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Kursed; The character, not the user.
Topic Started: Jan 2 2012, 01:24 AM (2,072 Views)
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Shadow Element Lieutenant
Krystal started as a character from a completely different game, she was supposed to be a cat too. Rare went to Nintendo with their design for "Dinosaur Planet" and Nintendo said "Screw you Rare, we're gonna make this a Star Fox game, that'll REALLY rake in the dough" and it did. Anyway, no, I don't think that Krystal really fits in, if Nintendo hadn't rushed her story with stereotypes and cliche's, then sure, she'd fit in more.

Now on to Kursed. Kursed in my opinion is not a badass. I agree with Waffles's post almost wholeheartedly. If she were a REAL badass she wouldn't be afraid to confront Fox about these issues they had. And maybe if the story thereafter actually led somewhere, instead of some poorly thought out, halfassed cliffhanger, maybe, just maybe, she'd be a bit more likeable. Bounty Hunter = badass ONLY if you're talking about someone who has actually demonstrated their skill, IE: Jango Fett, Boba Fett, and Samus Aran. Kursed however, has not.

The regular characters have more story than Kursed and Krystal combined in my opinion. You actually know why Fox fights, you actually find out why each member is on the team. However, Krystal, you don't know anything about. She goes to some planet called Sauria... Why? Let's ask Mr Nintendo Dev, shall we?
Nintendo Dev: "Uhh, telepathy.. Yeah... Uhh, she is telepathic because she's a princess from another planet... Called Cerinia... Annd... All the residents of this planet have telepathy... Yeah."
Oh, really? I'd like to go there some time, where is it?
Nintendo Dev: "Uhh you can't... It's uhh... It was blown up by Andross, including Krystal's family... Yeah"
Ooookay.... So she went around looking for Andross in search of vengeance? The same way that the Star Fox team did?
Nintendo Dev: "No, oh no no no, she.... Uhh, she just got a telepathic signal of a planet in distress... Oh and she speaks the language of the indigenous people... Because she's telepathic, yeah"
Well screw you Nintendo, way to promise a good story and let us down with the actual reasoning behind why she's there.

Anyway, my point is, Kursed = not badass, and Story =/= badass. Story = good character, Bounty Hunter = badass if you prove it, and Krystal =/= a well thought out, or fitting character.

And I haven't even GOTTEN to Kursed's story. Basically, she joins Star Wolf, why? Because Fox wouldn't let her fight, and she joins Star Wolf. Why? I dunno, it made sense at the time? Apparently, bad people aren't so bad when your ex boyfriend hates them? I don't know, there isn't much logic behind it. But here's where it really gets you: She joins Star Wolf, and DOESN'T expect to be called a traitor. Now Star Fox is really famous, they're known about all throughout Corneria. Star Wolf is also well known, especially as the main enemy of Star Fox. Now, put two and two together, how can you lead me to believe Krystal wouldn't believe she would be called a traitor and generally hated like the rest of the freaking Star Wolf team? Now, that's not the worst part. The worst part is that when she found out she was being hated, and people were jeering her as she walked by, she LEFT. She freaking left her problems behind, went to start some new life doing something only briefly mentioned. And why did she leave her life behind and start a new identity? Because people were making fun of her. Not only is this a WTF moment, this is a sad moment for anyone with morals. If you screw up, and people ridicule it for you, you don't go and LEAVE and start a new identity, you suck it up and deal with it. You screwed up, this is your punishment, and now the love of your life won't even look at you anymore, He tried to wipe you away with booze and tears, and you just sit there behind your little console and watch. You see him once more on Kew, but what do you do? You stand there as he walks on by. I hope you're happy Kursed. Here's to you *Swills*
Edited by Arashikage, Jan 5 2012, 05:02 PM.
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Shadow Element Lieutenant
What do you mean where's the drama? The drama is all around, you can sense it everywhere. When she sees him on Kew, she recognizes her, but she doesn't say a word, she just lets him walk by, and beforehand, she refuses to confront him, the drama there is that she refuses to do what's necessary for their relationship to survive. This causes Fox to think he's wasting his time, and she just eventually quits.
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Shadow Element Lieutenant
You see, she left StarWolf because people were making fun of her. I mean how do you NOT expect people to make fun of you if you join the team that one of the most famous and loved mercenary band is AGAINST. That gives you hate, and if you can't see that, you are clearly not a very smart person. Was Krystal a smart person? Well, maybe book smart, but definitely lacking in common sense.

And back to her character, she is a cardboard cutout with so much unused potential. Potentially, she's a very lovable character, with a slightly used but otherwise tragic past, and supernatural powers that also have the potential to be very cool. What does she do? She has little part in Adventures save for the first few levels, In Assault, she replaces Peppy and does a bleh job of it, she whines a bit about stuff nobody cares about, picks up brainwave signals or something from enemy fighters, and succeeds at being a subpar pilot. In Command, she whines some more, angsts about Fox and her relationship, and in certain endings breaks up with him, and in others reconciles and gets preggorz.
The problem I have with telepaths is nobody ever does it right. Where's the balance? Where is the line drawn? She can read thoughts, project her thoughts, mentally attack people, defend her own mind from attacks, sense presences from far away, the list goes on. What are the drawbacks of this? They should be massive, shouldn't they? Oh but Krystal, oh no, she's special, she can do all of this like it's second nature. There aren't any drawbacks to her actions.
The next issue I have is her character. Or lack thereof. She seems like she was shoehorned into the game as a love interest for Fox. There was barely a good explanation as to why the hell she was there in the first place, or even how she ended up escaping the "Total Destruction" of her planet. Her reactions to events are either nonexistant or very stale, her overall personality is that of the back of a cereal box, and her combat prowess or skill as a pilot leave much to be desired. Personally, I do not care for Krystal's character, instead, I wish that Nintendo had put some thought into Adventures, maybe it would have set the path for Assault, and Command wouldn't have sucked. Then again that last part is wishful thinking...
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