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HELLHOUND: The Marauder War
Topic Started: Sep 17 2011, 10:26 AM (939 Views)
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
(I'm assuming this RP is green and go - RP Mods, notify me otherwise.)

The Hellhound Marauder sat in orbit over the nameless planet. It had been dubbed "Marauder Prime" by the Dragon-Shifters - and it served as their core base of operations. Base had already been established down planetside, and the production facilities there already working overtime to manufacture the materials needed for the Dragon-Shifter Fleets - Holographic Macro-Diodes, Incursion Drones, weapons, armor, everything. It was war.
Apart from the many dragon-shifter-controlled warships in orbit and the incursion drones that had been turned into various warships from across the 'verses, the only other ship that was also in orbit was the Sangheili Gunship Retribution's Thunder. It constantly ran with shields up and weapons hot. There had been six Kazon attacks so far, each one beaten back. Orbital stations and defenses were already in construction - once completed, there would be a fleet of incursion drones stationed here while the dragon-shifter fleets swept out across this 'verse to systematically destroy the Kazon Alliance - the slayers of kin and the faceless marauder that had hounded dragon-shifters across the galaxy.
Activity on the Hellhound Marauder was in full swing. On the bridge, the Commander of the HM - General Kyle Indari - sipped his tea as his subordinates ran hither and yon. Constant sensor sweeps of the surrounding sectors were being made, diagnostics and repairs being effected wherever possible, and Marines kept ready to deploy for boarding action at a moment's notice.
"General," Lt. Cmdr. K'torr announced, "We have inbound Kazon warp signatures - reading six Kazon Raiders, four Kazon Predators, five Kazon Gozanti Cruisers, three Kazon Hyperion Battlecruisers, and two Kazon Imperator Star Destroyers!"
"Alert all ships," Kyle said calmly. "All hands, Red Alert!"
The Alert sirens blared, the lights in the bridge darkened, and the Hellhound Marauder's primary and secondary shields crackled to life - the primary being Void shields, and secondary being Kadgeron shields. The weapons went online next, and the shields of multiple warships in orbit crackling to life.
This was war, and the dragon-shifters stood ready to fight...
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
If the crew of the Retribution's Thunder knew that the DeMeA was contacting them, they made no indication in the face of the Kazon Assault.
"Alert," Keesha announced, "Kazon fleet exiting translight speeds in twenty seconds!"
"Voro," Kylet'oran asked, "Are weapons ready?"
"Weapons are charged and ready," Voro affirmed.
Just as Keesha predicted, the fleet of Kazon ships dropped out of warp.
"Orders from General Kyle," M'raaj-Dar said, "Engage and destroy."
"Voro, target the starboard Imperator Star Destroyer, fire MAC cannons at will!" Kylet'oran ordered.
"Target acquired," Voro announced, "Firing MAC cannons!"
The four forward MAC guns flashed, one by one, sending slugs racing for the Star Destroyer.
"Dar-Ma, engage the engines!" San commanded. "Ahead full!"
"Ahead full, aye!" Dar-Ma responded.

* * *

The Hellhound Marauder let the rest of the fleet that had MAC cannons, Mass Drivers, and Railguns fire before it fired it's own Kadgeron Mass Driver. The volley lit up the shields of the enemy vessels, but none were destroyed. The Kadgeron Mass Driver slug fired by the Hellhound Marauder impacted on a Kazon Predator, but did not destroy it.
"Helm," Kyle ordered. "Engage engines and accelerate to attack speed; Tactical, target the port-side Star Destroyer, fire weapons when we're in range."
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
As the dragon-shifter fleet engaged the Kazon, the Retribution's Thunder and the Hellhound Marauder were at the forefront of the fleet. The Hellhound Marauder was tearing into the Kazon's remaining Imperator Star Destroyer, while the Retribution's Thunder was firing weapons into a Kazon-Mandalorian Kedalbe-class Battleship.
"Father," Keesha said, "We're getting a transmission from the DeMeA - at Romulus."
"Chances are, Balsa destroyed it," San commented.
"Don't worry," Keesha assured her mother, "Most of the Romulan leaders - including their Chief Military Advisers, Fleet Admirals, most of the senators, and the soon-to-be-new-Praetor - had gotten out well before we talked to my Tal'Shiar friend. They're in another 'verse."
"What does the DeMeA want?" Kylet'oran asked.
"Beats me," Keesha admitted. The Thunder shuddered as an Ion pulse hit. Voro returned fire, sending three Kadgeron plasma torpedoes and a disruptor volley into the Kedalbe. The Kazon-controlled Mandalorian warship shuddered, listed to port, and blew up.
"Send a coded message to the DeMeA," Kylet'oran stated, "we cannot and will not aid them in whatever they're--"
"Hang on," Keesha interrupted. "I'm reading... what's left of a Kazon scoutship in that region. I think the Kazon know of the DeMeA's 'purge' of Romulus."
"Are the Kazon making any indications to form an alliance with them?" San inquired.
"Hell no," M'raaj-Dar answered. "In fact, from what I've been able to piece together, they want to board and take over the DeMeA."
There was a pause before everyone on the bridge said in unison, "Typical."
"Send a message to the DeMeA," Kylet'oran commanded, "We are currently engaged by hostiles, and we cannot spare whatever they want us to give at this time - intel or otherwise."
"Message away," Keesha reported.
"Alert," Voro piped up, "We have a new hostile!"

* * *

"General," one of Kyle's subordinates piped up, "New contact - reading one Lucrehulk Battleship and two Liberty-class Calamari Cruisers! They're dropping out of light speed!"
"Let the Incursion Venator Star Destroyers finish the Kazon Star Destroyer - target the Lucrehulk, ready on the Bio-Pulse beam emitters," Kyle commanded.
The Kazon Lucrehulk - the massive battleship originally belonging to the Trade Federation - was the first out of light speed, flanked by two Mon Calamari Liberty-class Star Cruisers.
The Kazon sure are industrious, Kyle thought. Especially when it came to stealing everything that wasn't nailed down. Several turbolaser pulses splashed across the Hellhound Marauder's shields. The warship fired it's two bio-pulse beam emitters, tearing a massive chunk out of the central sphere of the Lucrehulk. The Marauder fired it's Kadgeron Beam Cannons next, which hit a critical system, and the resulting explosion blew the Lucrehulk apart.
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
(BW, the DeMeA was an Imperium Battleship, right? Correct me if that's wrong.)

"Alert, new contact," the Marauder's Science officer announced, "Imperium Battleship, bearing zero-three-seven-mark-ten! Port Bow!"
"General, I think it's the DeMeA!" The Tactical officer added.
I'm not surprised, Kyle thought. Those on the DeMeA are no better than the Kazon, despite their helping me identify the Kazon as the dragon-shifters' faceless marauder. No matter how much death and destruction they cause, still they thirst for more.
"Orders, General?" Tactical asked.
"Ignore them - for now," Kyle said. "But keep the Kadgeron weapons charged and ready. Let's finish these Kazon and perhaps find out just what exactly the DeMeA wants."
"If I may, sir," Kyle's XO stated, "The DeMeA is likely here to gather intel on the Kazon."
"I know," Kyle replied. "I was counting on it. The Kazon already know how to track the DeMeA - and their desire for technology means that they will stop at nothing to capture or destroy the DeMeA."
"Milord," asked the Klingon Security officer, "Can the Kazon stop the DeMeA?"
"Of course not," Kyle responded calmly. "When they realize they cannot stop Commander Jay and the DeMeA, they will try to buy a cease-fire or an alliance with them - and if the DeMeA takes it, we shall blow them out of the stars."
"Sir," Tactical reported, "The enemy is retreating. I have the translight vectors of their destination."
"Good," Kyle responded. "Now we can find out why the DeMeA is here. Keep shields up and weapons locked on the DeMeA's main reactor - if they so much as twitch in our direction, blast the f***ers to Mars. Comms, get a line to the DeMeA - demand they state their intent."
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
(BW, I don't mean to sound like a meticulous b****rd, but that's "Kylet'oran," not Kyle't Oran." Understandable, but if it helps, just copy and paste the Dragonarian names.)

"Commander Jay," Kylet'oran responded, "don't forget it was you that provoked Kyle in the first place. And whatever you may think, his weapons are far from inefficient - every warship here is armed with Kadgeron Disruptors, torpedoes, and other weapons and defenses. Secondly, General Indari is not our pet - not anymore. You forced his resignation from us, and we're still trying to cope with that.
"Now, whatever your reasons for aiding us, don't think we'll trust you for it - we as well as the dragon-shifters and General Indari are neither convinced nor inclined to believe you deserve such. If you want a friendly chat, then act that way, instead of trying to intimidate us with your big ship and the monsters it holds. Granted, it is powerful, but we are neither frightened nor intimidated by it. You recall your monsters, and we'll recall ours."

* * *

As Kylet'oran and Commander Jay conversed, Kyle and his crew were busy scanning the DeMeA. Though powerful, she was not invulnerable - and neither was she immune to the Kadgeron weapons locked on her. The Kadgeron weapons would fly right through her shields, impacting on the hull and turn her armored hull into slag or debris. On top of that, every warship in this system was armed with Kadgeron weapons.
"Message from Kylet'oran," Lt. Xerrun said. "Power down weapons - they don't want to appear as a threat."
"We'll power down when they do," Kyle growled. Just give me a reason to shoot you, DeMeA - I DARE you.
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
"We can live with that," Kylet'oran stated. "For all we care, you can just run off to your 'verse after this - and stay there."
It was then that Kyle cut in the Comm Channel. "Look, I hate to interrupt you two, but my crew have traced the Kazon fleet to their forward base of operations on an Ex-Borg world - B75634. I'm taking a task force there. You wanna tag along? Fine. I won't stop you. If not, then guard our base. Blast anything that doesn't send an IFF code as they enter the system. General Indari out."
The hangar bays of the Hellhound Marauder opened up, and several more Incursion Drones joined the party, with a Dragon-Shifter (DS) Sangheili Gunship, three DS Venator Star Destroyers, six DS Klingon D'Tai Battleships, and two DS Kol Battleships - all equipped with Incursion Drones - and they warped away to the aforementioned system...
Member Avatar
Head General of the Marauder Corps
The dragon-shifter task force headed to B75634, with the Hellhound Marauder at the head of the force.
"Helm," Kyle said, "ETA to target system?"
"Ten minutes, present speed," Lt. Xerrun responded.
"Comms, are the Kazon alerted?" Kyle asked.
"If they are, they're not giving any indication, sir," Lt. Succax responded.
"Keep at it," Kyle ordered. "If anything changes, I want to know about it." Directing a command to the replicator in his chair, Kyle said, "Tea, hot." The requested cup of tea materialized in a Dragonarian teacup. Kyle took it, sipped from it, then closed his eyes, mentally reciting an old saying: "In war, there is no substitute for victory." What Kyle intended went beyond victory, which made the DeMeA's arrival... convenient. In order to ensure the Dragon-Shifters' place in this galaxy, the allies would have to completely exterminate the Kazon - genocide. No prisoners. No mercy. No survivors. That's why the DeMeA's surprising - but not unexpected - arrival so convenient for Kyle. Genocide was what those on the DeMeA specialized in. The ashes of Romulus was a testimony to that.
Kyle opened his eyes again and sipped from his tea.
"Two minutes to destination," Lt. Xerrun announced.
"Ops, can we get an accurate readout on what's in the vicinity - apart from the Kazon ships that retreated there?" Kyle asked.
"Scanning," Lt. K'torr responded. Finally, he replied, "Milord, I am reading six Imperial Enforcer Cruisers, eight Sith Interdictors, five Galor-class battlecruisers, three Hyperion-Class Cruisers, and..." K'torr paused, the continued, "... one Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer."
"That could possibly be their flagship for this sector," Lt. Cmdr. Serra stated. "If we captured it, we could score a major intelligence coup."
"The Kazon would die before they divulged such tactical information," Xerrun said.
"Not from the Kazon personnel," Serra said, "From their computers. It is highly unlikely they know enough of Imperial computer systems to properly wipe the computer core - and their hoarding behavior means they will die trying to protect such data, but destroy it."
Kyle nodded, a plan hatching in his head. "Advise commander Jay and the DeMeA; enemy flagship must be boarded. Neutralize weapons and shields, and take over the ship. Leave no survivors, but make sure the computer systems are intact."
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
"All of the above," Kyle responded, "except lollipops. We need information on where the enemy is located - planets, bases, troop movements, anything that'll tell us what we're up against and where we might find the enemy."
"One minute to target system," Xerrun announced.
"All hands, battle alert," Kyle ordered. "Commander Jay - I don't have to tell you to leave no survivors, so I will ask - have you any means of preventing the enemy's retreat? Something that will block their translight drives?"
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
"Vatn wenn," Kyle said.
"Alert," Xerrun announced, "Dropping out of translight speed in three... two... one!"
Instantly, the ex-Borg world was visible, as were the expected ships. The Sovereign Super Star Destroyer sat at the center of the fleet.
"We are secured from Transwarp," Xerrun announced. "The task force has arrived safely."
"Tactical," Kyle ordered, "Power up all weapons and shields. Let's not give them an easy target."
"If I may, milord," K'torr said, "I may have a way to penetrate the Sovereign's shields quickly."
"Do it," Kyle commanded, "Any edge you can give us will be appreciated."
A small volley of disruptors fired at the Sovereign. With a ship that big, it was next to impossible to miss. The disruptors splashed across the shields, and K'torr scanned the impact. Finally, he chimed, "I have the enemy shield modulation!"
"Tactical, adjust all weapon frequencies to match and fire!" Kyle commanded.
The Hellhound Marauder advanced with the fleet, firing weapons at the Sovereign as it went. The disruptors and torpedoes - Kadgeron and otherwise - phased through the shields of the Sovereign Super Star Destroyer and impacted on the ship's massive hull. The blasts blew divots out, and the four Kadgeron Beam Cannons fired, gouging out four trenches in the Super Star Destroyer's hull. Disruptors discharged again, blasting more chunks out of the enemy ship's hull. The Bio-Pulse beam emitters fired, and two holes were torn out of the Sovereign.
The battle for system B75634 had begun...
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
The Kadgeron Mass Driver fired once, then twice, and finally three times. The slugs knocked out the shield generator, and the Tactical officer exclaimed, "Success; enemy shields are down."
"Send the boarding parties - leave no survivors," Kyle said with a grin.
Transporters energized, and Klingon and Reman Marines beamed over to the Sovereign super star destroyer.
"Let's give them some cover," Kyle ordered. "Tactical, target weapon systems, but leave the engines to the DeMeA."
The many disruptors of the Hellhound Marauder discharged in staggered volleys - penetrating the Sovereign's now-nonexistent shields and blasting chunks out of the hull. The four Kadgeron Beam Cannons gouged new trenches out of the Sovereign's hull. Torpedoes fired, bio-pulse beams lashed out, and chunks of armor and vaporized hull floated outward as the transporters energized again, beaming reinforcements to the boarding parties' location.
In the distance, a DS Venator deployed a squad of Incursion drones, which shimmered and became a Providence Destroyer, a Recusant Light Destroyer, three K'vort Birds-of-Prey, two Negh'Var Battlecruisers, two D'Deridex Warbirds, and six Reman Birds-of-Prey, all armed with Kadgeron weapons. The six Incursion Reman Birds-of-Prey immediately went after a Kazon Predator, while the Incursion Negh'Vars and the Incursion D'Deridex warbirds gunned for a Kazon Mon Calamari Liberty Star Cruiser. The three Incursion K'vorts, the Incursion Providence and the Incursion Recusant, however, assisted the Hellhound Marauder in disabling the weapons of the Sovereign. The Kadgeron weapons blasted chunks of the Super Star Destroyer's hull off, and the Kadgeron shields were more than enough to hold the Sovereign's weapons at bay.
But the battle was far from over...
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
Another boarding party beamed aboard, joining the other teams making their way to the bridge. The teams waded through pools of blood and halls of entrails. The real resistance came when the Kazon, entrenched on the bridge, opened fire as soon as they saw the boarding parties. The Kazon were clever, but they were not warriors. They fell before the boarding parties. The Klingons and Remans broke through the Kazon's defensive perimeter, and they began re-routing all control of the ship.

* * *

"Message from the boarding parties, sir," Lt. Xerrun said, "The super Star Destroyer is ours."
"Good," Kyle said. "Send the message to the fleet - cease fire on the Sovereign."
"Alert," Lt. Cmdr. K'torr announced, "New contact! Reading two Kazon Predator Carriers, three Kazon Raider Frigates, and six Kazon Dreadnought Cruisers!"
"That would be the inevitable Kazon reinforcements," Kyle said, sipping a cup of tea. "Tactical, you may indulge yourself."
Lt. Cmdr K'torr grinned, and he began tapping his console rapidly. In seconds, he had one of the Predators targeted and the Kadgeron Mass Driver discharged. The Kadgeron slug impacted on the Predator's bulbous nose, holed the ship from bow to aft, and the ship lurched to port and collided with the other Predator.
"Sir, the remaining Kazon ships and their reinforcements are targeting the DeMeA!" K'torr exclaimed.
"Advise the DeMeA," Kyle ordered, "they may destroy the enemy at their leasure; leave no survivors. The planet is theirs to do what they please. We will not interfere."
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
"Though I don't condone their methods, you gotta give the DeMeA credit - they're a helluva good force," Kyle said, downing the last of his tea.
"Sir," Xerrus said, "We have an incoming transmission from Kylet'oran."
"Patch it through," Kyle ordered, replicating another cup of tea.
"Kyle," the Terran Dragonarian Jedi Weapon Master said, "I trust your task is finished?"
"It is," Kyle affirmed. "The enemy fleet in this region is in shambles, no survivors. We also have possession of the enemy's regional flagship."
"Well, good - we want to have a crack at the enemy," San said.
"Let's see what intel we can turn up first," Kyle responded. "I'll contact you when we find something."
"Very well," Kylet'oran stated. "Jek'ari out."
"Right," Kyle sighed, "K'torr, send our computer techs aboard the captured enemy flagship, get any useful data from the computers, then hand the ship over to the DeMeA."
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
While the Boarding parties returned to the Hellhound Marauder, having been unable to access the computers on the Sovereign Super Star Destroyer, Kyle considered hacking the computers remotely. Thankfully, no such action was needed.
"Sir," Ops reported, "I just monitored an outgoing warp signature - Kazon."
"Where?" Kyle asked.
"Scanning," Ops responded. He frowned, then added, "Subject vessel is a Kazon-controlled Cardassian Keldon, on heading two-two-seven-mark-nine-one... toward a neighboring system, the Kestian system."
Kyle chuckled. "Vatn wenn," he said. "Alert the Retribution's Thunder - enemy base discovered at Kestian. Move to attack, leave no survivors. That ought to brighten Kylet'oran's day."
"Sir, I have managed to access the fleeing ship's computers," Ops reported. "From the logs, they are stopping to repair at Kestian, then moving on to another ex-Borg system - X38756."
Kyle nodded. "Alright, we have a new target. Helm, as soon as all boarding parties are back on board, have all ships set course for system X38756."
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
(Sorry, comrade - and I don't have to tell you that it WON'T happen again. Can we get back to slaughtering everyone?)

"Sir," Voro said, "Incoming transmission from the Hellhound Marauder - He wants us to take a task force and head to the Kestian system."
"About damn time," Kylet'oran growled. "Dar-Ma, set course for the Kestian system. M'raaj-Dar, contact the nearest ships, have them follow us. Voro, are the Incursion Drones ready?"
"Indeed they are," Voro responded.
"Good - ready a squadron. They launch as soon as we hit Kestian," Kylet'oran ordered.
The Retribution's Thunder, surrounded by two DS Imperial-II Star Destroyers, one DS Lucrehulk Battleship, three DS Venator Battlecruisers, and four DS Sangheili Marauders warped toward Kestian.

* * *

"All boarding parties are safely on-board, general," Ops reported.
"Good," Kyle stated. "Helm, engage transwarp engines to system X38756."
Outside, the Hellhound Marauder and it's accompanying battle fleet and Incursion Drone-Warships disappeared into Transwarp speed, heading to the aforementioned system.
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