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Kursed; The character, not the user.
Topic Started: Jan 2 2012, 01:24 AM (2,082 Views)
Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
Member Avatar
CDF Sergeant Major
Wow, I must say Arashikage totally brought up the right points of why Kursed is not bad ass. Respect to you there, Arashi, I love the way you're thinking.

I can't say much since Arashi put up most of the important stuff...

Kursed was a nice idea, nothing against it, but what's up with the teenage-drama? Krystal seemed to be more inside her mind in Adventures and Assault which totally got lost in Command.

I can understand that Fox was scared that Krystal might get hurt and pushed her out of the team just to protect her, but for me both made some mistakes.

First off, Fox. He was okay with it when Krystal came along with him and the others at the end of Adventures and was a full member of the team only 1 year later. After the happenings of Assault nothing big happened, there was no threat for 3 years besides of Star Wolf. Falco left again while Slippy found a girlfriend in that off-time season, at the same time Fox and Krystal probably started to have problems with each other before the Anglars came up. The Anglars weren't much of a threat like the Aparoids were, and all of a sudden he forced Krystal to quit the Team because he felt it would be 'too dangerous for her'. I can understand his fear of losing his Girlfriend, but if he had this fear since the end of Adventures then why did he gave her permission to get a full member at the start!? Epic fail there, 'Foxie'.

Second, Krystal. She didn't understood the all in a sudden mind changing of Fox which hurted her deeply. Thinking that her boyfriend trusted her so much just to get kicked out of the team surely is a mind f*ck, especially when everything was very well during the Aparoid war. To kick his a$$ she joined the Cornerian Defense Force, just to provoke and prove him that she isn't afraid to fight against the Anglars, but for what? It wasn't a good choice of her hurting Fox with a cold shoulder and being 'open' for Panther, it was the worst movement someone can do. Krystal was angry, fine, but acting like a spoiled child just because she didn't got what she wanted isn't the right way to solve problems, no, it's making it even more worse and BOTH sides getting even more hurt.

Even further, it was very naive of her to think that she gets popular for joining Star Wolf just to steal Star Fox the show and being the new 'heroes of Lylat', it was clear that she would regret it sooner or later, but thinking that everybody would greet her with open arms after she betrayed Fox and the others was kind of stupid. Hurting Fox, getting blinded/used by Star Wolf and getting treated like a traitor by everyone... there wasn't any place for her to run to, at least she thought so. Bad move there, Krystal.

When we're thinking about the whole situation and the many different ways of how Command could end, you'll see that both characters made so many mistakes that it totally hurts your mind. Krystal made a big mistake of thinking she couldn't return to Fox and the others because everybody called her a traitor, and of course she felt that way after she got 'haunted' by those words, making her think that not even Fox would listen to the words she wants to say. Best solution: Showing the cold shoulder to the past and start a new life.

...It would be nice if it would be that easy as Nintendo/Q-Games wanted us to show in Command, but the truth is that Krystal fucked this up, since everybody else knew that Fox would listen to her even though she was betraying him and the Team. She was acting like someone who can't handle stuff like this, though everybody knows that she's actually a very tough woman. Where's her strong side? It's true that we don't know much about her past, only that her planet and family was blown up by Andross and that she has the unique ability called 'telepathy', but since the beginning of Adventures we saw that she actually has enough guts and power to fight back with a calm mind, something that was missing in Command and made her a whiny bitch.

Giving her a 'bad side' was the biggest mistake to make with her. In my eyes, Krystal wouldn't cry about all this, she would stand up in the search for Fox and trying to talk with him, making him realize that BOTH made mistakes and that she was thinking a bit too much about herself instead of seeing it from his point of view. No, instead she cried like a baby and turned into someone she never would be, thinking that there's no place for her to live and to be happy. That's not the Krystal I had in my memories.

I have nothing against the idea of Kursed, but I'm sure there are many other ways of making her appear instead of making Krystal an emo.
Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
Member Avatar
CDF Sergeant Major
Well Command was an Idea of both Nintendo and Q-Games who also worked on Star Fox64... I really like Nintendo but this was a total mess up with an actual 'good' character.
Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
Member Avatar
CDF Sergeant Major
...I do understand why the japanese Fans of Star Fox are drawing Krystal as a sex doll when I read comments like "and give her a sexier outfit"....
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