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What Would The Ultimate Star Fox Game Include?
Topic Started: Dec 22 2011, 09:54 AM (1,304 Views)
Fana McCloud
Member Avatar
Former CEF Commander
Okay, so I figured this might be a fun mental exercise, but I also have an ulterior motive in that I want to make a Star Fox fan game, or at least parts of one, as my first video game project/test which may or may not happen sometime in this millennium (or at all), so I'm mining for ideas. But yeah, let's just focus on this being a mental exercise - what would a fun and engaging (game play and story-wise) Star Fox game be like or include?

I personally would want on foot missions still, but make them first person and much more engaging - something akin to what I felt when I played Halo and Halo 2 (haven't played 3, bah), or Shadows of the Empire (wondering if anyone even remembers that game XD). The story would be darker and much more involved than normal Star Fox fare (relatively PG-13 though).

I still got lots of thought to do on this concept obviously, but what would you guys do?
Member Avatar
Nhas berhu uhna'dha!
I have a whole folder of game ideas I have written down as a kid, all the way I am today. One of the plans I had drawn up was a whole Star Fox game in case I ever wanted to go forward and make my own Star Fox fan game.

Okay, I will start off by stating what I want from the story elements. I want a dark story that makes sense, but ends on a good note. Unlike a certain other title which leaves us with nine different story lines and nine different endings, I want branching missions like that of Starfox 64 that does not impact the storyline that much.

Now as for the actual story, I want the Cornerian Military to be somewhat competent and able to hold their own to a degree, remember the mission in Assault where you had to defend the warp gate, or even the Macbeth mission in Starfox 64, that is what I want.

I want the characters to be more than cardboard cut outs, Fox being your standard hero, Krystal being your standard eye candy love interest, Falco being the smart mouthed rival, Peppy being the standard mentor and Slippy being the comic relief, give the characters some depth to them.

Give the characters problems, Fox can have something about his parents or something, like getting angry when remarks are made about them (such as Pigma in 64 for example) or get angry at Panther when he hits on Krystal. Krystal can have some problems about her home world, like something we don't know about is tugging at her emotions. Falco... I dunno, make him reference his old days in a gang or something. Give Peppy a reason to be telling us all this advice, like Fox gets into a near fatal accident and Peppy gets over protective or something. Make Slippy worry free, in fact, leave Slippy as he is, he can be the one of the group keeping morale up. While I say I want them to have problems, I don't want them to be emo like Final Fantasy, acknowledge them, don't overplay it.

I want a story that isn't predictable, we all know what is going to happen straight away in any Star Fox game. Granted most games story endings are predictable, like Link will always rescue Zelda, what I want is a sense of mystery during the story, like how does this private army always know where we are and it turns out character x did something, or have someone get shot down and you lose them as a partner for x amount of levels, just, something we don't see coming. Also, please keep the romance down to a minimum, sure have it in there, Assault was perfect, Command shat on the concept.

Now for game play. Make the damned game twelve hours long, longer would be awesome but hard to pull off in a rails shooter. Something to increase the longevity of the game would be to add side missions on the planets, that can be completed after the main mission, picking off fleeing enemies, destroy remaining enemy strongholds, collect x amount of y's, etc.

Add more Star Wolf encounters, make the Star Wolf AI intelligent and difficult, and for the love of god... give them a fourth member, Miyu anyone? Also, they need to feel like a threat, not like Team Rocket, make them have a victory or two to make them seem credible.

For vehicle sections, I want it to stick to the Starfox 64 style. That said I do want some changes. For example, when we boost, I want some motion blur added when we boost so it feels like we are going faster, adding to the effect.

In the health bar, I would like to see a change, I would like to the health split into two sections, the shield bar, and hull bar. Any damage taken to the hull is sustained throughout the level although, collecting three gold rings will repair hull damage and recharge shields, shields can be recharged by the silver rings or collecting gold rings.

I want the ability to play as any of the characters on your team and their ships to play differently, this is the ONLY thing I wish to see carried over from Command. For each character, if the AI does a particular job in the mission, like Falco will cover Fox who is in a Landmaster or Krystal will destroy the tanks left in a hanger, I want that to carry over to the player. Each character will be pre-assigned to a vehicle at the start of the mission, and the player can choose which vehicle they wish to operate. For example, Fox is assigned to the Landmaster and the others are in Arwings, if you chose Fox you would control the Landmaster, if you chose Krystal, Slippy or Falco then you would be in the Arwing.

For on foot sections, I do like them. What I didn't like what Assault did was (apart from controls) the lack of a quick select for weapons, the ability to get into vehicles, the level design, and the lack of variety. What I want to do, is have a Ratchet and Clank style quick select menu for weapons. Add some variety to the missions and design them well, for example for variety, why not add sections where you need to sneak past enemies until you get weapon x, or work together with character y to break into location z and cover them while they hack doors.

Multiplayer! Multiplayer needs online and split screen! Online matches of 12v12, imagine it! Using what we have from Starfox 64 3D's new use of the Mario Kart style item blocks when used in on foot battles, we can get homing missiles, land mines, shields, all types of fun. Add game modes, like capture the flag, king of the hill, payload, free for all and standard deathmatch.

I'm sure I'm missing something, but meh, I'll think of it later.
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
I'd like to see:

-Plot: I would like a darker, more "PG-13" plot. The characters need not swear excessively, but maybe a little. Some rude humor (Farting, sexual innuendo) would be good. The plot could be dark, but have a bit of humor. I toyed with the idea of the new bad guys being hostile aliens that are anthropomorphic, Nazi-like villains who invade Lylat. They have superior technology, but are incompetent when it comes to battle/war tactics and strategies. The higher up leaders are like those screw ups from "Hogan's Heroes", or like Emory and Ooglethorpe from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, or even Baron Von Underbite from "The Venture Bros." Their symbol is a six scorpion tails in a pinwheel formation.

Alien Admiral: "Vell den, looks like ve vill hov to keep ze prisoners in da bathroom! Lieutenant! Lock da' door after you put zem in!"

Panther hits on Krystal, Katt, and Fara, and uses rude sexual innuendo like "I'd like to tickle your belly-button from the inside". Also, maybe we could reveal his middle name to be "Dolomite". :P Star Wolf has Wolf, Leon, and Panther. Fara Phoenix is the newest part of Star Wolf, and is Wolf's new love interest.. She flies an all black Wolfen. Although Fox is disappointed, and upset by Fara's decision, he acknowledges that it's her choice, and since he's with Krystal, he can't have Fara AND Krystal.

:lol: "Oh look, it's Fara, the 'Crash Test Dummy'!"
Fara: "You blue-furred bitch!"

Although Star Fox and Star Wolf fight, they call a truce when Fox and his team save Star Wolf from being executed by the invading aliens, who double cross Star Wolf, imprison them, and cheat them from their payment. Star Wolf robs the enemy invaders, and escapes when Star Fox saves them. Though Star Wolf is being indicted for treason against the Lylat System/Federation, Bill and Fox convince General Pepper to pardon them, as Star Wolf did help battle the enemy in the end, and turned over valuable info to both Star Fox and to Bill Grey of the CDF regarding the enemy workings. Fara gives Fox a wink, and blows him a kiss on her way out, though she still stays with Star Fox, she and Fox are on good "love/hate" terms.

*Edit* This will all take place AFTER SF Assault, and in place of Command

-Gameplay: You may select your character, and either use an Arwing, or a personal ship (Fox's Arwing 2, Falco's Sky Claw, Krystal's Cloudrunner, Slippy's Bullfrog) if that is destroyed, it can't be replaced for at least one or 2 missions, and you're stuck with an Arwing. Bill Grey is the only exception to this rule, since he's CDF, not Star Fox. Katt gets a "loaner" Arwing if her Catspaw is shot down. There will be more on ground missions, though First Person Shooter point of view is optional. You can use the Landmaster, still, obviously, along with the Arwing, and the Blue Marine.

The CDF is more competent, like Evilwaffles suggested, and there is more heated dialogue (i.e. when Peppy scolds Fox for doing something reckless, or when Fox chews out Panther for hitting on Krystal), and no cardboard characters or canned dialogue. There is better/easier weapon select, more action involving the Blue Marine, and the Great Fox (you can pilot the Great Fox and shoot its weapons!).

You can optionally play some missions as Star Wolf and its members, and even battle Star Fox (weird!), and you can either use the Wolfens, Wolfen 2, or the personal vessels of Star Wolf (Fara's black Arwing, Panther's Black Rose, Leon's Rainbow Delta, or Wolf's Red Fang). Like Star Fox, if you wreck your personal fighter, but aren't in space, then you're stuck with a standard fighter of your team for at least one or two missions. If you use the Wolfen 2, in Star wolf, you forfeit the use of your personal Vessel for at least one mission.

It might be cool to also add Fay and Miyu, with their own personal vessels. Peppy is a Star Fox "reservist", though he does have his own Arwing, as well as a ship like Lucy Hare's (though it's called the "Sky Hare" instead of the "Sky Bunny"). NO "Great Fox 2" giant turd mother-ship, we have a Great Fox, but it's much more advanced, thanks to the insurance policy taken out on it by Peppy a while back.

You can free roam on planets and other sectors, after beating the missions there, and you get a star map, and can travel on it wherever.

Edited by Julius Quasar, Dec 26 2011, 10:55 AM.
High Executor
Member Avatar
Matt Damon
An Ultimate SF Game eh?

Well for starters it needs to be easy to understand. I know I'm one of those people who start out a game with "Uhh... What do I do?" (I'm lazy, so what? :P )
The plot NEEDS to have the original characters and must include Krystal. :blush: and, hell, they can add as many characters as they want.
I'm at least hoping for a game with a first-person look to it, ya know something like TF2, or as you said, Halo.
It's going to need guns, lots of guns. A WHOLE ... GARGANTUAN LOAD OF WEAPONRY! For a wide range of customization.
Good written missions and story-line (Elder Scrolls) and other things to keep the gamer active. As well as some fun little side games and such.
This game would also have to not be "childish" and an ESRB rating of "M." The more violent games are the ones most gamers are interested and would have a high chance of success.

Most importantly, this game would need [rainbow]Pizzazz [/rainbow]. Make it fancy and all :lol: .
Member Avatar
Shadow Element Lieutenant
Adding Krystal would be hard because you need to copy the character's personality exactly. Wait... Nevermind.
Member Avatar
What I'd like:

-Start after Assault
-I wouldn't mind seeing new characters, but they should focus more on improving their existing characters
-More arwing segments with occasional landmaster/blue marine/on-foot. I'd like to see on-foot with more in a Sin & Punishment gameplay style, or even Snake Eater
-DON'T KICK ANYONE OFF THE TEAM. I'm fine if a character leaves to pursue different goals or whatever, but don't kick anyone out, especially with stupid reasoning like "it's for your safety"
-Give some background to some of the characters, especially when most of them are part of the main cast
-Better AI, don't make them so useless
-I'd be cool if you could choose how you want your teammates could help you, especially if how you do(example, Krystal can suck in the Arwing, but dominates on-foot, or something along the lines of that)
-Make a better use of the characters. For example, it's nice that Krystal helps you look for a weak point on bosses, but Peppy pretty much covers that. Personally I'd be really cool if she helped you by finding hidden passages along the levels(albeit, don't make them obvious, just give small hints, I still want some challenge :P )
-Likewise, find a better use for Leon as well. Ever since SF64, I always felt he was just a filler character. I mean, Wolf is the obvious leader, Andrew is possibly the heir to Andross, Pigma pretty much screwed over Peppy and James, hell even Panther had that Love-Triangle thing with Fox and Krystal in Command. Leon? He's well...an assassin... cool....seriously, make him more interesting
-A story that's actually interesting. I know Starfox has never had been known for great story telling, can you please put some effort. Not Kojima-level Great, just better.
-Enough with the damn romantic soapopera. I don't mind a little romance, but it was absolute overkill in Command. Please keep it to a minimum
-Make Starwolf more threatening. They just aren't as great as they used to be...
-While you're at, bring in a fourth member for them.
-While I said they should focus more on the characters they already have, it'd be really cool to see Fay/Miyu/Fara/etc. finally make an appearance
-Bring Scales back, seriously, I really want to fight him
-Make the Cornerian Army more useful
-Keep it a PG level at the very least(and personally how I want it). Go ahead and try some of it darker, but I still want it to at least feel like just a fun light-hearted adventure
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
^ I agree there totally with Megas75
Edited by Julius Quasar, Dec 22 2011, 05:45 PM.
Member Avatar
CDF Ensign
There's just about one single thing that has been missing from the StarFox series for quite some time now; CHARACTERIZATION.

Really, would it KILL Nintendo (or whoever decides to develop the next game in the series) to actually give full backstories and non-cardboard personalities to each and every single main character? We don't know why any of them act the way they do; why is Falco personified as a douche and then seems to drop the attitude? Where did Slippy's fascination with machines arise from? And what the hell happened to Wolf's eye? There are endless questions that can be answered about the characters, though it's a shame that none of have been close to being answered.
Edited by crazyfooinc, Dec 22 2011, 07:58 PM.
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Ah! I've found what I wanted to add earlier

I'd make Miyu's personal ship in the shape of a Lynx's paw print, call it "The Pathtrack", and it's armed with missiles (can also launch Nova Bombs as missiles), and a laser cannon.

Fay would have a ship in the form of the symbol in the middle of this seal,

Posted Image

(shaped like this symbol as viewed from above)

and it would have a super laser cannon, that has a slow rate of fire, but can take out heavy armor, and Nova Bombs.

Fay's ship is known as "The Caduceus"...
Edited by Julius Quasar, Dec 23 2011, 06:01 PM.
Member Avatar
Jem'Hadar Observer
I'd add a load of new weapons, and once again, give the characters backstories, and perhaps mental disorders. Yeah, I know I'm gonna go Evangelion on them, but this is what'll make it fun!


Fox can have Avoidant Personality Disorder brought on by living in his dad's shadow.

Krystal can be a heavily repressed pyromaniac, simply because the mental image I have of her setting Slippy on fire is too funny to ignore.

Falco can be a narcissist. Fits him.

Slippy... hoo boy, where to begin?

Peppy? Make him an alcoholic.

And everyone else can have varying degrees of mental instability.
Fana McCloud
Member Avatar
Former CEF Commander
Dec 23 2011, 09:39 PM
I'd add a load of new weapons, and once again, give the characters backstories, and perhaps mental disorders. Yeah, I know I'm gonna go Evangelion on them, but this is what'll make it fun!
Haha, yeah, I already think of my fan characters in terms of mental issues and hangups (Claudia is the most blatant example, being a pyro and all), so it would definitely be my style to psychoanalyze the cannon characters as well. XD

One of Fana's hangups naturally have to do with being in BOTH James and Fox's shadows, and since I was planning to include some of my FCs if I ever make this thing you can imagine how interesting that could get when Fox and Fana clash. :P LET THE BATTLE OF THE EGOS COMMENCE.
Member Avatar
Kursed aj rusb!
Personally I'd just like to see all the characters and Krystal not just being a hot looking girl and maybe actually showing what she can actually do like back in assault where she helped fox destroy stuff.... and i'd like to see a return of Fay and Miyu at least. I don't really have much else other than NEEDS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!?!?! I really don't think Krystal should be eye candy ,but instead perhaps she can use her telepathy for something Like sensing a bosses next move or something? and the problem idea stated by waffles seems good it's kinda odd how Krystal just completely forgets about her homeworld and goes with Fox doesn't she regret anything did the mention of Andross remind her of something (Maybe he destroyed her homeplanet?) I mean seriously do these guys have any feelings? I mean for all we know the fact that Falco being a ex-gang member could also show through...
Edited by Kursed, Dec 31 2011, 10:46 PM.
Member Avatar
Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
Personally, I think Kursed is a better half of Krystal. I guess if no one likes making Krystal the savage assassin/bounty hunter, then they could make her Krystal's... i dunno... if I say what I want to say, I'd be shot...

As for the gameplay, I kind of like Alice: Madness Returns' collectibles concepts. The more you get a certain collectible (But not like SFA where you could only take a certain amount at once), you can upgrade weapons, buy new outfits, and even hire minor fighters for the space missions.

As for ships: go Need for Speed; fully customizable vehicles.
You can chage the color, shape, design, etc. and even upload your own logo/insignia that is saved to the cloud and everypony who plays can see.

Also, it'd be cool if we can get some sort of "Wardrobe" feature. You know, get the currency, buy the outfit? Maybe have the characters wear a basic jumpsuit with maybe a jacket and boots, then you can buy cool-looking pants and accessories.

For the characters, make it "Maniac Mansion" style: Choose who goes where on what mission, then choose who's the "Lead". I loved it in SFA when you got to control Krystal. My GameCube went out the window when I didn't get to control her fully in Assault. Fox is good, but Krys is better in my eyes.

For chatater development, I've had the ideas since I picked up Adventures.

Fox: More brawns than brains, McCloud has a darkened past starting when he lost his mother at only five. His father distanced himself from his family, starting Star Fox to ease his troubled mind. It didn't last, however, when James McCloud died when a pig-creature broke in late one night. Fox, now an orphan, still carries the emotional scars that were brought about, often having fits of insanity that try to trap him to his own subconsciousness.

Krystal: When she was a mere teenager, she and her brother Regulus were forced to leave Cerinian before it's destruction. They took refuge on Dinosaur Planet, learning the ways of the natives there. It was there that Krystal left RIS to go to Star Fox's aid, falling for the Leader Fox.

Falco: Not entirely loyal, Lombardi has his reasons. It might help that he lost his father in a freak accident at his job, leading his mother to be checked into the Cornerian Insane Asylum. Battling with his sanity himself, Falco joined Star Fox under the hope that he can find his "Spark of Sanity".

Peppy: The oldest, wisest (and absent-minded) member, Hare was the co-founder of Star Fox, raising young Fox when his father was killed. Peppy suffers from the rare Schizophrenia-Nervosia condition, leading him to be forgetful and protective to annoying measures. Still, he still wants to protect Fox McCloud, even though he's leading the team now.

Slippy: The brains of the group, he's the one who keeps the ships running and up-to-date. Toad's the only "Normal" one in the group. He keeps in constant contact with his family, describing his adventures to the smallest detail; something Falco and Fox find highly depressing. Still, he's the most technologically advanced, producing more and more inventions and weapons in a week than Cornerian Forces do in a month.

Wolf: As a young pup, Wolf dreamed of getting away from his absent-minded father and overly-clean mother. When he was given the chance to prove himself with the Cornerian Fleet, he took the job in a heartbeat. Eventually, Wolf made it so high on the scale that he had his own fleet before long. But in a battle against Venom Fleets, Wolf was critically injured when his ship was shot down. He lost his (whichever) eye, as well as a friend. He retired from the Fleet, starting his own team: Star Wolf.

Leon: The brains of Star Wolf, Caroso was a long-time friend of O'Donnell's, dating back before the two started the Cornerian Flight Academy. The two separated while Leon travelled to get his Flight Licence, as well as a few bounties. When Leon reuinited with Wolf, the two started Star Wolf to try to bring peace around the galaxy, rivaling Paychecks with the Legendary Star Fox.

Panther: Powalski, at a young age, decided to pursue the lovely Krystal Sevenarrow. However, before he could express his growing love for the vixen, his father forced him to join the Cornerian Fleet. When he returned to Cerninia, he found nothing but an asteroid belt. He joined Star Wolf, becoming the silent assassin of four.

(can Skorpeon RyDer be the fourth Star Wolf member?): When he was seventeen, the young fox joined the fleet of Star Wolf, learning the basics of combat and flight through the tutelage of Wolf O'Donnell. The simplest of the four, he's Wolf's right hand man, as well as the team's tech. Haunted by the death of his family in a home fire, Skorpeon is often found muttering to himself, fingering an intricate woman's necklace that he never let form his sight.

Overall, I think that there is potential in a good Star Fox FanGame. I really want to see one made, and even more of being part of one. If we can cover the gaps and ridges in Nintendo's logics and flaws, I think the community can make a better game than Nintendo ever will. (Star Fox-wise anyway. I love the Mario and Zelda series.)

The chracters are good in the standard games, not so good in the later two, and utter crap in Command.
I'd like to see better costumes (preferably customizable, like I said above), and just better backgrounds for all of the main.

My fingers hurt now... :lol:
Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
Member Avatar
CDF Sergeant Major
*Copies her idea from SFO since it's her right to use it LMAO*

You could select through the characters (Fox, Slippy, Falco, Krystal, Wolf, Leon, Panther... depends on how much characters are available), and every character has his/her own missions and stories, special movements etc etc. You can select if you want to be a single character player or if you want to have a second character which is only a support or the character that your friend wants to play (Co-op while playing the story mode)

Just like in Command you can see the Energy, Shield, Bombs etc. on your screen, also some kind of special attack that depends on which character you are playing, therefore you have a special gauge that fills up whenever you shot down an enemy. When the gauge is full Fox, as an example, could launch many lasers which hits every single enemy that appears on the screen, but to make it not THAT powerful it won't have a target ability. Falco on the other hand could target many enemies and kill them with just one hit, he's the ace pilot afterall, but his special gauge needs longer to get filled completely.

Well I hope some of you can get my idea here ;D

The characters shouldn't be too strong or weak, so like in command the characters will have their own "play strategy" to end a mission without taking too much damage or getting killed after 1 hit, the only difference is that you don't have a time limit / you can't run out of fuel.
You have a score system like in every game and it works in the same way as in N64/Assault, just putting the combos, the time you needed to end the mission etc. together at the end result.

You can choose the difficulty for yourself, but the harder it is the more enemies will appear and they need more hits (which is obviously), you can unlock an art gallery and jukebox when you find secret items inside the levels (I'm not talking about those flags like in Assault) OR inside the cities you can check out.

Yes, inside the cities. It would be interesting to enter Corneria, Katina and other places as a "City Area" where you can run around freely and talk to the residents, going shopping for items or to find secret items that can be found the farther you get through the story. Maybe their could be a day and night time function to make it more realistic, in that way the city/cities change and you can enter some areas you couldn't when you're visiting the city/cities at day time. But besides of those "City Areas" where you can run around freely the missions will work with Arwings only. Though I like the on foot missions I think it would be better to place Arwing missions only so there is enough space for the players to run around the Cities on foot.

Also it would be interesting to see how the cities could look like when they got attacked - you can enter them still but there will be paths you can't enter anymore until the city/cities have recovered from the attacks. Not every single city needs to get attacked, only those where the creators think it's the most important. Maybe you can even encounter one of the main characters inside the city and talk to them, or getting special missions from people that you need to finish on different planets. The harder the mission is, the higher the reward will be.

The mission depends on the characters - If you play as Leon, Wolf or Panther, you need to destroy the City/Cities, if you're playing as Fox, Slippy, Falco or Krystal, you need to help the city/cities to get rebuild.

...Yeah I know, much to read but I can't help it! :lol:
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