her speed nessisary as she was rushed through the Bowels of the Advent of Wraith.

Her Job was Security and boarding operations, and her intent clear as day. Learn about the ship, just in case. Victoria Basalt (Balsa to all those whom she hadnt murdered for calling her Victoria) walked along with a Brute in Golden Armor, his contempt for her easily visable through the random doors he closed in her face.

"i murder them all and i dont get paid, i murder thema ll and i dont get paid"

A brute pushed her out of his way, slamming her into the bulkhead.

"imurderthemallandidontgetpaid" She said aloud, attempting to stem her tide of violence with her own mantra of reason.


Storm Raven
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CDF Sergeant
she had finaly been adel to sneak into the kitchen of the ship. she had been trying for weeks. she was at the frige now. she looked over her sholder to see Gracia bisy with cooking and noped it would stay that way. she was opening the frige now and could see what looked like fruit inside (after all she was a veatrion).
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
1045 Hours, Drakkus 23, 4039 (Dragonarian Military Calendar)
On board Sangheili Gunship Retribution's Thunder, Eridanus Secundus system

"Their shields are down," Voro announced.
"Fire plasma torpedoes and fry him," Kylet'oran commanded. Voro complied, and two plasma torpedoes were sent racing toward the enemy target - a rebel-salvaged-and-retrofitted Halcyon Cruiser. The torpedoes impacted on the side of the vessel, boiled away layers of armor and slagged every deck in the immediate vicinity, and ignited the reactor within.
"Ops - anything else on the scanners?" San asked.
"Negative," Kyle responded. "Scanners read clear."
"What is the condition of the Marauder and the Predator?" Kylet'oran asked.
"Both vessels have minimal damage to shields," Voro replied.
"Sir, I'm getting an incoming transmission from UNSC FLEETCOM," Kyle announced.
"Patch it through," Kylet'oran ordered. Instantly, the leader of the UNSC portion of the IA fleet - Fleet Admiral Jason Stauffenberg - appeared on the screen next to the leader of the Sangheili fleets - General Thel 'Vadamee.
"Admiral, General," Kylet'oran greeted.
"Commander," Staauffenberg responded. "Your services in Eridanus Secundus are no longer required. Credits are being transferred to your accound as promised. However, there is... another matter we wish you to handle."
Kylet'oran smiled. "Name it," he said.
"There is a system not too far from your current location - Epsilon Delta. During the UNSC-Covenant War, this was a stronghold that managed to remain undetected by both UNSC and Covenant forces," Stauffenberg explained. "Your task is to go in and destroy it. Use whatever means at your disposal to destroy the stronghold, but we want the planet kept intact."
Kylet'oran nodded. "Understood. Same fee, and it will be done."
"Just... one other thing," Thel said. "A secondary objective, if you will. We had a stealth ship that was reported to be in the area - it was they that found the stronghold by accident. We've not heard from them since we found out about this place - twelve hours ago. If you can, make a full sweep of the area and locate the ship."
"Understood," Kylet'oran said. "Team Star Dragon out."
There was a momentary pause before orders were given.
"Right," Kylet'oran said. "Dar-Ma, if you have the coordinates, set your course for Epsilon Delta."
"Should we bring our escorts along?" Voro asked.
"I have a feeling we're gonna need them," Kylet'oran replied. "Have them follow."
Seconds before the IA support fleet arrived at Eridanus Secindus, The Sangheili Gunship and it's escorts opened a portal, and jumped to slipspace...

(Your turn.)
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dewott FTW
(Your turn.)

(i think i'll have my guys already on the planet when you arrive, if that's alright)
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
(Fine by me. Just post what you're doing.)
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dewott FTW
"ok, the ODST's were, after a brief amount of persuasion from flare, nice enough to lend us some of their drop-pods,so we'll be going down to the surface."Jeff said, casually
"can't we do it after lunch?" jack complained
"no, you've had your breakfast, that's all you need, now pick your pod, and climb in."
after a few brief seconds, kitty reported, "everyone is in their pods captain, we're ready for launch"
"on my mark."
"three,"they all chimed in
"mark"jeff finished by himself, and they all shot out of the ODST pod station.
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Frater Centurion
"From the Pack Lord himself, we are to proceed to the planet known as Epsilon Delta in the Eridanus Secundus System" Egor said to Jay, reading off the message he had recieved from Sophidus.

"What do you think, Joseph? An attempt to test our worth?"

Jay was Contimplating the intent of the message. Sophidus not giving the message personally could be read as an insult. on the other hand, he was probably smoothing things over from when Balsa flipped out on a crew member for pushing her into a wall, Thus having no time to spare. Whatever the reason, orders are orders.

"tell Legius to prepair for The Break" Jay ordered, a message being sent to the engine room.


"PREPAIR FOR THE BREAK" The message went to all the Active Xenomorph Engineers. The loosened Bolts, Turned the engine to spit its Reality raping soup into the special device in the front of the ship.


The Device gave a shutter then did as it was built to do, Tearing a hole in reality big enough for the massive capital ship to easily pass through. The impulse engines had provided enough power to push them through before their power was exhausted.

The planet hung before them, the unmistakeable sillohette of a ship hanging over the planet as well.


"All generating power to the ship's communications" Jay ordered, sitting up in his chair. He Straightened what remained of his hair before looking serious,

"Attention Unknown Vessel" He said, the voice cube in his throat Reverbing his voice. "You are tresspassing in The Jihralhannae Empire's Space. Please identify yourselves"

"Full Power to shields when the power comes back on, i want to maintain palusable deiniability jsut incase of an incident." he whispered to an Aid next to him, who nooded and went to file the proper paperwork.
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dewott FTW
the transmission went through
"captain, we have a covenant destroyer in the area" the commanding lieutenant told Jeff
"we must turn on our cloak to avoid confrontation"he continued
"copy that, you do what you must" jeff replied as they entered the atmosphere.
"roger"the lieutenant acknowledged
"engage cloaking generator"he commanded
a few seconds later, a hexagonal bubble enveloped the ship, and dissipated from sight
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Frater Centurion
"Sir, the ship has engaged a cloaking field and we have lost all contact with it" A Deckhand reported, a look of Ire on Jay's face. "we shall wait until Fleet lord Sophidus arrives, for now we shall orbit the planet." He ordered.

"have Balsa and her boarding party remain on alert until we deal with these pests." He added, the voices of confirmation music to his ears. It was good to be king. Sort of.
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dewott FTW
"send out three flights of longswords. keep them occupied."the lieutenant advised
the command was sent to the hangar's cheif petty officer, and from there, executed.
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
(I'm a bit confused... oh wait - I forgot you were in a Prowler. My bad.)

"Helm," Kylet'oran asked, "How long until we reach Epsilon Delta?"
"We'll be exiting slipspace in... thirty seconds," Dar-Ma responded.
"Voro," Kylet'oran ordered, "be ready to go weapons-hot as soon as we hit normal space."
"Aye, sir," Voro said.
"Kyle, do you have any estimate of what we're up against?" San inquired.
"Pirated starships," the dragon-shifter replied. "One salvaged Marathon cruiser, two stolen Halcyon cruisers, three refurbished Merloit Cruisers, three salvaged UNSC Destroyers and two stolen UNSC Frigates, plus whatever fighters they're packing."
"Ado," Voro queried, "are the reactors reading any sort of power bleeds?"
"None, father," Ado responded. "Reactors are operating at peak capacity plus ten percent. Plasma generators are ready, and shields are perfect."
"Alert," Dar-Ma announced, "Exiting Slipspace in three... two... one!"
The Retribution's Thunder exited slipspace to the jumble of rebel ships. Curiously, they were going insane over something - no one was paying attention to the three warships that dropped out of slipspace.
"Shields are up, and weapons are hot!" Voro announced.
"Target the nearest rebel warship," Kylet'oran ordered. "Fire on my command."
"Target acquired; Rebel Halcyon cruiser, dead ahead!" Voro proclaimed.
"Sir," Kyle exclaimed, "The targeted cruiser and two other warships are lining up to challenge us! Reading one Merloit and one frigate! They're charging weapons!"
"Have the Marauder and the Predator target one of the enemy vessels - the Merloit for the Marauder and the Frigate for the Predator," Kylet'oran ordered. "Fire on my command."
"Allied warships are responding - they have targets locked and are awaiting orders," Voro announced.
The enemy warships fired, and missed.
"Fire," Kylet'oran said.
Four thumps resonated through the hull, and the gunship's two escorts followed suit with their own MAC guns and a flurry of archer missiles. The targeted Halcyon cruiser's shields flickered as the first MAC slug hit, failed with the second, and the third and fourth slugs holed the ship from bow to aft.
"Hit 'em again," Kylet'oran commanded as the shields of the rebel frigate overloaded from a MAC hit, "Plasma Torpedoes!"
Two plasma torpedoes discharged, and boiled craters into the Halcyon's armor.
The battle for Epsilon Delta had begun...

(your turn)
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Frater Centurion
"Sir, Three longsword flights have materialized and on their way to our position" The tactical Xenomorph Reported, Jay smiling at the report. "Attacking us Randomly? this job will be mroe fun than i thought. Patch me through to legius" He commanded, His screen showing the Hive lord to be in the midst of being bored.

"Prepair and launch Drone contingents 1 and 2" He ordered, The hive lord Giddy with excitment. "Right away sir" Legius BOwed and crawled off into the dark abyss of the engine room.


The hull of the DeMeA creaked and groaned as the massive shuttle doors opened, exposing innards of the Drone production line. All inside the ship, Xenomorph rushed to consoles, Equipping specially built helmets and sitting down, interfacing with their strike craft.

Two hundred fully equiped Drones Detached from the DeMeA and flew an interception course for the three longsword flights.

"time to prove we are labeled as a capital ship for a reason" Jay said, a view screen providing all the angles he need to see the fight. The splispace rupture as new ships entered the fight did not excape his notice. " unidentified ships, You are trespassing into Jihralhanae Territory, Identify yourselves at once." He said as it was cusomary, turning his attention to the drones flying towards the fighter craft.
Edited by BallisticWaffles, Jun 16 2011, 02:59 PM.
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dewott FTW
"sir, should we reply?" the flight leader asked the lieutenant
"keep com communication with them at a bare minimum"
"yes sir"
"charge MAC rounds. if things get out of hand, i want to be able to hit them hard."
the lieutenant ordered

"Ok guys, we'll be hitting the surface in T-minus ten minuets.Stand by for inpact" Jeff said.
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