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Second Life; Because some of us loathe our first lives.
Topic Started: Oct 4 2011, 05:14 PM (404 Views)
Fana McCloud
Member Avatar
Former CEF Commander
Anybody here got second lives? and by that I mean avatars on Second Life of course. XD I made an account about a year ago, after having had one previously, left it for awhile, came back recently and got myself a proper fuzzy avatar for mehself.

Posted Image

Say hello to Xeroxed. She has a story and stuff now too so she's role playable. If you wanna poke me when I'm on Second Life, my username is Xeroxed Afterthought.

And if you have no idea what Second Life is, you can go here: http://secondlife.com/
But in short, it's a virtual world where you can make pretty much anything you can imagine (with proper tools and expertise), has a working economy and everything, can even exchange game currency for US dollars and the like. People have made their livings off of selling stuff in this game, crazy. XD And yet I'm thinking of trying to supplement my income doing animations and meshes and stuff.

Anyway, anybody else on there?
Member Avatar
Shadow Element Lieutenant
I am! Wait, you already knew that XD

Th'name's Arashikage Darkrose, or Xoaxia, depending on who I feel like being. Soon enough I will be more active on there, but I need a tad bit of money first.
Deleted User
Deleted User

Wow. Now that Second Life was mentioned, ads are starting to come up here advertising it XD

I don't have one myself, mainly because my parents turned me away from it (maturity thing) so long ago when I took interest in it. Since then, the interest hasn't gotten back up.
Fana McCloud
Member Avatar
Former CEF Commander
They're watching us. *Shifty eyed glance*

I love going to the furry clubs and listening to the music, I always discover something neat. Of course, I also discover what hell is like seeing as most of the people in said clubs are allegedly destined for there if you believe what some of those people from Westboro Baptist Church love to yell and scream at funerals. And I've gotta say, it's kinda meh and all but it's not THAT bad. Overall I welcome the afterlife. :P

There's role playing places too, but I've been too busy to partake of them a lot. The Doomed Ship is rather neat though. XD

Deleted User
Deleted User

I might not get into it. I still have City of Heroes to work on XD
Deleted User
Deleted User

Second life is the frikkin devil, man. It's got all the aspects that make MMOs so addictive and self destructive with the added horror of having houses for all the furries to get freaky in.

Second life has absolutely nothing I want. I want to play a game? I'll go play a game. There's nothing for me to acheive in Second Life, I just have to bumble around and buy things to put in my pad, which no one will see except the slutty vixen I bring home from the club.

Do I want a slutty vixen? Then I will roleplay. Why settle for preset animations and lowpoly visual references when I can simply just do it through text and retain a shred of my dignity? There's no limits in standard roleplaying either, and it's much more free.

But maybe I wanna socialize. Nope, got that covered too, and much more efficiently. Being one of those F2P but not all the content is available to people not supporting their playtime with their real wallets. This means that the place is infested with people none to pleasant to talk to, be it beggars, G.I.R.L attention whores, JUST attention whores, and just whores.

And finally, one life is enough for me. I don't have time to live out the life of an anthro stripper, I have other things booking my hours like the real versions of SL's parts, such as playing real games, roleplaying an anthro stripper, talking to my friends and posting on forums, and buying things.
Fana McCloud
Member Avatar
Former CEF Commander
Haha, yeah, I get ya. I haven't put a dime of my own money into it though - I went and got a bunch of linden by completing surveys. My evil master plan is to bilk OTHERS out of their precious monies by selling virtual stuff on there. XD
Member Avatar
A broken sword....
I've thought about getting into it, especially with the recent compatibility with importing custom meshes into it using Blender, So i could import Sarah in there if i put enough time and effort into it. But I've heard alot of costly parts of it that's just holding me back.

I've been getting pretty bored as of late, and just plain tired of my plans for college, So i might download the client one day to see what it's like.
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