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What Would The Ultimate Star Fox Game Include?
Topic Started: Dec 22 2011, 09:54 AM (1,300 Views)
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Who, me? What makes you think I killed him?
Personally, I think Kursed is a better half of Krystal. I guess if no one likes making Krystal the savage assassin/bounty hunter, then they could make her Krystal's... i dunno... if I say what I want to say, I'd be shot...

As for the gameplay, I kind of like Alice: Madness Returns' collectibles concepts. The more you get a certain collectible (But not like SFA where you could only take a certain amount at once), you can upgrade weapons, buy new outfits, and even hire minor fighters for the space missions.

As for ships: go Need for Speed; fully customizable vehicles.
You can chage the color, shape, design, etc. and even upload your own logo/insignia that is saved to the cloud and everypony who plays can see.

Also, it'd be cool if we can get some sort of "Wardrobe" feature. You know, get the currency, buy the outfit? Maybe have the characters wear a basic jumpsuit with maybe a jacket and boots, then you can buy cool-looking pants and accessories.

For the characters, make it "Maniac Mansion" style: Choose who goes where on what mission, then choose who's the "Lead". I loved it in SFA when you got to control Krystal. My GameCube went out the window when I didn't get to control her fully in Assault. Fox is good, but Krys is better in my eyes.

For chatater development, I've had the ideas since I picked up Adventures.

Fox: More brawns than brains, McCloud has a darkened past starting when he lost his mother at only five. His father distanced himself from his family, starting Star Fox to ease his troubled mind. It didn't last, however, when James McCloud died when a pig-creature broke in late one night. Fox, now an orphan, still carries the emotional scars that were brought about, often having fits of insanity that try to trap him to his own subconsciousness.

Krystal: When she was a mere teenager, she and her brother Regulus were forced to leave Cerinian before it's destruction. They took refuge on Dinosaur Planet, learning the ways of the natives there. It was there that Krystal left RIS to go to Star Fox's aid, falling for the Leader Fox.

Falco: Not entirely loyal, Lombardi has his reasons. It might help that he lost his father in a freak accident at his job, leading his mother to be checked into the Cornerian Insane Asylum. Battling with his sanity himself, Falco joined Star Fox under the hope that he can find his "Spark of Sanity".

Peppy: The oldest, wisest (and absent-minded) member, Hare was the co-founder of Star Fox, raising young Fox when his father was killed. Peppy suffers from the rare Schizophrenia-Nervosia condition, leading him to be forgetful and protective to annoying measures. Still, he still wants to protect Fox McCloud, even though he's leading the team now.

Slippy: The brains of the group, he's the one who keeps the ships running and up-to-date. Toad's the only "Normal" one in the group. He keeps in constant contact with his family, describing his adventures to the smallest detail; something Falco and Fox find highly depressing. Still, he's the most technologically advanced, producing more and more inventions and weapons in a week than Cornerian Forces do in a month.

Wolf: As a young pup, Wolf dreamed of getting away from his absent-minded father and overly-clean mother. When he was given the chance to prove himself with the Cornerian Fleet, he took the job in a heartbeat. Eventually, Wolf made it so high on the scale that he had his own fleet before long. But in a battle against Venom Fleets, Wolf was critically injured when his ship was shot down. He lost his (whichever) eye, as well as a friend. He retired from the Fleet, starting his own team: Star Wolf.

Leon: The brains of Star Wolf, Caroso was a long-time friend of O'Donnell's, dating back before the two started the Cornerian Flight Academy. The two separated while Leon travelled to get his Flight Licence, as well as a few bounties. When Leon reuinited with Wolf, the two started Star Wolf to try to bring peace around the galaxy, rivaling Paychecks with the Legendary Star Fox.

Panther: Powalski, at a young age, decided to pursue the lovely Krystal Sevenarrow. However, before he could express his growing love for the vixen, his father forced him to join the Cornerian Fleet. When he returned to Cerninia, he found nothing but an asteroid belt. He joined Star Wolf, becoming the silent assassin of four.

(can Skorpeon RyDer be the fourth Star Wolf member?): When he was seventeen, the young fox joined the fleet of Star Wolf, learning the basics of combat and flight through the tutelage of Wolf O'Donnell. The simplest of the four, he's Wolf's right hand man, as well as the team's tech. Haunted by the death of his family in a home fire, Skorpeon is often found muttering to himself, fingering an intricate woman's necklace that he never let form his sight.

Overall, I think that there is potential in a good Star Fox FanGame. I really want to see one made, and even more of being part of one. If we can cover the gaps and ridges in Nintendo's logics and flaws, I think the community can make a better game than Nintendo ever will. (Star Fox-wise anyway. I love the Mario and Zelda series.)

The chracters are good in the standard games, not so good in the later two, and utter crap in Command.
I'd like to see better costumes (preferably customizable, like I said above), and just better backgrounds for all of the main.

My fingers hurt now... :lol:
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