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What Would The Ultimate Star Fox Game Include?
Topic Started: Dec 22 2011, 09:54 AM (1,299 Views)
Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
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CDF Sergeant Major
*Copies her idea from SFO since it's her right to use it LMAO*

You could select through the characters (Fox, Slippy, Falco, Krystal, Wolf, Leon, Panther... depends on how much characters are available), and every character has his/her own missions and stories, special movements etc etc. You can select if you want to be a single character player or if you want to have a second character which is only a support or the character that your friend wants to play (Co-op while playing the story mode)

Just like in Command you can see the Energy, Shield, Bombs etc. on your screen, also some kind of special attack that depends on which character you are playing, therefore you have a special gauge that fills up whenever you shot down an enemy. When the gauge is full Fox, as an example, could launch many lasers which hits every single enemy that appears on the screen, but to make it not THAT powerful it won't have a target ability. Falco on the other hand could target many enemies and kill them with just one hit, he's the ace pilot afterall, but his special gauge needs longer to get filled completely.

Well I hope some of you can get my idea here ;D

The characters shouldn't be too strong or weak, so like in command the characters will have their own "play strategy" to end a mission without taking too much damage or getting killed after 1 hit, the only difference is that you don't have a time limit / you can't run out of fuel.
You have a score system like in every game and it works in the same way as in N64/Assault, just putting the combos, the time you needed to end the mission etc. together at the end result.

You can choose the difficulty for yourself, but the harder it is the more enemies will appear and they need more hits (which is obviously), you can unlock an art gallery and jukebox when you find secret items inside the levels (I'm not talking about those flags like in Assault) OR inside the cities you can check out.

Yes, inside the cities. It would be interesting to enter Corneria, Katina and other places as a "City Area" where you can run around freely and talk to the residents, going shopping for items or to find secret items that can be found the farther you get through the story. Maybe their could be a day and night time function to make it more realistic, in that way the city/cities change and you can enter some areas you couldn't when you're visiting the city/cities at day time. But besides of those "City Areas" where you can run around freely the missions will work with Arwings only. Though I like the on foot missions I think it would be better to place Arwing missions only so there is enough space for the players to run around the Cities on foot.

Also it would be interesting to see how the cities could look like when they got attacked - you can enter them still but there will be paths you can't enter anymore until the city/cities have recovered from the attacks. Not every single city needs to get attacked, only those where the creators think it's the most important. Maybe you can even encounter one of the main characters inside the city and talk to them, or getting special missions from people that you need to finish on different planets. The harder the mission is, the higher the reward will be.

The mission depends on the characters - If you play as Leon, Wolf or Panther, you need to destroy the City/Cities, if you're playing as Fox, Slippy, Falco or Krystal, you need to help the city/cities to get rebuild.

...Yeah I know, much to read but I can't help it! :lol:
Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
Member Avatar
CDF Sergeant Major

Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
Member Avatar
CDF Sergeant Major
Sadly Nintendo will never make any kind of things like that we have in our minds D:
Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
Member Avatar
CDF Sergeant Major
Yeah, and even if one of the game industries would go for the request of only 1 Fan, other fans would flame him/her and the company for that idea.
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