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Halo: Rift War; READ FIRST POST!
Topic Started: Jun 15 2011, 10:00 AM (1,962 Views)
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
(Srry for the delay - long story short, my younger brother did something stupid and put [literally] fifty different viruses on my comp. I spent all day yesterday battling the viruses, malware and trojans and trying to get internet back on-line.)

Kyle got the message from the DeMeA that the DNA courier ship had escaped their grasp before his superiors on the Retribution's Thunder did. In a manner of speaking, they were wrong - the DNA courier had not escaped their grasp. Not yet.
Intent on leaving that DNA ship for the DeMeA, as was the deal, Kyle zipped for the ship and fired EMP missiles as soon as he was in range. The missiles struck the ship on the bridge, shattering not only the bridge and sucking the bridge crew into space, but frying the electrical systems of the ship. The engines of the ship flickered and died, and the docking thrusters - thanks to Izanagi - fired from the bow of the ship and stopped it dead in it's tracks.
Kyle then engaged enemy fighters as they went after him. The enemy fighters were providing cover for the tugs as they headed out to the disabled DNA courier - they had no intention of leaving it for the DeMeA to devour. Kyle fired the burst-fire disruptors and vaporized one of the tugs, blew another apart with a missile, and managed to shear another apart with the beam cannons before the fighters tried to blast him into space dust. This was Kyle's kind of fight...
* * *
The Retribution's Thunder shuddered as it's shields took the brunt of a Plasma blast.
"Report," Kylet'oran ordered, "What was that?"
"Kemorainian plasma torpedo," Voro replied. "Shields are holding at eighty-eight-point-seven percent."
"Target the one who fired that and returned fire!" San commanded.
"Target acquired," Voro announced, "Kemorainian Izarria Battlecruiser, starboard side! Plasma Torpedoes firing!"
The starboard plasma turrets of the Retribution's Thunder lit up red, then discharged two, then four plasma torpedoes. The first two torpedoes impacted on the enemy vessel's shields. They flickered, glowed orange, and winked out. The next two torpedoes impacted on the hull, boiled a hole in the enemy armor, and left two smoldering craters in the hull. The Retribution's Thunder came about, bringing it's MAC guns to bear, and fired them all simultaneously. Four heavy MAC slugs impacted on the Izarria almost at the same moment, and ignited the ship's reactor, engulfing it in a big, blue-white explosion.
"Alert," Keesha piped up, "I have Dragonarian signals de-cloaking, dead astern of the Kemorainian fleet!"

/////////(Remember the Dragonarians?)\\\\\\\\\

General Stathl'en walked onto the bridge of his Dragon-Class Battleship, the Dragon's Rage, at almost the exact moment the ship dropped out of translight speed.
"General on the bridge!" one of Stathl'en's subordinates shouted.
"Battlestations," Stathl'en commanded.
Battle alert sirens wailed all across the ship's inner decks as crewmen rushed to their pre-assigned stations.
"Tactical," Stathl'en said, "Disengage the cloaking device. Ready on the guns and engage MASRA armor as soon as we're visible.
In the emptiness of space, the Kemorainians would see the Dragonarian warship seemingly materialize from nothing, along with two or three dozen other ships. Nearly half of those ships that de-cloaked lit up like christmas trees in the distance and were covered with armor.
"MASRA armor is engaged," Tactical reported, "Disruptor capacitors are charging and Mass drivers are ready."
"Target that asteroid installation and fire at my command," Stathl'en ordered.
"Target locked," tactical chimed. "Awaiting orders."
Stathl'en hesitated as he stared at the station for a moment. "Fire," he finally said.
Dozens of flashes marked Dragonarian Mass Driver Cannons firing, and the slugs raced across the intervening space and impacted on the asteroid installation. Problem was, this installation was so massive, it could take the volley fired at it and still kick on.
"Alert," Ops exclaimed, "I have Jiralhanae warships dropping out of translight speed!"

(BW, unless you don't want to, you will have control over these guys.)
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Frater Centurion

"Fleet lord, we have arrived." The fleet lord Sat on the bridge of the covenent Ship, all around him the purple hue of More and more covenent ships arriving. "Sir, the Heretical Human and Elite ships are engaging an unknown fleet."

He slammed his fist down on the armrest, his "brute" strength denting the ancient metal. "i do not care who is attacking who! Destroy them all!"

The fleet shot forward, forward battaries igniting with holy rightousness. Human ships shuddered and fell, Kemorhanian ships melted into slag, and Dragonairan Ships bristled from the vicious attack.


"I do believe that we are in for a treat" Jay said as the two new fleets rumbled into the armed conflict, Loose shots pinging off the DeMeA's shields.

Balsa looked concerned, if only for the fact that she was missing out the ability to board and destroy. Her eye twitched and her grip tightened around her spear.

"if you wish, i can send you to clear out that DNA ship" Jay said, knowing Balsa's Aprehention at not fighting.

Five minutes later a few drop pods ejected from the DeMeA. Slamming into the DNA ship, they ejected their homocidal cargo and exploaded.

Seeing the Fighters engage the single ship, Jay was content to let his Drones feast on the Fighters, 4 dozen drones shooting out and joinging the skirmish, as the DeMeA joined the massive fight ahead of her.
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
(Quick question - what ship is the Fleet Lord in? CCS Battlecruiser? Covvie Destroyer?)

On the bridge of the Retribution's Thunder, the abrupt arrival of the Jiralhanae fleet did not go unnoticed.
"Engineering," Kylet'oran commanded, "Divert auxiliary power to Shields and Weapons!"
"New target acquired," Voro exclaimed, "Jiralhanae Destroyer, starboard bow!"
"Bring us about," San ordered, "Fire the MAC guns to get their attention."
The MAC guns flashed, heavy slugs of uranium-tungsten impacting on the shields. A flurry of Archer Missiles followed, and three Plasma torpedoes flared after that. The Dragonarian fleet fired another volley of Mass Driver slugs at the Kemorainian installation, their engines moving them ever-closer to an engagement with the now-arriving Jiralhanae fleet. The Kemorainian fleet, though surprised at the arrival of the Jiralhanae fleet, and no doubt shocked that they were now surrounded, started gunning fort the Jiralhanae fleet. The Kemorainians still had a large fleet at their disposal - the largest they could gather. But to fight a battle against two opponents, let alone three, is a futile gesture, at best. Futile and foolish.
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Frater Centurion
(i am not familiar with Covenent ships, so the biggest available.)
"Death to them all! Clense the Heratics!" The High priest shouted, The Pack Lord echoing his cries. Wounded ships, Hearing the praise of their Priest of the Forerunners, Drove their Dying Behemoths into the Dragonarian ships, Massive explosions wracking ships as they both dissapeared into one massive fireball.


"Hey Jay, what are we looking for exactly?" Balsa asked, pausing in mid slaughter to contact her commander, her boot punched through the back of the Kehmoranian's head.

With a shrug, Jay contacted Kyle. "What exactly is our target on the DNA ship?"
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
The sound of disruptors reverberated through the hull of the JX70 as Kyle blasted a Kemorainian fighter apart and replied,
"I'm sending an image now," he sent the DeMeA an image of a small, silver canister, about the size of a personal computer internet router. "This is what contains the DNA of Zuil Kuudaako. My advice - destroy it. But that's entirely up to you."
The JX-70 fired, vaporizing a Jiralhanae Seraph fighter. "Can't talk, right now," Kyle told commander Jay. "The DNA canister will either be located on the bridge or somewhere else that the bridge computers can access and open." A plasma blast to the JX-70's shields cut the transmission shirt, but the craft held together. He executed a barrel roll and dove around the multi-asteroid installation as a final volley of mass driver slugs impacted on the station from the Dragonarian fleet before they turned their attention to the Jiralhanae fleets. The Kemorainian and Jiralhanae fighters chasing him ran headlong into flying debris.
The Dragonarian ships, now turning their fire to the Jiralhanae fleet, fired all manner of ordinance at them - Disruptors, Plasma Torpedoes, High-Explosive Cluster Missiles, and Mass Drivers. While the Dragonarian ships were slightly bulkier than their Jiralhanae enemies, they were more maneuverable, allowing many to avoid the Jiralhanae suicide rammers. The weight and design of Dragonarian normal and MASRA armor gave them a critical edge - the metals were a dense Dragonarian metal, while the design was that of a molecular lattice armor, slightly increasing the already considerable hull and armor strength while significantly decreasing the mass. So, even as the Jiralhanae ships charged for and attempted to ram the Dragonarian ships, many were able to avoid this, moving around the Jiralhanae ships to more vulnerable areas and firing into them.
With the Kemorainians trying to destroy the Jiralhanae, no one was paying any heed to the UNSC and Sangheili forces, now turning their attention to the Kemorainian installation before them. MAC guns fired, blasting holes in the installation; Archer Missiles streaked for and detonated all over the Kemorainian base; plasma pulse lasers vaporized globs of asteroid rock and metal; and Plasma Torpedoes boiled away layers of the installation and burnt holes into the asteroids and connecting structures. Hallways full of Kemorainians burned and vaporized, crewmen were incinerated or sucked into space, and the station was falling apart.
But the Kemorainians refused to retreat, even as their numbers dwindled...
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Frater Centurion
"Thank you kindly" Jay said, proceeding to deleate the image from his viewscreen.
"any luck?" Balsa asked, Mid swing of a decapitation. "None at all, its much better to destroy the entire ship" He reported cheerfully, bcutting the image off in mid Cheer of joy.

The Brutes continued their Religious frenzy deep into the Dragonarian ships, Cascades of fire collapsing hulls and punching through shields. Fighters by the dozen flew from hangerbays, boarding partiesslamming into ships and taring the insides apart. True to their name, the blood would flow, from them or their opponents.
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
(Since you aren't familiar with the Covenant ships, I'll just assume the Jiralhanae Fleet Lord is in a standard Covenant Assault Carrier. If you don't know what those look like, PM me and I'll send you an image.)

General Jek'ari had his attention fixed solely on the commanding vessel of the Jiralhanae fleet - the massive, "Brutish" Covenant Assault Carrier. The Dragon's Rage fired it's Mass Driver Turrets first, followed by plasma torpedoes from the forward launchers, then a disruptor volley from the main guns.
The blasts splashed across the shields almost at the same moment the flagship of the Kemorainian fleet fired a volley of it's plasma weapons. Those munitions splashed across the shield as well.
But while the Jiralhanae had their attention fixed on the Dragonarian and Kemorainian fleets, the UNSC and Sangheili forces were tearing the asteroid installation apart. The facility wouldn't take punishment like this much...
Just when the alliance forces thought it couldn't take anymore, an energy buildup within the station set off a chain reaction that caused everything on the station to detonate. As the alliance forces pulled away from the station, the station itself went up in one titanic explosion. The Kemorainians, either out of rage or a strong desire to die on their feet, started shooting wildly at and trying to ram the Jiralhanae and Dragonarian fleets. The Dragonarians fell back into translight speed, as did the Alliance forces - their work was done. The Kemorainians continued to fight the Jiralhanae, even as the others left.
The crew of the Retribution's Thunder stayed only moments after the other fleets left, surveying the carnage. Though they fought gallantly, the Kemorainians fight was futile - they were fighting a war they'd already lost. As the Thunder went to translight speed after Kyle's JX70 was securely stowed in it's hangar, Kylet'oran quoted Napoleon Bonaparte - "Never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake."

(BW, I leave the remains of the Kemorainian fleet for you to destroy.)
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Frater Centurion
"Such brutes when it comes to war arent they?" Egor said to jay as the two of them watched The Drones Dissect the Kemoranian ship. "Who?, the alliance or these strange beings?" He asked, both of them having a hearty chuckle.

"The alliance and the Dragonwhatevers are retreating." Jay noted, the bright flash of the translight engines dotting the battlefield. "What i was saying was, that all these fleets do is bunch up into giant groups and charge head on at each other."

Egor nodded. "indeed. i also cant help but notice the Hubris these Dragonarians posses." Jay laughed and patted his friend on the shoulder. "InterDimentional Travel sure does change the outlook, doesnt it?" They both shared a second hearty laugh, even as the survivors of the Kemoranians were summerarily exicuted via Drone.


"isnt it amazing what people fear?" Balsa said, clutching the vial of DNA in her bloody palms. Legius was at her side, a traditional Slab of over cooked meat infront of him. "This entire Empire feared the revival of a single person" she continued, unscrewing the vial of DNA and tilting her head back.

"Bottoms up!" she said, chugging the DNA as if it were a soft drink. She licked her lips. "Wow, that tasted liek crap." Legius shook his head. Other Species made him question the Creator's intelligence sometimes...

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Head General of the Marauder Corps
(Sadly, this marks the end of this particular RP. It was fun RP'ing with you, BW.)

The Retribution's Thunder dropped out of translight speed at the location of the now-decimated rebel base. The hulks of the rebel fleet still orbited the planet, but there was a heavy Dragonarian presence in the sector.
"We are secured from Translight speed," Dar-Ma announced.
"Mr. Indari," Kylet'oran said, "Any luck deciphering the enemy data?"
"I cracked the encryption six minutes ago," the Dragon-Shifter said with a grin. "More importantly, I have a good idea where our next contract is going to be."
"Sir," Voro cut in, "Alliance FLEETCOM is hailing us."
"Patch it through," San ordered.
The face of Vice Admiral Anderson appeared on the screen. "Team Star Dragon," he greeted. "An honor to meet you face-to-face."
"Likewise, Admiral," Kylet'oran stated.
"Like your friend there predicted, I have your next contract," Admiral Anderson stated. "This time, we're heading into an... unexplored... region of space."
"We?" San repeated.
"I'm going with you," Admiral Anderson clarified. "Your ship and mine - with specially-equipped escorts - are going deep into the depths of unexplored space. We are both being well-compensated."
"I see," Kylet'oran said. "What's the objective?"
"You delivered on your promise, and put down a major Kemorainian rebel insurrection - and command recommended you for this mission," Admiral Anderson explained. "We are to rally in a system adjacent to yours - the Calais system. Once there, we are to make for a region I will not divulge over this channel. The mission objectives will be explained there."
"Understood," Kylet'oran said. "Retribution's Thunder out."

(If you so desire, BW, you may join the next RP I have in mind - but I still have to plan out the details. Star_Dragon out.)
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Frater Centurion
(I shall. But an inquery. If you are planning a sequal, why not jsut keep this one going? If you want more people to participate, why not jsut ask?)

"Kylet'oran owes us." Balsa argued, the Figure heads of the ship gathered into a single room. Aside from the Eternally onry Armagistra; Jay and Legius both joined her.

"The Hive notes that the Technology he promised us is sub par." Legius intoned through the Hive mind, the weight of the Alien Engineers backing up his words.

Around them, the schematics of the DeMeA and the technology they had been promised hung like spit balls ona chalk board.

Reading from a list in his head, Legius said "The Cloaking devices arent made for a ship of the Mobile Hive, thus are useless."

A diffrent screen showed up, the Plasma weapons being put to use. "The Plasma Weapons are smaller and less effective than the ones the Drones currently have." Indeed the hole left apon detonation was smaller and less deep.

"We took the risk." Jay said, reminding them of their gamble. "We both know, We have no clue what is superior to anything." Balsa said, her voice dangerously close to mocking him.

"I have a plan." Egor burst into the room, startling Legius and causing Balsa to spit from he rmouth an assortment of drink and saliva.

The Break the DeMeA preformed was unlike any this particular Dimention had ever seen. All of reality shuddered and Space and time itself were basterdized into a portal large enough for the DeMeA to fit through. With a great shudder and taring noise, The DeMeA dissapeared into the unknown.
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