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What Would The Ultimate Star Fox Game Include?
Topic Started: Dec 22 2011, 09:54 AM (1,301 Views)
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Nhas berhu uhna'dha!
I have a whole folder of game ideas I have written down as a kid, all the way I am today. One of the plans I had drawn up was a whole Star Fox game in case I ever wanted to go forward and make my own Star Fox fan game.

Okay, I will start off by stating what I want from the story elements. I want a dark story that makes sense, but ends on a good note. Unlike a certain other title which leaves us with nine different story lines and nine different endings, I want branching missions like that of Starfox 64 that does not impact the storyline that much.

Now as for the actual story, I want the Cornerian Military to be somewhat competent and able to hold their own to a degree, remember the mission in Assault where you had to defend the warp gate, or even the Macbeth mission in Starfox 64, that is what I want.

I want the characters to be more than cardboard cut outs, Fox being your standard hero, Krystal being your standard eye candy love interest, Falco being the smart mouthed rival, Peppy being the standard mentor and Slippy being the comic relief, give the characters some depth to them.

Give the characters problems, Fox can have something about his parents or something, like getting angry when remarks are made about them (such as Pigma in 64 for example) or get angry at Panther when he hits on Krystal. Krystal can have some problems about her home world, like something we don't know about is tugging at her emotions. Falco... I dunno, make him reference his old days in a gang or something. Give Peppy a reason to be telling us all this advice, like Fox gets into a near fatal accident and Peppy gets over protective or something. Make Slippy worry free, in fact, leave Slippy as he is, he can be the one of the group keeping morale up. While I say I want them to have problems, I don't want them to be emo like Final Fantasy, acknowledge them, don't overplay it.

I want a story that isn't predictable, we all know what is going to happen straight away in any Star Fox game. Granted most games story endings are predictable, like Link will always rescue Zelda, what I want is a sense of mystery during the story, like how does this private army always know where we are and it turns out character x did something, or have someone get shot down and you lose them as a partner for x amount of levels, just, something we don't see coming. Also, please keep the romance down to a minimum, sure have it in there, Assault was perfect, Command shat on the concept.

Now for game play. Make the damned game twelve hours long, longer would be awesome but hard to pull off in a rails shooter. Something to increase the longevity of the game would be to add side missions on the planets, that can be completed after the main mission, picking off fleeing enemies, destroy remaining enemy strongholds, collect x amount of y's, etc.

Add more Star Wolf encounters, make the Star Wolf AI intelligent and difficult, and for the love of god... give them a fourth member, Miyu anyone? Also, they need to feel like a threat, not like Team Rocket, make them have a victory or two to make them seem credible.

For vehicle sections, I want it to stick to the Starfox 64 style. That said I do want some changes. For example, when we boost, I want some motion blur added when we boost so it feels like we are going faster, adding to the effect.

In the health bar, I would like to see a change, I would like to the health split into two sections, the shield bar, and hull bar. Any damage taken to the hull is sustained throughout the level although, collecting three gold rings will repair hull damage and recharge shields, shields can be recharged by the silver rings or collecting gold rings.

I want the ability to play as any of the characters on your team and their ships to play differently, this is the ONLY thing I wish to see carried over from Command. For each character, if the AI does a particular job in the mission, like Falco will cover Fox who is in a Landmaster or Krystal will destroy the tanks left in a hanger, I want that to carry over to the player. Each character will be pre-assigned to a vehicle at the start of the mission, and the player can choose which vehicle they wish to operate. For example, Fox is assigned to the Landmaster and the others are in Arwings, if you chose Fox you would control the Landmaster, if you chose Krystal, Slippy or Falco then you would be in the Arwing.

For on foot sections, I do like them. What I didn't like what Assault did was (apart from controls) the lack of a quick select for weapons, the ability to get into vehicles, the level design, and the lack of variety. What I want to do, is have a Ratchet and Clank style quick select menu for weapons. Add some variety to the missions and design them well, for example for variety, why not add sections where you need to sneak past enemies until you get weapon x, or work together with character y to break into location z and cover them while they hack doors.

Multiplayer! Multiplayer needs online and split screen! Online matches of 12v12, imagine it! Using what we have from Starfox 64 3D's new use of the Mario Kart style item blocks when used in on foot battles, we can get homing missiles, land mines, shields, all types of fun. Add game modes, like capture the flag, king of the hill, payload, free for all and standard deathmatch.

I'm sure I'm missing something, but meh, I'll think of it later.
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